Inmate slashes deputy with razor blade

July 31, 2012

Jimmy Scota Martinez

An inmate at the San Luis Obispo County Jail attacked a correctional officer with a razor blade on Monday following an altercation with deputies.

Atascadero State Hospital patient Jimmy Scota Martinez, 41, was transferred to the jail to await trial for an assault with a deadly weapon’s and felony assault charges as the result of an altercation at ASH in Aug. 2011.

On Monday, Martinez refused to leave his jail cell and barricaded himself inside. Deputies attempted to get him out using pepper balls and a taser.

Martinez resisted and slashed a deputy with a razor blade. The deputy received medical attention for his injury.

Deputies subdued Martinez and removed him from his cell. Officials said the mentally ill inmate was not injured.

Martinez is facing another charge of assault with a deadly weapon.

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When they going to get some help for these guards and etc.? Can’t pay enough for such a dangerous job. How about bringing some of the billions stashed away.

Blessings to anyone that works with these crazy people.

Spirit Filled,

You’re not getting it! There is a large faction within this forum that want all jails and prisons to be privatized, therefore, getting rid of those damn unions that cost too much! Yeah, who in the hell is going to do jobs like this at close to minimum wage so the corporations that own the privatized prisons can make money for their stock holders?

Thought they only allowed electric razors in lock ups ?

Yes, like they don’t allow drugs in there either.