Murdered woman’s son sentenced to life in prison

July 19, 2012

Sharon Ostman

The schizophrenic man accused of killing his father and three others at an auto junkyard in Santa Maria in 2008 has been sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole.

Leeds told the court he had not taken medications prescribed to him for bi-polar schizophrenia before the shootings. He, however, has stood by his claim that his father Robert Leeds and the other three victims were part of a drug cartel that smuggled marijuana from Mexico to the United States. He contends he feared for his life.

Leeds is the son of Sharon Ostman, a homeless woman who was murdered in downtown San Luis Obispo in July 2005.

Ostman’s half-naked body was found partially submerged in San Luis Obispo Creek. She had been beaten, sexually assaulted, and murdered. She was 59.

Lee Leeds

Leeds shot and killed four men on the same day a judge determined Freddie Lewis should be tried for the murder of the younger Leeds’ mother. Lewis pleaded no contest and was sentenced to life in jail.

When Robert Leeds was interviewed in 2005 by a reporter now with regarding the Ostman murder, he lamented over the effect his ex-wife’s killer’s trial would have on their four children. He also said that Ostman and two of their children suffered from schizophrenia.

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The correct term for what is ineptly being called “bi-polar schizophrenia,” is schizo-affective disorder.

Amazing that the defense arttorney didn’t go for a PC 1026 plea (Not-Guilty By Reason Of Insanity).

Please join with me in hoping that no more members of this family will breed.!

Lots of people. The low level state mental facilities for these people were closed in the in the 70’s by the Democratic legislature who felt you should not be unless (until) you were a proven danger to yourself or others and Governor Reagan, eager to reduce the role and budget of government. Great idea, of course people are clearly better off being “free” and of course we’ve saved money and made society better by abandoning all but the criminal justice function of government. Get yer gate up!

So,Freddie Lewis sexually assaulted and killed the mother of Lee Leeds, then Lee Leeds killed four men including his father . Lord almighty! Who else do we know with bi-polar schizophenia who is walking around the county not on medication and might get upset?