Democrats striving for legislative supermajority

May 7, 2012

Not since the 70s have Democrats held a supermajority in a chamber of the state legislature. But that could change as the result of the upcoming primary and November election. [SanFranciscoChronicle]

The Democratic Party needs only two seats in both the Senate and Assembly to meet that milestone, though it is more likely to occur in the Senate.

With a two-thirds majority in the Senate, Democratic lawmakers  would have enough votes in that chamber “to approve tax increases, override the governor’s vetoes, and bypass legislative rules and deadlines,” the Chronicle reported.

Democrats currently hold 25 of the 40 seats in the Senate. And because of recently redrawn district lines, they could pick up as many as four additional seats.

The decision by 17th Senate District incumbent Sen. Sam Blakeslee, R-San Luis Obispo, not to run again will probably assure a win for  Assemblyman Bill Monning, D-Santa Cruz.

Even so, Republicans remain hopeful that if their candidates focus on jobs and the economy, they will keep the Democrats from reaching a supermajority.
On the Assembly side, Republicans contend they can increase their membership by as many as three seats for a total of 31, leaving the Democrats with 49. Currently the Democrats hold 52 seats and the Republicans have 28.

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Greece and Spain are waiting in the wings.

Enforced conservative austerity that NEVER works.

Ah well, Greece voted to get rid of the mistake makers. Maybe it is our turn.

This is like a pre-obituary for the state.

Please take a moment to watch this YouTube video. Even if you don’t agree with its message, it makes a powerful statement and give food for thought:

A friend of mine sent me that link a few weeks ago. I like the message. It will be lost on many but it is why we, as a country from top down to local, are in the shape we are in. I’m sure the spinsters will reply to you how wrong it all is, in them not wanting to admit that we are way down the wrong ally as a whole.

I wish I had the acting and/or videography skills to produce a response to that. He has some points right, many partially right but exaggerated in impact, some blatantly wrong and to top it off, he ignores the role of UNRESTRAINED capitalism and the damage it has done to this country.

Not only have many of the wealthiest corporations turned to buying politicians as a more efficient means to profit than productivity but they have been exporting jobs to countries which don’t care about the positive effects of labor and environmental laws and gain a large competitive advantage from that. Sure we can compete with China — if we are willing to put up with smog that makes the 1970’s LA air basin look clean or with massive numbers of unemployed so desperate for work that they don’t care if their lives will be significantly shorter because of it.

The solution isn’t easy but I don’t think that a good answer involves either totally unrestricted capitalism or total socialism. We need to find a balance between the motivational power of free enterprise and the ability to limit abuses by those who profit most from such a system.

This is no fait accompl. Karl Rove and the Kochs still have money and Fox and Rush still have the airwaves. I thought Obama and Brown might lead us out of this second GOP depression. But, alas. It feels like no matter who the captain is, we are are again all on the same ocean liner with blind lookouts and icebergs around us.

It feels like no matter who the captain is, we are are again all on the same ocean liner with blind lookouts and icebergs around us.

Come on! We haven’t been in this much trouble since the dark ages when I was born. Mind is still good but you democrats are giving me a migraine. Why don’t we all blame it on President Bush rather than asking why President Obama doesn’t keep his promises?

Am I better off this year than last year? Yes, but let me give you an example of what that means. I’ve gone from the water in the toilet to about 4″ from the rim. That means I am still in the shitter! Sorry about the language, No excuse. But expressive.

God Bless

Homeowners – get your homes listed for sale NOW before this happens! At least you can get something for your property before prop 13 is overridden and you’re taxed you out of your home!

Gov. Brown has already endorsed canning prop 13, which was passed the last time he was governor to control runaway taxation. If the ‘gridlock’ is cleared, there will be no stopping him. He’s carried a grudge ever since Jarvis & Co. got that initiative passed, and he’ll get rid of it if he gets the chance.

Democrats or republican they all take money from the highest hider! The campaign Contributions tell

the real story.

Well then, DON’T VOTE …Dumb Dummies should recuse themselves from the process.

Republicans are the PROBLEM….and if people don’t see that , THEY are co-conspirators WITH the problem.

SF: The PROBLEM is people who must name call and speak in juvenile overtones instead of intelligent, adult conversation…you know, like yours.

I prefer my “guilt by association” when the association operates as a mindless herd, than hit-and-run ad hominem attacks.

No its both parties fault. But the difference is the Democrats refuse to admit they have also been at fault. I say fire them all. That may sound trite but it will help straighten things out. Can you imagine how much money we’d save?

My wife and I could go on vacation again. Maybe visit Oxnard or Bakersfield. Wow a true blue festival in either city. Now we walk down to the back acreage and lay a blanket down and call it the beach. I’m almost old enough to believe it.

Blessings friends

Another thing, Karen…When the Republican party stops acting like totalitarian fascists …when they are humbled enough to begin to co-operate and compromise as equals and respectful…instead of superiorcrat bullies….THEN I will change my tune.

I get it. You don’t see the FASCISTS next to you.

Fact is, there are many that DO see the FASCISTS you are palling around with..many more than myself.

Republicans ARE the problem. Either by design or ignorance.

Republicans are not the problem. Remember, when you point your finger at someone, there are 3 of your very own fingers pointing straight back at YOU!

I don’t disagree with your characterization of Republican leadership. But I think you are blind to the fact that many prominent Democrats are much the same. (Our Senator Feinstein is a prime example.) They mouth the platitudes needed to get the votes of the party faithful, but when once the election is over they act in the best interests of their big contributors first and their constituents only when there is no conflict. If the public outcry is loud enough, they find a way to weaken any public interest legislation to the point of ineffectiveness and then blame the opposition — even when their party has the strength to achieve something if they acted in unison. You have been conned as thoroughly as any FoxBot.

There are problems on the Democratic side. But to paint their misdeeds as equal is a false equivalence. Republicans and private industry have repeatedly sold our nation and state down the river. Savings and loan, Enron, Chase Bank. All made worse by GOP in on the deal or creating the conditions necessary. A Democrat puts $20,000 in the freezer. “Many prominent” is a far cry from “Republican leadership”.

The democrat’s are bought and payed for by the public employ unions ! Try denying that this has created a great financial burden that the citizens of ca will be paying for many generations to

come! ( let me take a guise that you possibly belong to one of these unions?)

The Republicans get there’s from big business .

Yes it really pains me to vote for Obama or Romney

Last I herd Obama has over 1 billion to spend on his campaign and Romney 750 million!

sounds like a lot favors to payback for who ever gets in?

Hey, I really don’t see what the issue really is?

There’s a democratic governor and a democratic legislature… they’ve got it all. So, what is really holding them back?

There’s an unwillingness to act… and frankly, they’re scared.

RF “Hey, I really don’t see what the issue really is? ”

Why does that totally not surprise me ?


Roger Freburg,

What California needs to do is what Dick Cheney and George Bush did when they both helped to break the bank of our nation by UN-FUNDED spending! This is barring the Banksters, and Wall Street’s shenanigans.

Remember the two UN-FUNDED invasions of countries that were never a threat to us? Sure you do. Remember the Bush tax cuts for the wealthy that were UN-FUNDED and were justified as being okay because we had a surplus under Bill Clinton? Add to the above, George Bush starting Medicare part D that was also UN-FUNDED and is a mess!

What California has to learn is to bring forth the Bush “Kabuki Theater” so all the players in the California government can spend UN_FUNDED money like a drunken sailor! Then, when it’s the Democrats turn in office, then you blame the deficit upon them! See how easy it is? Sure you do.

Roger, I don’t expect any type of refutation from you because your past states that you’re one of those “hit-and-run” type; make your statement, run, and not engage. It’s okay, your type are a dime-a-dozen in this forum.

Brother Ted …have a little Christian charity towards Mr. Freburg… He pleads ignorance, and in this he is being completely honest . Praise !

Remember the Beatitudes…Mathew , Chapter 5 , where the Lord tells us who is “Blessed”:

The “poor in spirit”, “They that mourn”, “the meek”,

“they which hunger and thirst after righteousness”, “The merciful”, “the pure in heart”, “the peacemakers”, “they which are persecuted for righteousness sake”.

Oh wait…I was sure that there was a blessing for the clueless. I guess I was confusing it with that passage about people that know not what they do.