SLO prowler suspect arrested

April 5, 2012

Leroy Howell

San Luis Obispo police arrested a prowler after a resident said they spotted him looking into their bedroom window at 2 a.m. on Monday.

While on the phone with a police dispatcher, the resident of the home in the area of  South Street and King Court followed the alleged prowler.

During a police interrogation, Leroy Howell, 22, of San Luis Obispo admitted that he is also responsible for four incidents where people in the neighborhood reported a prowler either in their home, crawling through a window or peering into someone’s window that occurred during the past few weeks, police said.



  1. Maxfusion says:

    Leroy Howell, I doubt it. I spend lots of time in the UK and he doesn’t look Welsh to me.

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    • sandra66 says:

      His identity would be an interesting thing to look into. Who knows where that investigation could lead, and what it would uncover.

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  2. Structure says:

    “the resident of the home in the area of South Street and King Court followed the alleged prowler.” This is awesome. Wish this person could get a medal. They may have saved someone from getting really hurt.

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  3. skester says:

    Ew I think this is the guy who tried to break in to my house last week! It was strange, he had a key & was trying to use it to get inside but it didn’t work so he just casually walked away while staring at the house. What a creeper! My roommate called the cops & they drove by but didn’t see him.

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  4. smartmouth says:

    LeRoy Howell? Really?

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  5. TacomaRose says:

    Kudos to the SLOPD. Now lets see this guy prowl the inside of a 6×9 jail cell

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  6. Cindy says:

    Creepy Guy, wonder what his history is?

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