Speak out, be shredded

July 5, 2012

Several familiar CalCoastNews readers were singled out for verbal assault in Thursday’s edition of New Times’ vapid version of what now passes for the “Shredder,” rejuvenating and intensifying the saga of Lisa Solomon-Chitty, Paso Robles’ erstwhile chief of police.

The columnist, using endearments such as “blathering idiots” and “self-hating prigs,” expressed dismay over comments made by readers regarding news stories which appeared on this site. He (she, it) suggested this website allowed “misogynists” and “internet trolls” to speak too freely about the chief and her alleged list of sexual offenses against her officers.

The Shredder goes on to say one CalCoastNews blogger is the type of person who their own child should avoid when old enough to move out. This parental rejection was suggested because the blogger repeated Paso Robles Manager Jim Apps’ nickname for Solomon-Chitty – “Pretty Lisa Meter Maid.” The Shredder, however, failed to mention the nickname was initiated by a public official.

The Shredder offers no opportunity for reader comment. CalCoastNews, however, does.

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Thanks again, CNN,

Let’s recap, the Shredder hides behind a hood to lash at folks with impish impunity… and, in my opinion, almost arbitrarily… however, it is fun to have a new medium (CNN) to see their antics exposed for what they are… mean spirited and desperate. So, I commend CCN for showing a light on the Shredder… who obviously can’t stand the heat.

BTW, Newspapers are struggling right now and I suspect that New Times is also heading towards the end of their product life cycle… or maybe they’ll just drift along until the last advertiser moves on. BTW, did you know that the average age of those reading all newspapers is said to be over 50 … and I suspect… way over 50. On-line is where to go to reach anyone.

Advertisers need to target their money to where it will do the most good … on-line local sites — like CNN — seem to make the most sense nowadays.

Not…”almost arbitrarily…”. He flat shoots from the hip, sprays & prays, Acts like a nutter on the edge. Not a likable author anymore.

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