Man shot, killed by Santa Maria police

July 31, 2012

A man chased by authorities through the streets of Santa Maria died of multiple gunshot wounds Tuesday night after investigators say he confronted a police officer with a gun. (KCOY)

It was another in a string of officer-involved shootings in Santa Maria in recent months

The incident started shortly after 9 p.m. when a 911 caller reported she had been threatened by a man brandishing a weapon in the 200 block of Broadway, according to reports.

A Santa Maria police sergeant spotted the suspect’s vehicle at a gas station, and a slow-speed chase ensued. Police said the man tossed several weapons from his car as he drove on Brisker Lane, then parked and got out of his vehicle carrying a weapons. The unidentified man in his 60’s died at the scene.

The Santa Barbara Sheriff’s Department is conducting an investigation into the shooting.


It’s on KSBY now, too.


This in from another news source., although it references CCN.


Santa Maria Police Chief Danny Macagni Placed On Leave, Out as Chief

Posted: Updated: Aug. 1, 2011

By David Lee – email

SANTA MARIA, Calif. – Central Coast News has confirmed that Santa Maria Police Chief Danny Macagni is out as chief and been on administrative leave.

Chief Macagni met with city manager Rick Haydon today and after their meeting, Chief Macagni was placed on administrative leave with pay. Haydon added that because it’s a confidential personnel matter he cannot reveal the reasons why he placed Macagni on leave.

Commander Craig Ritz takes over as acting Chief of Police. There is no time table on whether or not Chief Macagni will return to duty or be let go for good.

Stay with Central Coast News online and tonight at 10pm and 11pm for the very latest on this developing story.



The guy shot several times by SMPD? A 71-year-old man from Florida.


“The Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s Department has identified the man shot and killed by law enforcement officers Monday after he allegedly confronted them with a gun as 71-year-old Jose Naveja from Sebring, Fla.”


They refuse to say which LE Agency shot the 71 year old man.


Perhaps that is why the SLO County is getting involved? Someone should be supervising this investigation, with Macagni being booted and all.


If he *really* cared about the community, Macagni would have left on his own. Again, I’m going to say I’m old enough to remember when he was a patrol cop and dating one of my co-workers. Let’s just say that I was shocked when he was appointed as Chief.

Jack L

The deceased man’s own relatives stated he had at least one firearm. A handgun has to be transported in a locked container and unloaded. The deceased was from out of state and therefore could not have a CA LTC. The firearm (s) was/were not in a locked container but visible by LE. Also the relatives stated the deceased was under the influence. All this was in information on tonight’s KSBY news.


You mean the “KSBY News” that the SLO Co Sheriffs Departments’s new public information officer, Tony Cipollo, used to ‘ho for?

Based on Cipollo’s apalling lack of “truthiness” during his short stint at the SD, I would take what KSBY broadcasts with the same amount of trust as I take what the SMPD distributes: ZERO.

I suspend judgment on whether the police-shooting victim had a gun on him or in the car, and whether the victim–even if he had a gun with him–actually fired at the police. For me, I want to see INDEPENDENT proof that the victim had a gun and used it.

I can’t believe so many people are willing to believe such proven liars and shoot-first-ask-questions-later information sources.

Jack L


I understand you concern but keep this in mind…..even without a firearm, if you point any object that can be mistaken as a firearm towards an officer in a situation as described, you can be shot and by no fault of the officers involved. After a chase or during commission of a crime, one had better yield as asked as a misjudgment by the alleged perpetrator can be fatal. Anyone that does not yield as asked is really playing a game of RUSSIAN roulette with their lives. The time to disagree is after the fact, not during the altercation.


I understand what are you saying. I am pro-police, anti-liars, especially police who lie to coverup bad things that have occurred.

I grew up in a bad area and learned early on that you do what a cop tells you to do, and if you want to discuss it, you do it at the station where there are plenty of witnesses. Bad areas tend to have to settle for cops with morality issues, such as being “heavy-handed,” i.e., beating up the civilians. My brother never learned how to avoid that; I learned very early on.

So in bad areas–such as Santa Maria–cops get away with a lot of crap, especially violence.

I can see why someone would panic if a SMPD officer focused on him. There have been too many killings in Santa Maria by cops.

On the other hand, it may be exactly like what the SMPD says happened. However, based on their history, I really highly doubt that.

So I’ll just wait and see what CCN and/or The Sun uncovers.


You point a weapon at a police officer you can expect nothing less than to get shot and killed. They don’t aim for a hand or foot, nor are they taught to. Upper body mass is their target. It only takes a second to pull a trigger and they don’t have time to figure out if the person is going to shoot them or not.

The Gimlet Eye

If you point a gun at ANYBODY, you should expect to get shot, not just police officers. EVERYONE has the right to defend themselves with firearms.


What makes you assume the weapon was a gun?

Very often police shoot and kill people who are simply holding a knife many yards away.

Police training for situations like this is generally woefully deficient and thus they resort to poor and unnecessary choices, such as shooting someone when a better trained officer could have de-escalated the situation without anyone being hurt.

I don’t know what the situation was like for the officers in the story above, but I do object to the continual chorus of people on this forum who are so quick to encourage the most deadly and violent actions of police officers and citizens even when they are not required.


I love your line, What makes you assume the weapon was a gun? How about the first paragraph stating he confronted them with a gun. You know what I object to?

I object to people that jump all over other posters about something, when said poster is only repling to what they read!!


Perhaps the poster is like me, and no longer trusts information coming from the SMPD. It has such a history of lying to the public, only a fool would accept without questioning any information coming from them.


Forgive me. I was thrown off by the story which states that police got a report of a man “brandishing a weapon.” It ‘s been my experience that when police or a story uses the non-specific term “weapon” it is usually not a gun. Why say “weapon” when gun is more specific and more brief? But, yes, it does say “gun” at the first reference.

But what I hate is seeing a bunch of posts so vigorously cheering on the killing of someone, even if the killing was “justified.” And, happily, and so far, there haven’t been a lot of those kind of comments.

The Gimlet Eye

Ok, fine.

As to your second paragraph, I for one am not “cheering on the killing of someone.” Not at all.

I was simply advancing the idea that the police are not the only ones entitled to self-defense via armed resistance. Every person has this right.

We are all waiting for more reports and evidence about what happened. That will come mostly from police, though eye witnesses should not be ignored.

If it’s any consolation, your implication that the police are not automatically trustworthy is perfectly reasonable, as is MaryMalone’s. Judging from the wide array of terrible things that police have been doing lately around the country, I think it would be prudent to approach all police reports with extreme caution. I have written before in this forum about police state tactics and the militarization of the police, and the fact that I am unalterably opposed to them.

We will have to wait and see and judge by the preponderance of the evidence and the light of reason.


WiseGuy, I have the same opinion you do. I am sorry your post was hidden. Your opinion deserves to be seen, just like those who knee-jerk believe everything that spews out of proven-liars–like the SMPD and KSBY News–mouths.



Santa Maria Times is reporting this was a robbery suspect. The SBSD deputy spotted him in Orcutt and followed him all the way to the north end of Santa Maria.

Doc, I agree with you, if you point a weapon at an LEO you may very well be shot and killed. But, If we had a gang injuction here, maybe, just maybe, it would curb some of the crime we are experiencing here in Santa Maria.

The Gimlet Eye

If it works the way you say it would work, that would be fine. SM definitely does have a crime problem, no doubt about it.

But what worries me is the other side of the ledger which we must also consider: increasing militarization of the police, and the general police state grid which is tightening all around us.

Have you thought about that?

Have you thought about the fact that there is more than one kind of gang, or that some of these “gangsters” reside right inside police stations and in the halls of government?

Think this is irrelevant?

Why is crime increasing? Could it be that the powers that be are deliberately allowing this to happen as a matter of policy in order to “persuade” us to accept the tightening, growing police state grid which they promise will step in and save the day when conditions have gotten desperate?

Think about it.


Thanks Gimlet Eye,

You’ve got me thinkin’………lookout now! :-)

Actually, you’ve had me thinking about alot of this for quite a while now. In fact, I followed a link for CCN you posted at SMT months ago. I always wanted to thank you… Thank YOU! :-)


Mikayla, the SMTimes is another news publication. What is their source of information? This close to the occurrence, it is probably the SMPD.

We are back to step one: SMPD has proven itself to lie like dogs when they’ve done something they want to coverup….heII, they probably lie like dogs when they HAVEN’T even done anything wrong.

It is too close to the incident to trust what you read in news sources like KSBY and SMTimes. Give it a few weeks–months–maybe years…and publications like CCN and The Sun may actually get to the truth.

However, in my experience, the first reports on fatal shootings from the SMPD are mostly not reliable.


Thank you Mary,

I agree with you. I’m old enough to remember when ………..omg, It’s happened! They put Dirty Danny on paid leave. Ritz is interim cheif. Finally!!!!!! I’ll write more later, after I can collect my thoughts.


Based on the SMPD’s history of “untruthiness” with the public, I’ll suspend judgment on whether or not the victim actually pulled a gun on an officer.


Mary – Lighten up girl. SM has a horrible gang problem and the cops are in a very real shooting war. The boys and girls in blue are the good guys.

The Gimlet Eye



Those are assumptions.


And those assumptions are not based on SMPD’s record of truthiness, either.


Read your post again. How does SM having a gang problem prove the SMPD, well-known for lying, is now telling the truth when they say the SHOOTING VICTIM had a gun?

What percent of people in SM are in gangs? How many of those gangs are known gun-violent gangs? What percent of those in gun-violent gangs have shot a gun at police?

The vast, vast, VAST majority of people in Santa Maria do NOT belong to any kind of gang, even less belong to a gun-violent gang, and a handful have actually shot at a LEO.

Therefore, whether or not there are gangs in SM is invalid as any kind of indication of the likelihood that the victim shot a gun at the police.

Now, look at all of the press releases from the SMPD, and all the news stories of KSBY. How many lies or lying omissions have they made?

There is a higher llikelihood that we are being lied to than there is that JUST the fact that there are gangs in SM means the SMPD is telling the truth when they say the victim had a gun and shot at police.

I’m n ot saying I believe one way or the other–I’m saying it is best to suspend belief until independent proof is provided before you believe ANY story from officials who are known liars, especially when it is in their best interest to lie.

Don’t be so freaking gullible.


The boys in blue Are usually the good guys. However, the boys in blue are not good guys when they shoot civilians under circumstances that makes the blue boys believe they have to lie about the circumstances and attempt coverups.

Jack L

If it looked like a firearm, then it’s justified 99% of the time in court. Those that do not understand that and get themselves in a situation like this, good luck and remember Darwin is awaiting to count another one to prove his theory.



Did you read the DA’s report? Way too many inconsistancies.


oops sorry, the DA’s report on the Covarubbias shooting I meant………stick a little giddy over the news.


*still a little giddy……….

holy cow…


I used to love to go to Santa Maria for shopping and dining (loved Shaw’s). I would not only not go to Santa Maria but for sure I would not get out of my car. I have friends who live there and they Thank God they live in a gated community and can’t wait to retire and get out. They say everyday there are stabbings, shootings, hit and run’s, and car chases. They don’t even go to the movies down there, they come to Arroyo Grande. Very sad what this City has become. But then I look at Anaheim, Mickey’ Hometown, where 50% of the population is hispanic and look at their issues and problems. The cultures are just different and they don’t know who to abide by laws and rules/regulations.


” . . . Look at Anaheim . . . where 50% of the population is Hispanic and look at their issues and problems. The cultures are just different and they don’t know who (sic) to abide by laws and rules/regulations.”

Written like a true, card-carrying bigot. Yeah, them lousy people just ‘don’t know how to abide by laws.’

Really? In the 21st century? There are still people who ‘think’ like this?

Just guessing, but there’s a good chance at least a few of the officers involved come from the same “culture.”


And Anaheim also has a heavy-handed police force. There is a wide division between rich tourists and poor service workers in Anaheim, and that is the type of police environment that usually has to settle for the police officers with morality issues…the cops other departments in better areas won’t touch.

The recent “riots”? The cops were so bad that a local Girl Scout Troop put on their uniforms, went out on the street holding signs that read “Would you beat a Girl Scout?”


Suffering Jesus! Don’t they have a target range in Santa Maria? This is getting old.

And I don’t believe this initial story from the police, AT ALL. Their track record for being forthright is insulting to the public. Really, they think we are that stupid?


Amen Mary. I’m old enough to remember when this was really a great place to live, NOT any longer.

Spirit Filled

God Bless the dead. Santa Maria has turned into a war zone. What is it about being short-handed that the powers-that-be can’t understand? Get more cops out there.

Everyone needs to carry a gun all the time. When you live in an area that has wild animals you take precautions like carrying a fire arm. Same in Santa Maria. Wild and getting wilder. I don’t know anything about guns but I can sure recognize when one is needed.

My wife use to love to shop at the mall down there but that’s changed. We don’t even go to Toy’s or Us. It’s a shame. Kid’s love that store. And so do I. Oh well, I can enjoy saving money.

God Bless


Hmm…another shooting in Santa Maria (Paso Robles South).

I’ll go out on a limb and guess that the shooter probably wasn’t Chinese.


I’ve live here for just over thirty five years. We need a gang injunction here, but our city “leaders” won’t hear of it.


You also need a Ice Office in about 20 places all around town, last I read Santa Maria had about 1200 hit and runs a year. Eliminate the illegals and you will see crime go down, reduce teenage pregnancy and crime will go down. After living in Orcutt for 12 years we moved when the school district allowed transfers from Santa Maria and we began to get over ran by “diversity” students. Best decision I have made in 25 years.


Funny, people in Paso are spoiled. Paso Parent you need to live in Santa Maria and than you would appreciate Paso. It’s not about what you hear that happens, it’s about the amount of criminal activity that you don’t here about, that just becomes normal and not even newsworthy. I lived in Santa Maria for thirty years and now live in Northern Slo County and believe me I would never go back. I went to SMHS and I laugh when there is an a rumor someone may have a gun near Paso high school and everyone goes crazy (which is good because people still care). That was an everday occurence even twenty years ago at my high school. Gang bangers comming onto campus to beat people up. Drugs, Gangs, Stabbings, all went and still go unreported on the news in Santa Maria because it’s normal.