Nipomo hit and run car likely torched

May 18, 2012

Fabian Alexander

California Highway Patrol officers said a car they found torched Monday in Santa Maria is likely the same car that hit and killed a man in Nipomo on Sunday.

The late model Corvette is the same color blue as the vehicle officers have been searching for. The car was found fully ablaze at about 2 a.m. Even so, officers where able to retrieve the cars VIN number.

Fabian Alexander, 46, was walking along the northbound U.S. Highway 101 off ramp near State Route 166 when he was hit and killed by the driver of the Corvette who then fled the area. Alexander was pronounced dead at the scene.

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23yo son of a prominent strawberry grower in Nipomo. And this is not his first hit and run. Deep into Mexico by now with the help of Daddy. Makes me sick.

Why do I suspect or have this gut feel that the killer and victim know each other?

I should think that the perp went home and went to bed. Then he woke up the next morning and called the PD claiming that his corvette was missing. Maybe the car really was stolen? It’s hard to say.

There are many serial, I.D. numbers on the vehicle parts.

Doh. Now it is obvious that the perp is local. And not very smart. If they were going to torch the car, they should have transported it out of the area, THEN torched it.

A late-model blue corvette isn’t a model owned by a lot of people. There must be a lot of people who know who owns that car, and some of them probably know who was driving it when it hit Mr. Alexander.

Turn it over to CSI or NCIS as they seem to solve such crimes with ease.