SLO County unemployment drops amid job growth

May 21, 2012

San Luis Obispo County is ranked sixth out of 58 California counties for lower numbers of unemployed workers, according to a report released Friday by the California Employment Development Department.

In California, Marin County is ranked number one with an unemployment rate of 6.4 percent and Imperial County comes in on the bottom with an unemployment rate of 26.8 percent.

The SLO County unemployment rate fell from 8.9 percent in March to 7.9 percent in April. During the same time, the region gained about 1,300 jobs.

Significant increases were seen in the construction and hospitality sectors with both adding approximately 600 new positions.

The biggest decline was seen in manufacturing, which lost 300 jobs last month.

SLO County’s unemployment rate is lower than the national average of 8.1 percent and the state’s 10.9 percent rate, both which fell in April.

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How the Market Creates Jobs,

and the Government Destroys them

By Walter Block

Unemployment statistics are notoriously innacurate.

Saw a expert last week on a business news show say for the first time ever the government has revised the unemployment numbers every month for last 50 months. And that has never been done so consecutively. I have no confidence in the government at any level, state, local, federal, Republican or Democrat.

Nothing good comes from government. Check this out:

Anarchy in the Aachen

Mises Daily: Wednesday, August 08, 2012 by Peter C. Earle


Can a community without a central government avoid descending into chaos and rampant criminality? Can its economy grow and thrive without the intervening regulatory hand of the state? Can its disputes be settled without a monopoly on legal judgments? If the strange and little-known case of the condominum of Moresnet — a wedge of disputed territory in northwestern Europe, and arguably Europe’s counterpart to America’s so-called Wild West — acts as our guide, we must conclude that statelessness is not only possible but beneficial to progress, carrying profound advantages over coercive bureaucracies.

More @:

Yeah I can’t wait to see Debbie Arnold’s campaign make an attempt at linking the closing of the Scolari’s markets to the plastic bag ban …. but back in the land of reality, how about acknowledging that Scolari’s closed because the California part of their operation was mismanaged by the two brothers? The real shame though is that if the Scolari brothers had actually worked with Safeway on selling the just the California stores, all of those employees would still have decent paying jobs and would not be adding to the unemployment numbers. I do agree with SLOBIRD on the point about the numbers being misleading; all unemployment numbers are skewed to show as few people on unemployment as possible, regardless of which party is in current control of the administration, be it national, state or local. Having a conversation that includes the real numbers would be refreshing, but would most likely spiral down into a finger pointing exercise.

My guess on a least the three Scolari’s in this county not selling to Safeway, is that Safeway already has a presence in this county, with their Vons brand.

Let me make the small point about Scolari’s a little more clear; Safeway Corporation is the parent company of Von’s, yes. Scolari’s tried to sell to Safeway their entire chain of 14 Nevada stores along with the 4 California stores, but Safeway has no interest in buying the poorly performing Nevada stores, and the Scolari brothers apparently would not budge in NOT separating the California stores from the rest of the chain but instead took the cheap way out in closing those stores. Von’s (Safeway) would have really liked at least the San Luis and the Paso store locations, would have done okay with the Pismo store and I really cannot comment about the one in Santa Barbara. I think that your opinion on whether or not Safeway would have wanted those stores is not quite accurate.

O.k. the opinion is not quite accurate. Then let me ask you this. WHY would they want to put their Safeway brand in the same market as Vons? They would just be competing against themselves? That would be like opening another Vons at the Spring St. location in Paso. It isn’t going to make them any more money.

Have you noticed that from King CIty north almost all stores in their brand are Safeway. From Paso south it is Vons. Hmm I wonder why that is?????? Maybe not to diliute the market with the same???

Jeepers dude; Safeway Corporation runs all of their stores north of San Luis Obispo as Safeway stores, the nearest being in King City. All stores south of King City are run as Vons; if Safeway had bought the Scolari Stores in California, they would have been run as Vons, period. The Vons name was very recognizable in Southern California and Safeway did not want to lose that good will, so when they bought the Vons operation, they kept the name for Southern California. Many chains will run multiple stores in the same area, even in the same city IF they believe that each store can capture and hold a enough of market share to support it. The sight in Pismo was far enough away from the Grover Vons, the San Luis location is far enough from the Marigold Center, and the Paso Robles location of the Scolari’s even though it is only three miles away, has enough of a supporting neighborhood that that location could have worked as well.

Well if it’s all so easy with other peoples money, then maybe you should open your own chain of stores.

I never said it was “easy”; my assertions all along have been that the father, Joey Scolari senior, knows what it takes to be a competitive grocer, how to treat his employee so that they work hard to make his stores profitable. His sons, Joey Jr. and Jerry thought that they knew better but were woefully unable to replicate the father’s success.

It’s “site.”

Obviously this will change with Scolari’s closing – these numbers are so misleading based on the fact that self-employed (contractors of all types) are not counted, if your unemployment runs out you are dropped from the count and then the people who are working underemployed or parttime. Employment is not recovering as more people are hired as temp’s, without benefits (unlike government employees – Ask Larry Allen about all his wonderful benefits and salary of $240,000 that came with a 17% increase by the County), parttime, reduced pay and benefits and are offered less pay overall. Very sad in the private sector!