Los Osos doctor develops diet drug

July 19, 2012

Doctor Thomas Najarian

A diet drug created by a Los Osos doctor was approved Tuesday by the The Food and Drug Administration.

Doctor Thomas Najarian developed the diet pill Qsymia, which was originally dubbed Qnexa. This makes the first time in 13 years the FDA has approved a new diet drug.

In clinical trials, of the more than 4,000 people tested, half lost ten percent of their body weight, which is enough to lower blood pressure and cholesterol. Side effects include an increased heart rate among people taking the drug.

Najarian combined a stimulant and an epilepsy drug to make his diet pills.

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Spirit Filled,


How narcissist can you get?! Your quote; “I will look like a Greek God in a couple of months.” Are you kidding us? You call yourself a Christian while making such narcissist statements like this?

Biblically, your narcissism is bound in selfish ambition and is from Satan, whose desire is to sow discord amongst believers. Paul says, “Do nothing out of selfish ambition or vain conceit, but in humility consider others better than yourselves.” (Philippians 2:3 )

I strongly urge you to repent before this forum and Jesus the Christ, therefore removing your Satanic narcissist views before it’s too late! Seriously, how ungodly can you get?

I will pray for you tonight, and you can thank me later.

What good is it for us fat people that have heart problems. Luckily I have figured out the way that’s healthy for losing weight. I have lost 42 lbs. in 68 days so far. My diet is fish and vegetables during the day and a piece of fruit at night. I think it is about 500 calories. Never felt better! i do nothing strenuous during the day. So 500 is plenty. And yes I have consulted my docs. Both say get the weight off. I will look like a Greek God in a couple of months. My wife says I all ready look like a Greek God, not one but two or three. (Is that nice?)

I don’t think this is a drug I would recommend to a fat person. Most have heart problems hidden under all that fluff.

All those diet plans are money out the door. Just find a small amount of food that your body craves. Like fish and vegees. Works for me. I hate drinking water. I know I have been told a million times its good for me. Well, not being fat is also good and I seldom followed that advice. Drinking water is a waste of money. Why would you pay for bottle’s of water? We all ready pay for water with our taxes. I am not paying any more than I have to.

I like my wife’s way of getting water. She has a glass bottle that she carries around with her. When it’s empty she fills it with our spring tap in the kitchen. Minimun charges. Same spring water we put in our pool. She doesn’t love the taste but she says she has gotten used to it. Our society is so spoiled they will not take the time or effort to appreciate good spring water out of the tap.

One of the many ways to save money. Maybe if some of your wants and needs were given up you will be blessed to have your wife at home to take care of the kids and you can be the bread winner. You might have to drive a car that is paid for and cut down on the water for ever but believe me it’s worth it.

God Bless

“Maybe if some of your wants and needs were given up you will be blessed to have your wife at home to take care of the kids and you can be the bread winner.”

I am blessed to have a husband at home to take care of the kids and I am the bread winner.

Sounds like a damn good man. Good example for the macho guys. Including me.

Blessings to you and yours