Bungling robbers storm Holiday Inn

June 19, 2012

Two armed robbers wearing masks, hooded sweatshirts and gloves tried to rob a guest at Paso Robles’ Holiday Inn Express early Tuesday but fled before officers could respond to a flurry of 911 calls.

Brazenly entering the hotel lobby at about 1:51 a.m., one crook hoisted a shotgun, the other waved a pistol. The would-be bandits then branched off, one grabbing a guest and propelling the victim to an upper floor in order to steal valuables, police said.

At the same time, the second suspect leaped over the hotel counter seeking the desk clerk. Then, for unexplained reasons, both men bolted for the exit and escaped. No one was injured and nothing was taken.

A police search of the area following the incident “met with negative results,” said Lt. Tim Murphy in a prepared statement.

Investigators said the men were Hispanic male adults in their 20s, 5-10 to 6-0 tall, medium build and 200 pounds. The department released a pair of fuzzy surveillance photos of the suspects.

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Storming a Holiday Inn Express ?

What ? , There were no Red Roof Inns nearby ?

Unfortunately, most lobby surveillance cameras are out-dated and poorly positioned. Businesses need good facial images if they want the bad guys caught. As it is today, we get lots of pictures of ball cap bills and no face pics. The reason is security companies feeling the need to place cameras high above along the ceiling.

There are many inexpensive “pin hole” cameras and other types that can be placed at eye level, both at the business entrance and at the service desk or teller windows.

I suspect that most businesses that get stuck up were visited by the bad guy sometime just prior in an attempt to “case the joint.” When they do that, they are not likely to have disguised themselves.

Placing a discreetly installed camera at the entrance could provide additional clues to the robbers identity.

And MartyMalone, I have to agree with LAPD; that was a cheap shot at the police Chief. What would YOU have done to prevent that robbery?

I know you can’t easily request in a place like a hotel but I do like what some banks request. Heritage Oaks has a sign on the door requesting patrons to remove sunglasses and hats before entering. I know some may still wear but at least you know who to keep an eye on then.

Something I find interesting is the video. In todays world of HD t.v’s and video and yet it seems likd a majority of these kind of surveillence cameras (i.e. banks, etc) always come up grainy? Is there a better system that could produce a better picture, to then help the police in identifying suspects?

Stupid burglars! The HOMELESS HOTEL is in San Luis Obispo not Paso Robles!

How does Interim Chief Burton have any responsibility for preventing an unsuccessful robbery attempt that occurred at about 2:00 AM? Would you hold him responsible for every crime that occurs in Paso Robles? Domestic violence incidents? DUI? I guess Burton should be present in every household and every vehicle in Paso Robles to avoid your criticism. That may be the only option for Burton or it seems to me following your “logic” any crime from now on discredits Interim Chief Burton’s attempts to make Paso Robles safer? I guess you can assign responsibility to anyone you desire for each and every crime in Paso Robles, and the Chief is an easy, high profile target given PRPD’s recent issues, but you are absolutely clueless about law enforcement.

So much for Interim Chief Burton’s making Paso Robles safer.

The city council and city manager have to stop the search for a replacement for ex-chief solomon. They simply are not competent to make such an important decision.


Give the guy a chance will you?

Fresno strikes again?