Man shot, killed by Santa Maria police

July 31, 2012

A man chased by authorities through the streets of Santa Maria died of multiple gunshot wounds Tuesday night after investigators say he confronted a police officer with a gun. (KCOY)

It was another in a string of officer-involved shootings in Santa Maria in recent months

The incident started shortly after 9 p.m. when a 911 caller reported she had been threatened by a man brandishing a weapon in the 200 block of Broadway, according to reports.

A Santa Maria police sergeant spotted the suspect’s vehicle at a gas station, and a slow-speed chase ensued. Police said the man tossed several weapons from his car as he drove on Brisker Lane, then parked and got out of his vehicle carrying a weapons. The unidentified man in his 60’s died at the scene.

The Santa Barbara Sheriff’s Department is conducting an investigation into the shooting.


Okay, here goes………

I have always had great respect for most of the men and women in local law enforcement, in fact I considered choosing that as a career. My Dad, never one to beat around the bush, told me that he didn’t think that would be a wise move, not because I didn’t have the personality or the intelligence for the job, but you see, I’m on the small side,5 foot 1 and I think at that time I weighed maybe 95 pounds. One of my very best friends as a teenager was just starting at SMPD, and I had visions of Cagney and Lacey :-)

Anyway, my very first job was at a local fast food franchise, and SMPD officers were in there very frequently.. So much so I am surprised nobody from command noticed .A lot of the officers knew my Dad and respected him. I was sixteen, and enjoyed talking to the officers until one of ’em asked me out to a party! This was over thirty years ago. No, I didn’t tell Dad :-)

Then all the stuff about Chief Macagni starting hitting the news, I felt bad for him at first, then it all snowballed and here we are today. With the media, with people on the street, he comes off as arrogant and so “above it all”, not someone *I* imagine is easy to work for or with. A lot of good cops have left the area to work for other agencies (Lompoc and Atascadero) leaving us with people that may or may not be the best for our city. IMHO

This is just my two cents. That’s all it’s probably worth anyway :-)

Downtown Bob

PLEASE! Someone please explain to me how someone could possible be shot while brandishing a weapon. DUH! The officers should have taken into account the man’s feelings because obviously he was trying to rid his life of weapons as he drove around chucking them from his car. How CALLOUS to shoot him! I would venture to say the “weapon” that he pointed was simply an act to empty the dangerous weapon of bullets before he was going to turn himself and the last remaining weapon in. And the gall to have the Santa Barbara Sheriff investigate this incident…obviously the Southern neighbor of San Luis Obispo and the phoney Tony. Those good ‘ol Southern Boys will probably rubber stamp whatever Ian Parkinson whispers to them while PARTYING with Lisa Solomon. (Ian is Lisa’s Southern Neighbor mind you!!).


For heaven’s sake. Now Santa Barbara County is Sheriffs Department is investigating the SMPD’s shooting of the 71-year-old man.


Santa Barbara sheriff to probe suspect killing

By The Associated Press

The Santa Barbara’s County sheriff’s office is investigating the fatal shooting of a 71-year-old Florida man by law enforcement officers in Santa Maria.

The sheriff’s office said Wednesday detectives will determine how many bullets were fired and by whom.

Read more here:



It was reported, sorry I can’t remember where, that SBSD, SMPD and CHP were all there at the scene. Wouldn’t that be a conflict of interest?

Anyone not familiar with the area could be confused. Broadway AVENUE is in Old Orcutt and North Broadway is the other end of Santa Maria, and near Presker Park.

I know I was confused when initial reports said the suspect was spotted by the Sheriff’s deputy at a gas station in the 200 block of N. Broadway………..there aren’t any located there, and why would a deputy be on that end of town? They usually stay in the “unincorporated” areas.

Still so many unanswered questions. Makes me wonder if they are having difficulty getting their stories straight.

Downtown Bob

You seem to know so much about law enforcement, perhaps you are a meter maid?


Santa Maria doesn’t *have* meter maids which is okay because we don’t have parking meters here. :-)


How snooty of you. There are many non-police people who know a lot about LEOs and what they face. Some of us have close relatives or are married to LEOs. Some of us are involved in careers where we interact a lot with LEOs. SOme may work at bars that local police frequent.

Downtown Bob

Sorry Mary, just a little frustrated with people that seem to think they are super detectives when commenting.

Members of the CHP and Sheriff’s Office routinely overlap the incorporated areas every day multiple times. They are all given alerts via computer and radio of neighboring jurisdictions. There is nothing at all unusual for a Sheriff’s Sargent to be driving through Santa Maria and spotting a suspect that has been broadcast about. Good police work in my opinion. Don’t know Santa Maria well, but seems like there are tons of gas stations all over Broadway, especially on the North end of town?



I’m sorry if I wasn’t clear in my response.

There are NOT tons of gas stations on the 200 block of either North or South Broadway in Santa Maria not ONE, nada, zero, zilch. There is one in the 200 block of Broadway in ORCUTT, an area patrolled by the Sheriff’s department. I do know Santa Maria and Orcutt well, I’ve lived here for over thirty-seven years. Yes, it would be unusual, but not impossible, for a member of Sheriff’s Department to be patrolling within the city limits especially as far north as North Broadway.


Oh, look. An audit of the SMPD started back on 7/24/2012