Briquettes blamed for Paso Robles house fire

May 18, 2012

Paso Robles firefighters are blaming charcoal briquettes for a residential structure fire that was  discovered shortly after 1 a.m. on Friday at a home on 12th Street.

A neighbor smelled smoke and helped the occupant leave the home safely before fire crews arrived. Officials are working to determine a monetary cost of the fire.

Firefighters determined flames from charcoal briquettes tossed into a green waste container had first burned the trash can before spreading to the home. They want to remind the public to make sure coals are completely cool before you throw them into the trash.

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“…firefighters are blaming charcoal briquettes for a residential structure fire”

I would think that the person or persons putting charcoal briquettes into the green waste container are to blame…

That’s like saying “guns kill people” when we all know it’s the bullets…

The Briquettes ? What…did they high kick too fast ?

Remember people, this is Paso Robles …where Darwin would fear to tread ! Just a little touch of Alabama in California, with Mississippi down the road in Atascadero !

People in San Luis Obispo realize that the city is overrated and overpriced and thus have to berate other cities to feel better about where they live.

Tho occupant was later found drown in a bucket into which he’d stuck his head to check whether it had any water in it.

Also, Debbie Arnold’s campaign office immediately issued a statement demanding the immediate cessation of all green waste recycling efforts, citing the imminent danger to the North County constituency.

Patterson’s campaign office countered by promising, if re-elected, to immediately take steps to ban matches, and other personal fire-making gear.

“It’s just too dangerous,” Patterson said. “If re-elected I will work to create a an Office of Fire Starting Management to protect all citizens. This office will be responsible for the testing of individuals to ensure basic matchbook safety courses have been completed.”

“Those who choose to forgo the training may apply for a County-approved third party match lighter to come to their home and safely light the candle, bar-be-queue, or other approved combustible.”

Patterson characterized the program as a “win-win”.

off topic much?

Just because it’s May 18th does not mean we want the Supervisor’s race in every unrelated news brief.

Please submit your comedy skits and cartoons to

May 18th ???

Hell, I thought it was 4/20.

Please disregard the above.