Abel Maldonado’s call to repeal Obamacare

June 29, 2012

Abel Maldonado


We are a nation built on the right to be free and the right to make choices for ourselves, and I believe that government should never force anyone to buy a service. The fundamental truth is that the American people want a health-care solution that expands access to care, preserves choice and lowers costs.

As it turns out, the ‘big gamble’ Rep. Lois Capps, D-Santa Barbara, voted to pass without knowing what was in it, was in reality, a big tax on millions of middle-class American families and seniors. The Supreme Court’s decision couldn’t be clearer: Obamacare is a tax and the Congress has the sole authority to repeal that tax. I support a bipartisan repeal and replace of the Obamacare tax.

Across the country, small businesses and working families are struggling to cope with the crippling effect of the Obamacare tax. I believe that health-care decisions should be made by patients, families and their doctors, not by Washington bureaucrats who have forced upon the American people a $525 billion tax increase, a $575 billion Medicare cut for seniors and a 9 percent increase in premiums for working Americans.

Abel Maldonado, R-Santa Maria,  is a former California lieutenant governor and current 24th Congressional District candidate.

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I am tired of paying for my party-hearty friends who don’t want to pay for health insurance. Almost all of them have judgments against them stemming from an unpaid hospital ER visit. They sure do drive nice cars, have nice toys and travel often. But now I know who thinks I should pay for their lavish lifestyle, and I’m not surprised. You are supporting freedom for some to steal from others. I ONLY vote for those who are willing to tackle this awful mess, not make the same lousy excuses over and over. Check out the great work of Oregon’s Governor Kitshaber, now there’s a politician who’s going somewhere. Now, back to the strawberry patch with you, where I’m sure they support your opinion on health care, CAUSE THEY HAVE NONE.

If you think it’s bad now, just wait till “Obamacare” passes. Then you will REALLY have to shell out the dough to take care of your neighbor’s illnesses.

The Affordable Care Act already passed.

You must be thinking about the do nothing GOP congress who tried for the 33rd time this week to repeal the act.

What I want to know is why the GOP (old, white and rich) hate Americans and don’t want us to have health care? Shame on them.



Dude, just show up at the ER and have taxpayers pay 10x the cost, with no cost to you.

Here’s what I find ironic, maybe even insulting is that Congress can now force people to buy a product or face a tax penalty. So what about people who can’t pay for the service, like the homeless? Will the government go after homeless people who don’t buy health insurance? They’d have to wouldn’t they?

Just having health insurance doesn’t make you healthy. It’s life style choices — drinking, smoking, eating right, exercise — that make for healthy people.

So what do you do to someone who doesn’t buy health insurance, doesn’t have a job to file a tax return, and can’t pay a fine? Throw them in jail, where the health care is free

Paperboy is concerned because Obamacare will charge the homeless a 2.5% tax when their incomes exceed $200,000 or $250,000.

Ah, what a compassionate guy he is.

Abel Maldanado, if you’re actually reading the responses to your minion written statements herein;

Do I have the choice to refuse buying the service of auto insurance in California, and will the government DMV allow me a license to drive if I don’t have it? I am also forced by “California government laws” to wear seat belts. Do you understand where this premise leads? Your insidious rhetoric upon this topic is cloaked in either ignorance, or outright and blatant misrepresentation!

The Republicans haven’t brought forth any healthcare initiatives whatsoever at this time, and when they did in 1993, the irony is they had “mandated penalties!” Obama’s Affordable Healthcare, aka, “Romneycare”, does expand access and choice through insurance exchanges. Did YOU actually read the bill, or you didn’t have the time because of being overrun by the corporate healthcare company lobbyists that don’t want healthcare to be “affordable?”

The 33 million of uninsured aren’t going away. The remaining middle class citizens that do have healthcare can’t absorb any further hikes in their premiums. The 3 percent wealthy can afford the best insurance available. What’s your party’s answer to this factoid? I know, absolutely NOTHING!

The “Affordable Healthcare Act” from Obama, and the 2006 “Romneycare”, are effectively the same policy, sharing the same basic important structures, including the individual mandate Romney used to hold in high esteem! Where is the money coming from in your alleged “replacement of the Obama plan” if you don’t follow Romneycare’s mandated costs and penalties? You’re all hat, and no cattle!

Side note: what happens to the citizens with “Romneycare” in Massachusetts when they don’t want to purchase health insurance? THEY PAY A PENALTY, JUST LIKE OBAMA’S AFFORDABLE HEALTHCARE PROPOSES! Both healthcare scenarios require this to be able to make them work. Same recipe, different amounts of the ingredients.

How you got elected to office is beyond logic and reason.

Brother Ted, you have come upon the nexus of the situation. Witness now, the focus on ‘semantics’ and attempts to confuse, distract, and abuse.

One only needs to be a ‘true’ Christian; read and understand the words of our Lord:

Mathew 7:3-5 ” And why beholdest thou the mote that is in thy brother’s eye, but considerest not the beam that is in thine own eye?

Or how wilt thoy say to thy brother, Let me pull out the mote out of thine eye; and, behold a beam is in thine own eye?

Thou hypocrite, first cast out the beam out of thine own eye; and then shalt thou see clearly to cast out the mote out of thy brother’s eye. ”

Have we not seen these acts now, with Republicans nit-picking towards their brothers and sisters in need with pride and judgmentalism, rather than a genuine desire to help or solve the problem ?

The facts remain, that in our capiltalist, mammon based world; money is the root of doing anything first, for most of what people should be doing naturally if they were true Christians.

No, we put words and money first. “Heal my wound, please? Bind my cut”.

“I will, but have you paid your tax ? Have you paid your fee ? ”

“No. ”

“Oh, I can’t help you then. ”

Or how about how the businesses do it ? They will insure you, but only if you pay your premiums …that’s the insurance word for tax.

Contrast that with the Legion of unclean spirits that were cast out in an instant.

Did Jesus ask the Gadarene for his insurance provider ?

NO !

Ted, read the Bible, your spirit is apparently “unclean”. Romney = good, Obama = bad. The fact that you will be paying for ER primary care for all is immaterial to the Tea Party, the insurance companies, and big-pharma.

Mitt Romney and his Bain Capital (he co-founded Bain) invested in companies specializing in the practice of outsourcing US jobs overseas.

Sending US jobs overseas is part of the problem we (America) faces now. How many offshore bank accounts do you have?

Romney = part of the problem.


Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal refuses to implement Obamacare despite Supreme Court ruling


People that don’t obey the law are called criminals.

First, they are accused, then they are convicted, then they are punished by fine or imprisonment or both, and sometimes removal of other privileges.

Bobby Jindal is not smart enough to realize that he is being set-up to be thrown under the bus by his own party.

I just realized the the only potential upside to unAbel becoming a Congressman. The IRS will be abel to garnish is salary and he will finally pay his taxes. Vote unAbel for Congress 2012!