Bomb threat at Arroyo Grande Walmart

July 31, 2012

Walmart employees ordered an evacuation of the Arroyo Grande Walmart after receiving what they deemed to be a credible bomb threat on Monday shortly before midnight. [KSBY]

Arroyo Grande police then searched the store with the use of bomb-sniffing dogs and did not find any explosive devices.

Walmarts in other parts of the country have been the victims of similar bomb threats with 11 evacuations occurring at Walmarts in the Midwest.

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Who cares, all the training in the world will not stop a bomb from going off. Somebody makes the wrong choice about whether it’s phony or not may be blown to bits just like everyone else. I say open the frigging doors and push the people out before the bomb goes off! Even if there is a good sale going on.

“after receiving what they deemed to be a credible bomb threat on Monday shortly before midnight”


Somebody please tell me what bomb threat training WalMart employees go through and how they determinate a credible call in threat from a crack pot threat call in?

Most organizations/companies don’t share their emergency preparedness with the public, for obvious reasons. For instance, if your company’s plan for if it received a bomb threat was to “run like heII out the back door,” someone who was serious about bombing your store and harming people would then know to block the back door.

Geez, wonder who would be orchestrating this bomb scarce scheme. Let’s see who would benefit the most for this unamerican behavior. All the more reason to shop and save at WalMart, the store that serves its clients. I actually have not been to WalMart but my sister and family go there once or twice a month. Will not put on my list along with Chick Fillet. Welcome to Atascadero WalMart, I may have to go check this out!