SLO prowler suspect arrested

April 5, 2012

Leroy Howell

San Luis Obispo police arrested a prowler after a resident said they spotted him looking into their bedroom window at 2 a.m. on Monday.

While on the phone with a police dispatcher, the resident of the home in the area of  South Street and King Court followed the alleged prowler.

During a police interrogation, Leroy Howell, 22, of San Luis Obispo admitted that he is also responsible for four incidents where people in the neighborhood reported a prowler either in their home, crawling through a window or peering into someone’s window that occurred during the past few weeks, police said.

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Leroy Howell, I doubt it. I spend lots of time in the UK and he doesn’t look Welsh to me.

His identity would be an interesting thing to look into. Who knows where that investigation could lead, and what it would uncover.

“the resident of the home in the area of South Street and King Court followed the alleged prowler.” This is awesome. Wish this person could get a medal. They may have saved someone from getting really hurt.

Ew I think this is the guy who tried to break in to my house last week! It was strange, he had a key & was trying to use it to get inside but it didn’t work so he just casually walked away while staring at the house. What a creeper! My roommate called the cops & they drove by but didn’t see him.

LeRoy Howell? Really?

Kudos to the SLOPD. Now lets see this guy prowl the inside of a 6×9 jail cell

Creepy Guy, wonder what his history is?