Paso Robles to spend $20,000 for chief search

May 2, 2012

Paso Robles City Council  members voted unanimously Tuesday evening to hire an outside head-hunter firm to find a new chief of police.

City officials agreed to hire the Los Gatos firm of  William Avery and Associates at a cost of almost $20,000 to find a replacement for former chief Lisa Solomon. Following allegations of sexual assaults, illegal ticket quotas, and manipulation of crime statistics, Solomon resigned in April.

Several officers contend the city is still operating in an unsafe manner under Capt. Robert Burton, who they said should be replaced until a new chief is hired in about six to eight months.

For example, during several days in April, of the 20 people working for the police department, only two where assigned to answer calls for the city. Generally, dispatchers receive 40 to 75 calls a night.

One acting chief
Two lieutenants
Two sergeants
Two dispatchers
Two code enforcement employees
Three detectives
Five to six support staff employees
And only two patrol officers to answer calls for the city of approximately 30,000.

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To pay a firm 20k to search for a new chief is about the stupidest thing the city could do short of rehiring the groper. Law enforcement has a statewide bulletin board for job listings. For a mere fifty cents, I will post the chief job on that board and let our overpaid hr director do her job and sort through the applicants to submit to the city council. Is the task so hard that you have to hire a headhunting firm to do the same thing? I mean, doing background checks and the like is that difficult? Come on!

You see what they spent on computers you will see why they think this is cheep ! They are really out of


Hiring an outside firm… good

Hiring the same outside firm that App wants… not good

App has one goal in mind: Hire someone who will be loyal to him and submissive to him.

App SHOULD: Hire someone that stand up to him and tells him what he needs to hear on behalf of the City.

Promoting someone from within will just continue the cycle of insest by App.

Promoting someone from outside will give us a chance at some new eyes and ideas.

The BEST scenario is for App to be FIRED, another outside firm who specializes in LE is hired, the CC makes the decision BEFORE a new manager is hired. Which, is also done by an outside firm. That new manager should have experience in organizational improvment.

Then first order of business is to figure out why EACH AND EVERY manager reporting to the City Manager, regardless of how much responsibility they have, GETS PAID THE SAME MAXIMUM! Then reorganize and get the salaries in line with the responsibility.

Finally, again, APP MUST GO NOW!

Lets look into the future. App’s crony executive firm finds a candidate that obviously App has to like (and knows he can control). Our wonderful City Council, acting like Jesus bobbleheads on the dashboard (bobbing their heads up and down whenever App speaks) naturally go along. App, being the controller, has not allowed anyone from Paso Robles, except his chosen few to have anything to

do or anything to say about this new candidate. He (or she) will not have an ice cubes chance in a warm place of getting any kind of community support. Can you just picture this? Who would possibly be interested enough in being police chief of Paso Robles without requiring that they get the opportunity to hear from and talk to plain citizens of this city as part of process? Only someone that does not want that input, someone who likes being told what to do (App’s #1 requirement), and/or someone who is not really quallified for the job, but instead is seeking this position for an ego trip or for money. Is that what we want or need in a new chief?

QUOTING PASO_CITIZEN: “someone who likes being told what to do (App’s #1 requirement)…”</i"

I thought the #1 requirement was the candidate had to laugh at App's asinine cutesy-wootsy nicknames for fellow professionals working for the City of Paso Robles, AND App's faux-ebonics lingo.

I think, as a rule of thumb, it can be assumed that if App is backing an idea, measure or action, that would indicate the very thing that she be avoided at all costs.

I don’t know if Jim App and the current Paso Robles City Council are (intentionally) capable of choosing a solid candidate for chief. To be honest, anyone hired by the current regime will be starting behind the 8-ball in terms of public opinion.

Maybe the focus would be to wait until App is canned and 3 members on the council are replaced?