Probation sweep nets 23 people and one artillery shell

July 19, 2012

A probation sweep on Tuesday in north San Luis Obispo County resulted in the arrests of 23 people for probation or parole charges or new criminal charges.

Officers discovered weapons, illegal drugs, drug paraphernalia, stolen property and a 155 mm artillery shell with the fuse cap still on it while searching homes.

Deputies found the shell in the side yard of a home at 611 Poquita Lane in San Miguel. The San Luis Obispo County Sheriff’s Bomb Task Force and the Explosive Ordnance Team from Vandenberg Air Force Base determined the shell to be from 1947.

Deputies ordered  people to evacuate about a dozen homes in the area. The artillery shell was transported to Vandenberg to be disposed of. No one was injured. And residents were allowed back into their homes.

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In San Miguel……… some one was going to convert it into a B>B>Q grill…. all they had to do was hammer on the primer cap. Cindy…….. how old are You ? You have a big world ahead of You…………… and good luck !

Looking at this link it could be any thing from a dummy round to a chemical warhead?

That shell sure is big. Is that something that gets dropped from an airplane? I’m wondering why such a big deal was made about the relic as I wouldn’t think it could just explode unless maybe someone put it on the train tracks. Does anybody know about those old shells?

Cindy: I don’t know about military shells other than the fact that shells are meant to fired; a shell that big either was designed for a huge artillery cannon or to fired from a large gun on board a large ship like a battleship. Anything designed to be dropped from an airplane is either a bomb (smart type or regular) or a missile (cruise type with on-board guidance). The danger this shell posed was the fact that it still had the fuse cap attached which could have led to it firing accidentally and possibly exploding with a lot of shrapnel spewing out causing a lot of potential damage and death.