Big IRS tab for Maldonado?

April 5, 2012

The IRS has handed Abel Maldonado a tax bill for nearly a half million dollars. [McClatchy Newspapers]

Maldonado, who is challenging two other Republicans in the primary to face Rep. Lois Capps (D-Santa Barbara), owes $470,000 according to the federal government, a claim disputed by the former state lawmaker and lieutenant governor. Part of the argument is over a building deduction.

Maldonado has said he plans to work with the tax-collecting agency, and also will pick up part of the tab for his upcoming campaign.

The IRS said the difference is due to “errors” in calculating complex deductions, but Maldonado believes he paid the correct amount of taxes. But he said if the assessment proves to be correct, he will pay up.

“I believe we paid the correct amount of taxes and followed the rules as we understood them,” said Maldonado. “If the IRS feels differently, I will pay the taxes due with interest.”

Maldonado spokesman Brandon Gesicki said the story originated on the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee’s website, suggesting a political intent.

Updated at 10:16 a.m. to include Maldonado’s and Gesicki’s comments.


Abel Maldonado

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Doesn’t Abel have a professional CPA to manage his wealth and doings? A quality CPA backs their work.

Did’t Abel fought his skills in accounting when he ran for State Controller? Guess we should thank our lucky stars he didn’t make it past the primary.

A CPA is the last thing an enterprising politician wants poking his nose into his business and asking questions.

I love the Federal Income Tax, the fact is that I once taught it in college. If anyone can understand it… well, you are better than the rest of us. Most of us, including Abel Maldonado, probably use some to do our taxes for us and … we rely on them to minimize our ‘exposure’ ( read ‘pay less’).

There is also another issue here that concerns me…. could Abel have been ‘targeted?’ If you want to read an interesting book entitled “three felonies a day”… it is a detailed analysis of how virtually every American commits three FEDERAL felonies a day… quite innocently.

Mr. Freberg is admitting publicly that he didn’t understand a subject he was paid by our government to teach to our students. Would this be considered malpractice? Scamming the system? Fraud?

Can anyone imagine a university calculus teacher telling the world: “If anyone can understand this calculus stuff, well, you are better than the rest of US” ?

As for Maldonado being “targeted”,, well, I didn’t click on that link to know that he is “targeted”. He’s been a professional politician aiming to go as high in the system as the public will let him get away with or special interests are willing to pay for. So of COURSE Maldonado is “targeted”. So he had better not do anything illegal, or not get caught if he does, or have enough money and power that it doesn’t matter either way.

Lois Capps is “targetted” also. But she, so far, has handled it much more ably and respectably than Mr. Maldonado.

If anyone can claim to know the IRS and State Tax laws, must be more than a genius. As it is, no one knows including the ones who write them. As for Moldando, I am not a fan of him, but he is probably less guilty than Geithner or Rangel.

Don’t care for the guy, myself, but it would have been nice to know what tax year this is about.

Why? Is it less egregious for a public servant to cheat during an election year?

Maldonado says that “If the IRS feels differently” he will pay the taxes. Well, obviously the IRS DOES feel differently. So, if what he says is true, he should start paying up, with interest ASAP.

So, is this more double-speak from Maldonado? Is that the same accountant who keeps track of campaign donations?

What a difference between Lois Capps and Maldonado. Throughout his political career, Maldonado has continually been involved in assorted mid-level scandals that he manages to slip and slide his way around, rarely speaking openly and candidly with the media or his constituents. He seems to be a classic modern ethically and legally challenged Republican, the kind that Richard Nixon and Dick Cheney might love, if they weren’t racists.

Gee…. the FEDS put Capone away in Alcatraz for not paying his taxes.

Maybe we can do the same with UN-Abel.

He looks like a good candidate for making little rocks out of big rocks.

True, but geeeee, if Abel’s good for the jail house, so are a LOT of other smiling faces in gov! He can’t be the only one, or even a minority! No way!

Have you read any of the stories of other politicians who pay no income tax?

Maldonado has had tax problems in the past. Also charged with not paying his workers.

Nothing I’ve read about him suggests he’s fit for any political office. Better he should stick to strawberries.

What??? He’s a model Republican! None of them want to pay their taxes. At least Abel has the conviction to act on his beliefs. Go Abel!

Please vote him in to Congress where he can hone his skills even more!

I don;t know about just Republicans, but when the current head of the U.S. Treasury Department (Democrat), Tom Geitner, forgot to pay his tax bill, along with other legislators, both Democrat and Republican, something is wrong. All they get to say, is OOPS, SORRY, I will pay what is due and move on. Just look at Charles Rangel… We, the seifs (remember Martha Stewart, Leona Hensley, etc) get to go to jail for tax evasion but not the masters of the universe. Double standard, double standard, double standard…

Excellent points, SLOBIRD, but Martha actually went to jail & paid $30K for lying to the feds about insider trading.

Isn’t it interesting Martha Stewart had to go to prison for what? “lying” about a non-existing insider information? She took the high road, because she was well aware of her prominent name. If she was guilty than, You all are guilty of something!! If nothing else, just breeding air!

“Interesting” photo choice.

Como se dice “I am not a crook” in Espanol?

Very funny. Very, VERY funny.

I would assume that he uses a CPA, rather than paying a general tax preparation service to do his taxes. If so, maybe it’s time to look for another CPA, or at least look at how they do his taxes before signing… although as complex as our tax code has become, it’s almost impossible to understand the numbers even when right in front of you. You put your faith in your tax preparer and hope for the best.

Who among the elites pay taxes, how much, and when is all up to some hidden agenda that we know almost nothing about. Some are allowed to get away with it, others are not. I wonder what the standards are for escaping payment?

Let William K Black explain and expose elite control fraud totally great interview with intelligence and wit.

podcast of interview begins at about seven minutes . big LOL @13

Well at least he is like the rest of us and is a victim of over taxation. I think everyone goes for the best deductions that are available. Of course the IRS has their opinion too.

I would have to say that the deduction may or may not be questionable. But I’m going to take this a little further and say that there is probably more politics involved with this than anything else.

Everyday I get more disgusted with politics and the crooks that are running the show. We are overtaxed on EVERTHING. Our President, is there anything you can believe from him or the others in Washington?

The only thing you can believe from ANY politician is NOTHING!

“The only thing,” “ANY politician” and “NOTHING?”

Hmm. Guess you don’t vote then, do ya?

Are you daft ? Maldonado was not a victim of over-taxation …He is a TAX CHEAT. The slim number of ONE per-centers like Maldonado GAME the system so that they DON’T pay taxes !

What happens ? The REST of us that cannot afford fancy lawyers and lyin’ accountants that pull magical deductions out of nether regions then pay marginal rates of 40% and up of our TOTAL incomes !.

THEY don’t pay, so YOU do !.

Willard “Mitt” Romney makes millions of dollars every year for doing virtually nothing except being a vapid blowhard, and pays less than 15% in taxes.

Corporations like GE make BILLIONS of dollars in profit and pay NO taxes !

They don’t pay, so YOU DO !

Wake up !

On the other hand, just get so disgusted that you no longer use your franchise.

You’ll be happy and I will be too.

Then we have the poor guy that thinks he should be paying more taxes than his secretary, Warren Buffet, although he owes the IRS over $1 BILLION since 2002 and keeps telling all of us to pay more.

According to the :The Blade” on August 30, 2011, ‘The news is significant because in a recent op-ed column for the New York Times, Buffett, one of President Obama’s staunchest supporters, stated that, to now, the “super wealthy” have been coddled and deserve to be taxed at an even higher rate than they currently are.” Further, the article state “$1 billion is not an insignificant chunk of change, even for Buffett, representing about 0.2 percent of the company’s $372 billion in total assets.”

Is this not hypocrisy at its best. Just google Warren Buffett IRS problems…

And it is the blaze that has the distorted crappy story that is neither verifiable or true. NOT I repeat not

THE BLADE a perfectly fine publication NOT to be confused in any way with that superstitious piece of distortion and noise y excrement “the blaze ” .

there are links to the Glenn Beck program on blaze, just so you know the caliber of dis-info being excreted .

My guess is that Abel has goofed up on agenda, or been a leeetle disobedient, and this is his “punishment” and warning: get back in line and do what you are told, or else.

I’ll lay you money on it.