Prowler roams SLO neighborhood

April 2, 2012

Over the past two weeks, San Luis Obispo police have received four reports of a prowler in the area of South Street and King Court.

Twice residents discovered the male prowler inside their homes. He fled when confronted.

In one incident, a man was caught attempting to climb in a bedroom window.

The most recent call involved a man standing outside a bedroom window. The last suspect is described as Hispanic, in his 30s, about 5 feet 10 inches tall with short hair.

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The window Krebs crawled through was a fragile bubble/dome skylight window which was very easy to break. It was opened by a crank mechanism which also could have been broken in order for him to enter since the normal opening of the window was too small to allow an adult sized person to enter. Either way, whether the window was left open or not, the window or its mechanism required breaking, and either way, it was not difficult to do.

TRUE Republican Christians, all of you, just post large signs outside of your property that state: “There is nothing in this house that is worth losing your life over!”

Okay, since this intruder is allegedly Hispanic, make another sign in Spanish.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have more cops on the street right about now?

How exactly would that prevent this?

If I was a prowler and saw a large police presence in the area I would probably move on. Also, if there are more cops available to respond immediately to the 911 call instead of say waiting until they are done dealing with a drunk Cal Poly student or a transient, they would have a better shot at catching the creep.

Get it?

To get the kind of police presence you are talking about would require doubling (at least) the police force. Unless you can convince the police union to accept half pay and (especially) benefits, that is not an affordable option. In addition, given the attitude of some of the officers and the inability or unwillingness to change it (or remove the badged bullies), I don’t think we want a police force large enough that those elements have time to cause mischief.

Do you have any idea how many cops are patrolling at any given time? The number would shock you….call the PD and ask.

An unlocked bathroom window is how that monster Rex Krebs climbed into Aundria Crawford’s SLO apt. back in ’99.

“She was a very conscientious person when it came to her security in her home… Her doors and windows were all locked — except for one. Since her cat, Riley, had just had surgery, she put him in the bathroom and left the window open for air. In the early- morning hours, Krebs would hoist himself through that narrow window to enter Crawford’s apartment…” from the Trib 2/10/10

LOCK ALL your doors and windows. And SLO cops: as Cynthia said, please catch this guy FAST!

“Since her cat, Riley, had just had surgery, she put him in the bathroom and left the window open for air.”

I can relate because that is something I would do, sometimes your posts make me cry”

We lived in SLO during that time. Rachel Newhouse & her roommates rented a house down the street from us though I didn’t know her. But I went to Poly years ago and I’ll never forget those girls. Aundra & Rachel (and Kristin Smart), R.I.P. A “prowler” may not be looking just to rob the place ; he may want to do much more so I really hope they catch him soon.

He is currently running out of the house when caught which is somewhat of a consolation but this stuff can quickly escalate into our worst nightmares. Catch this guy, catch him fast. I sincerely hope there is an all out neighborhood watch down in that area. If not, start a task force and hook some neighborhood leaders up with the SLOPD for pointers. It’s called, “lock your doors but open your blinds and watch whats going on around you”.