An American tradition lives on in Atascadero

July 5, 2012

Kids from The Learning Tree Preschool in Atascadero and their parents patrolled El Camino Real on the 4th of July, waving the American flag and shouting to passing motorists, “Happy Birthday, America!”

Photo by Richard Bastian

Photo by Richard Bastian

Photo by Richard Bastian

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Finally, even if they are young kids we have future lovers of America. The pre-school should be ready for a pat on the back. One of the grand kids that my wife and I raised went there. Taught her to read before she went to regular school. (Helps to have a 150 IQ.) And a grandmother that helped teach her. I didn’t do much, just took her to school then picked her up afterwards.

These kids are learning to love America properly without the bs about which party is best. America is going to outlast the parties even if the Democrats continue to spend everything we have. We will bounce back anyway.

Blame Obama along with his ideas for making our economy “better” that has caused DeCou’s close.

Also the Internet that sells things cheaper than anyone can that is putting stores out of business. At least that’s what DeCou told me. Too bad. I’ve shopped that store for 30 years at least. Nice people.

I asked them for a discount once and they told me if I would sing for them they’d give me one. So being the idiot that I am I broke out in song. After a minute or two they told me to stop they’d give me a discount! My kind of people. Think I will try that at the service station. Or the property tax people.

God Bless

Learning Tree Preschool keep up the good work

Nice to see this. Too bad another Atascadero-American tradition, the locally owned lumber store, Decou Lumber, has fallen victim to the times after 75 years in business. We will surely miss you!