4.5 earthquake rattles Paso Robles

August 6, 2012

A shallow 4.5 magnitude earthquake occurred about 24 miles northeast of Paso Robles at about 12:35 a.m. Monday, according to the United States Geological Survey.

Several residents in both Paso Robles and Atascadero said the shaking was strong enough to wake them up.

Today’s temblor was the first larger than 3.0 earthquake on the Central Coast in the past seven days.

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This appeared in last week’s Cambria in the ad section.

“Attention: To all the residents within San Luis Obispo County. God has revealed to me that a very major earthquake,(7.9 mag.), will be ocurring east of Paso Robles Cal., possibly during the month of August 2012. It will occur on a fault along the Temblor range. Please pray to God for your protection and seek wisdom to ensure the safety of all those who reside in your area.”

That ad appeared in the Tribune as well. Somebody spent a lot if money to get that word out…. Curious….

Earthshattering news!

Dave…………….. Someone had to pay for it, and the information should be available from the papers due to the fear factor of the ad. Course…. knowing the style of those papers, the ad takers probably believed the threat, and promptly moved to Fresno. But….. if the ads magically appeared in the papers (?) maybe We all should move to Fresno ?

I always figure they happen from time to time, to remind us we live in California.


You forgot to mention that the moratorium only applies to new business, inforce policies would not be affected

this was meant for danika

We felt it in San Luis Obispo, too.

Not me. I slept like a baby !

If you live within 100 miles radius of the epicenter, Earthquake coverage will likely be on a moratorium for 30 days.

People that wait- will have to wait… Karma, huh?