New tax-hike plan touted

June 28, 2012

Nancy Skinner

A Berkeley Democrat’s effort to alter the way California assesses taxes for many state taxpayers faces an uncertain future, needing two-thirds of the Assembly to back it.

Assemblywoman Nancy Skinner has introduced legislation to disallow the use of net operating loss carrybacks by individual and corporate taxpayers. Currently, the law allows those losses to be spread over several years.

The bill requires a two-thirds vote because it would be, in effect, a new tax levy. Skinner’s proposal resides in the Assembly Committee on Government and Finance.

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The United States was started by folks who didn’t like the tax and social structure of Europe… they build a country great enough to attract the bureaucrats from Europe to help make it better…. oh yeah, some may have even come from Kenya.

If it moves tax it. If it doesn’t move, tax it. If it resists, shoot it.

and use it to pay off pensions to all the retiring union workers, particularly the firemen, policemen and prison guards who everyone is afraid of (remember, “people will die” from the last election?). Remember-when they passed all the laws for the generous benefits under Gray Davis, this was based on an assumption of 7% growth per year in Calpers and all the other pension funds, which would have occured only if the Dow Jones Average reached about 25,000 by now. What a joke!

Maybe Ms. Skinner would let it be known how many times she voted to allow legislators to get their

per-diems over a three-day weekend? Is that spending our tax dollars wisely? Or is that just playing politics to get what they want?

What a shame, they have all 12 months of the year to invent new ways to extract wealth from people who provide.

Just another example of money hungry grabbers wanting to grab more. Cut expenses, just like any family in this state has to do – live within your means. Yes, it is a shame that education will likely get hit again, but throwing more money at it is not the answer. It has not worked for the past many years, it will not work now or in the future. Its ike saying we can solve the prisoner overpopulation by building more prisons! Get real.

Vote against all tax increases until there is real action.

They need every penny they can get from the taxpayers. Look at what Brown did this week: If we are all good little kids and vote for his sales tax increase, the teachers won’t have to take ANOTHER (they already are getting 15) 15 furlough days, the State Universities can’t increase fees for the next school year (although the sales tax goes on for 10 years it will only impact the first year) and the best one yet, the schools will get an increase within the next five years and of course, we are going to have more money to give the cities to pay for those union public safety employees – I thought this was about all those poor little kids that rank 46 out of 50 states. VERY SAD!!!!

Anyway, this just goes to show us how badly the Sacramento politicians want to take our money away from us.

Ah another Sacramento no real world reality slacker, ready to pinch individuals and businesses. I have a better way to save. Let’s make the state legislature a part time house, cut the perks and send Ms. Skinner and her ilk home for half a year!!!

You sound like a Libertarian.

Yep ! Another dirt eating visionary !

Yes indeed my friend, yes indeed.

Actually, I have many views in common with some that are TRUE Libertarians. I am a libertarian socialist…much more left leaning than Nelson Mandela, Gadnhi, and the Dalai Lama. I’m even further to the ideological corner, as it were , than Noam Chomsky or FDR

I believe in FREEDOM and civil disobedience through black markets. I posit that the FAIREST form of trade is non-caplitalist free trade. Given our history and current conditions, worker co-ops ans UNIONS should be implemented to combat and compete with undemocratic cartels and monopolies…which are nothing but UNIONS of the rich and Frankenstein corporations.

OH…maybe some are Libertarians described by John Scalzi – “Libertarians secretly worried that ultimately someone will figure out the whole of their political philosophy boils down to ‘get off my property’.

News flash. This is not really a big secret to the rest of us. ”

Or perhaps that more common aphorism attributed to various sources, but most uttered by Thom Hartman:

“A Libertarian is a Republican that wants to smoke dope and get laid “.

If that was the extent of their egotism, I wouldn’t have a problem with their individualistic enjoyances Go for it.

It’s when they would assert their ‘freedom’ to act like jerks at the expense of others that I quarrel with.

When thay act like the only beings DUE freedom are themselves and their like minded buddies.

That’s when they reveal themselves NOT as real libertarians, but in fact as fascists.

As an ex-Libertarian I am tempted to reply to both some errors and omissions in your critique of Libertarian philosophy. However, this thread is already too far off-topic.

Thanks for sharing!

“When thay act like the only beings DUE freedom are themselves and their like minded buddies.”

Example please.

Why stop there? How about we put them on a vacation for about 5 years?