Gearharts want their wedding ring back

July 19, 2012

Marion Warner, John Gearhart, Kelly Gearhart, Tamara Lowe, Doug Gearhart and Brenda Grenough


Former north San Luis Obispo County developer Kelly Gearhart and his wife Tamara Gearhart have asked a federal bankruptcy court in Ohio to allow them to purchase her wedding ring back for $814.

As the result of the sale of a property on Dalton Drive in Wadsworth Ohio, the court owes the Gearharts $814.

In February 2009, while under an FBI investigation into fraud and organized crime, the Gearharts filed personal bankruptcy in Ohio claiming $6.5 million in estimated assets and $45.1 million in estimated debts.

The ring is valued at about $3,000. The bankruptcy court offers a one time jewelry exemption of $1450 leaving $1,550 in value.

Bankruptcy Trustee Harold Corzin asked the court to approve the Gearhart’s offer to purchase the ring in light of the cost and uncertainty of liquidating the asset.

Anyone who wants to oppose the sale would need to file a written request with the court by Aug. 3.

On July 5, Gearhart was indicted by a federal grand jury and faces 300 years in prison. He is charged with 16 counts of mail fraud, wire fraud and money laundering. Gearhart is slated to be arraigned in federal court in Los Angeles on August 13.


Most likely yes when you consider LLC’s and genetics. Pretty much covers all.


Do you get to wear your wedding ring in prison????


the right to marry is among those unalienable rights that you don’t lose while in prison.


That’s not what he asked. He asked if you get to wear a ring in prison. And since when is the right to marry guaranteed by the constiution. Jeez!


Zaphod, the right to marry does NOT come with the unalienable right to have and wear a RING. It’s the signature that binds the marriage contract, not the giving and acceptance of the ring. I am not asking if she gets the right to remain married, I am questionging if prisoners get to keep their wedding rings on while incarcerated….it was mostly sarcastic. She should be going to prison for the rest of her life, where she will have no need for her ring.

Fedup? I’m a “she” not a “he”. But I appreciate your support just the same. : )


The gearharts want their wedding ring back?????? — Many of the people they robbed want their life savings back. Restore the money they stole before they get anything.


Well this figures, wedding ring, take it, I am coming after you for never answering my complaint and isn’t a spouse responsible for her husbands dept, when ordered by the court?

And this is a little off subject, but it really happened, any one else have some info on Gearhart and lung disease here’s how I found out, in a story, so stop now if you don’t want to read it!

Anybody know the ties between Charlie Moore (X-county supervisor for SLO) and Kelly V. Gearhart, this is truth very recently Charlie told me Kelly Gearhart had lung cancer, (HOW WOULD HE HAVE THIS INFORMATION?), I was buying a car from his friend Becky Devv, since I didn’t seem sympathetic to Gearhartless they backed out of the deal and put the car back up for-sale again, when confronted by me she called the cops, who agreed she had a screw loose, the next day Charlie and Becky chased my 7 year old daughter across and out of a vacant lot traumatizing her, they called the cops again. claiming our daughter had vandalized her car and the sheriffs handling of this was absolutely incredible, the officer came back an hour later, with permission from me to do so and he, (GOD BLESS HIM) went out and bought my daughter the cutest little pink stuffed pig toy, (not cheap), of all time!!! And stickers! Our sincere thanks to him!

In closing, might there be a connection between “MOORE” and “Gearhart”, and our money!

Not to mention Kevin McCarthy again, oops, dang, did I just do that? I sure did!


Well I guess this got back to Becky Devv and old married sweetheart Charlie Moore because she just came out of her house, (next door), and called my wife a whore, what a hypocrite.

My wife isn’t even involved in this and I have done what the sheriffs said to do stay away!

Never though they would do this to a 7 year-old girl and a woman who can barely speak English and is loving and kind, and I repeat not involved, there is a rumor on the street that Becky Devv had Charlie’s baby, who is now 18, I don’t know and don’t care if its true, but I always knew when you live in a glass house don’t throw stones! So Charlie any truth to these probably false accusations? I find it hard to believe a married man with a wife in San Luis, would or does have a relationship with a woman off Becky Devv’s caliber.

In closing Charlie can you clear up these outrages lies with a DNA test.?


Becky Devv, turned out to be the name she used when she called the cops on my seven year old girl for allegedly trying to scratch her car, turns out her real name is, YVETTE ROSS, NO WONDER COUNTY SUPERVISORS ARE TRYING TO SHUT DOWN THIS SITE.

I asked him if he would do an interview with Karen Velie on Cal Coast News, wow you should of seen the U-turn, and now he helped her pack all day, all week, lives there part time, Yvette Ross calls him her boyfriend, LOL! They all packed up and went to N. Carolina an hour ago, starring at my camera lens in disbelief!

Why did I do this because, this Evette Ross has a set up down, my wife is walking down the street, this mourning minding her own business when, let’s just call her, Charlie’s alleged Girl friend,comes out and flips her the bird with her back to her own camera and silently mouths terrible obscenities to my wife, trying to provoke a reaction, my wife did not fall for it and came home and told me, at that point I knew how she got the neighbor on the other side of her in trouble, she had evidence and he didn’t, he called her a white honky bitch after she did the same thing to him including the “N” word which would make it a hate crime, and she having the only evidence was able to be granted a three year restraining order on the other neighbor, down right UN-neighborly like! Right,

Way to pick-em Charlie! Shut down this sight, not on your life! Gearhart had friends in high places too, better to stay in N. Carolina, LOL.

Maybe Karen should pull out all the stops and do the article? Welfare fraud, he just gave her gifts, never child support, allegedly of course!

In closing I have pictures of her screaming at him, do you scream at someone helping you move or do you scream at your boyfriend?


LOL, lOL, LOL, Chese, this is hilarious. I’m sure it isn’t funny from where you’re sitting and I do feel sorry for your daughter and wife having been treated so badly but the way you tell us the whole tale is just so comical. I guess you managed to get rid of them and even chase them out of town, so YOU WIN.

“In closing Charlie can you clear up these outrages lies with a DNA test.?” LOL LOL LOL, Chese- You’re the best gossip.

“I have pictures of her screaming at him, do you scream at someone helping you move or do you scream at your boyfriend?” BUSTED, LOL LOL LOL

Nothing like using CCN to chase your nasty neighbors out of the state!! LMAOROF

Booty JuJu

That picture shows everything you’d ever need to know about Atasca.


Coming from someone who calls themself “Booty JuJu”, I think you’d be hard pressed to judge anyone from Atascadero….lots of people in glass houses here. Look in the mirror.


Man you are wrong! That man or woman is the juice from way back, make you laugh big sometimes, names mean nothing, read what’s written, and don’t copy my style, only room for one jackass here, maybe you guys should have a beer!


Hopefully the Gearharts are not doing this to distract people knowing this request would upset and get people talking. They might be trying to doing something much worse and hoping that getting people sidetracked on something else that they don’t really care about would allow them to do the other thing when people are not watching as close. A old magician and politician trick, get them talking about a dollar in one hand, while my other hand is taking them for thousands or millions. I’m sure the Gearharts know this trick well.


For contact information regarding the bankruptcy filings in Ohio refer to the pleadings filed in court A copy of which may be viewed at

You will find all the contact information you need Good luck


Did anyone else notice the most important part of the story? Keeping one’s ring fine and danty no big deal to me either seeing low value BUT WHY does the court owe Gearhart $814.00 for the sale of PROPERITY!!!??? I thought properity was being sold by the bankruptcy court to pay the debts for which Gearhart said he has no money? Why are they oweing him money for sale? If they sold it, that implies they where using it as a lein.

Did I miss something???


When it comes to the Gearhearts, as far as they are concerned, it is ALL about them.


I commented on this photo in the past and although I’m still thinking the same thing I thought the last time that I saw this photo, I’m not going to say a word about it.

As for the ring, I will be very surprised if Kelly Christianson doesn’t write that letter. If it were up to me, I wouldn’t deprive her of her wedding ring unless it was of very high value. A 3K wedding ring is an average price for a high end carat and there is nothing gosh about it. They have a child and depriving her of the ring won’t help anyone who lost money, in my opinion, so might as well let her have it on her finger while she is raising her child without a dad around.


oops, I spelled gauche phonetically…;)


So-what? Write-on. And Thanks.


You’re kinder than I am, Cindy. There’s NO WAY I’d let them keep that ring or any other valuable asset. Tamara wasn’t in the dark about Kelly’s dealings. Maybe she didn’t know everything but when she lived in A-town, she sure knew how to donate money that wasn’t hers so she’d look good in the public eye and she sure knew how to wear nice clothes and drive multiple expensive cars.

I hope some of Gearhart’s scam victims write that judge in Ohio soon. Maybe someone has a better address but the one I found online is Wadsworth Municipal Court, 120 Maple St., Wadsworth OH 44281.


Oh my, after reading your post, I’m suddenly reminded of Marion Warner saying that Kelly and Tamara used to have contests while comparing who could forge the best staff signature of the A-Town planning department! Yeah, I guess she did know, didn’t she?

A wedding band seems like something sort of sacred to me especially when a child is involved but I guess, any plain band would do, doesn’t have to be a diamond.


Cindy, I appreciate your response. I also think a wedding band is a bit sacred but in the Gearhart’s case, the ring is completely tarnished since it was probably purchased with funds bilked from others. Tamara can just get a cheapo replacement ring.

True story–15+ yrs ago my then-college boyfriend was completely broke but wanted to propose. He had just finished school & didn’t even have a car. He proposed at the beach & I opened the small box to find a thin gold band w/a teeny weeny diamond. I seriously had to squint a bit to see it. I didn’t care. I loved the ring and I loved him.

Later I found out that my fiance (now hubby) had been given some old gold jewelry from his relatives and had a jeweler melt it down to make a ring. The diamond was also taken from a discarded ring but it looked shiny & new to me and I cherished it.

5 years later he presented me with a beautifu anniversary band gold ring w/lots of diamonds in a row. He had put the ring on lay-away and had secretly been making weekly payments so we wouldn’t go into debt for just a piece of jewelry.

I loved that bigger ring with more carats but honestly I love that first tiny ring even more. :)


QUOTING CINDY: I commented on this photo in the past and although I’m still thinking the same thing I thought the last time that I saw this photo, I’m not going to say a word about it.

Was it something like “You can take the ‘poor’ out of ‘poor white trash,’ but you can’t take out the “white trash”?


Awww…c’mon Cindy. Please do. I missed it the first time…. ;o)


Nice Cindy, I have that complaint on file with the A.G. and the Default Judgment for $73,000

Funny I won’t be writing that letter, wasting more time, It’s obvious Gearhart has bought the trustee, “Corzin” who would not give me a letter stating that there was fraud in Vista Del Hombre and Beacon Road, thanks a lot Harold and Cinthia Corzin, like I said in the email to you , “hope that filet min-yon goes down easy, YOU PEOPLE have made more off Gearhart’s properties than I lost, hope you choke!

Cindy and you misspelled my name it’s Kelly Christensen in pro per CV 088-068

Christensen vs, Hurst Financial et. al. and I will never give up, should of put me on the pay off list there Courtyney!

I made it to a hidden comment once and didn’t believe you when you said you hold the record for the most red, all you had to due was mention my name and many thin skinned old ladies hit that red button, see if I can join you, maybe will due lunch!

Ted Slanders

Uh, I am sorry, but is Kelly Gearheart standing in a hole in the picture shown, or is his wife Tamara really standing that tall over him? What a mismatch.

In any event, sure, let her get the ring back so she has another memory of her sleaze bag husband’s outright criminal activity that ruined many lives!

Only 300 years? Not enough.

eradicate ignorance

“Only 300 years? Not enough.”


Did you forget about eternal damnation and the lakes of fire and sulphur that you have condemned many others in this forum to?

Ted Slanders


Did I forget about eternal punishment in Hell? Surely you jest? It’s the “principle” in the matter. It should have been 1000 years to really make the point! Get it?

Yes, Kelly Gearheart will certainly be placed in the hottest place in Hell for eternity. Our Christian God probably can’t wait for his demise to place him there. “And these will go away into eternal punishment, but the righteous into eternal life” (Matt. 25:46).

Thank our ever loving and forgiving God for His outright revenge, praise!

Old Salt

What about 1 John 1:9 ? ? ?

If, if , if Kelly confesses….? ? ?


Thanks Ted. A picture of Atascadero’s motley royalty with Shorty Gearhart and his too tall bride.

There is no need for kindness here from the court. How do we know that it is worth only $3000? Was it appraised ? Is that the 1990 value or today’s value? It should be sold and the money given back to the investors.

Ted Slanders


The mere pitance each investor would get from the sale of this ring is a slap in the face, and would only remind them again of his wrongdoing.

Their solace in gained in knowing that subsequent to the Gearhearts death upon earth, is that they will be burning in the sulfur lakes of Hell for eternity in the center of our earth, praise!

“So shall the Son of man be three days and three nights in the heart of the earth.” ( Matthew 12:40) Jesus went to in the center of earth into Hell for three days, remember? Sure you do.


Ted, You’re a nicer person than I am. The fact that the Gearharts wanted the ring and didn’t get it would be satisfaction in itself to some of us, and that extra dollar the investors get is just icing on the cake.


Yeah and (lung cancer), is the burning candles that he won’t be able to blow out, how you going to buy a new set of lungs now with no money?

Follow the money to the Bahamas, Gearhart and Miller made many trips there, together and separately!

And “HI” Melanie and Kim, getting a little nervous these days?

Somebody always spills the beans, who are you girls going to rat out?


QUOTING CITIZEN: “Shorty Gearhart and his too tall bride.”

Hey, his wife’s height is just fine. He’s the one who is height-impaired.


so Ted,

All that “whatsoever you do to your brother, you do unto me” stuff doesn’t apply here? Your cred is circling the drain

Ted Slanders

Copter pilot,

The only thing that is “circling” is you obviously flying your copter around in circles, therefore, making yourself to dizzy to not be able to parse your words correctly in your questioning . I suggest that you land your aircraft, sit for awhile, therefore allowing you to be more coherent and non-ambiguous in your questioning to Brother Ted.

Relative to this topic, my godly time is very valuable, therefore, could you be more specific?

Thank you.


“my godly time is very valuable”

Hell you wrote a whole page patronizing me, if you are blogging you have to much time on your hands anyway, why don’t you go volunteer at a church and leave the typing and scripture to someone who has a little gray matter left!

By Ted and I have spell check now!


So what? The woman has to be shorter? The shorter a man you are the fewer options you have? Doesn’t sound politically correct to me!


” The shorter a man you are the fewer options you have?” Just stand on a bucket next time!


At last I agree with you, peace?