Chick-Fil-A battle reaches Cal Poly

August 1, 2012

In support of GOP presidential candidate Mike Huckabee’s proclamation that today is Chick-fil-A Appreciation Day, several church groups plan to bus parishioners to Cal Poly to support the restaurant’s anti-gay marriage stance by purchasing meals at Chick-fil-A.

The fast food restaurant chain’s president Dan Cathy said in The Baptist Press on July 16 that the Biblical view of marriage should be upheld.

“We are very much supportive of the family — the biblical definition of the family unit,” Cathy said. “We are a family-owned business, a family-led business, and we are married to our first wives. We give God thanks for that.”

Proponents of equal rights for the gay, lesbian and transgender community plan to arrive on the Cal Poly campus at 11:45 a.m. today to show their support for gay marriage. And on Friday, same sex couples are planning to return to Cal Poly’s Chick-fil-A for public displays of affection in what has been dubbed “National Same Sex Kiss Day.”

“For someone to be so anti-gay is disheartening,” said San Luis Obispo resident Sheryl Flores. “I wonder if Cal Poly will reconsider their relationship with Chick-fil-A in light of the University’s commitment to diversity and tolerance? From what I understand they don’t want gays in the restaurant. What would they do if openly gay people are in their restaurant. Will they ask us to leave?”


I made the sad mistake of eating at one of these once, the issue is pretty simple for me. I wouldn’t eat there again no matter what, the food is crappy.


Sheryl Flores is an exaggerator. How is Chick-Fil-A “so anti-gay” for supporting marriage between and man and woman, and what’s with her “From what I understand they don’t want gays in the restaurant” claim? I guess she has nothing better to do.


There is a difference between “supporting marriage between a man and a woman” and “trying to prohibit marriage for same-sex couples.”

He can support so-called ‘traditional’ marriage all he wants. That’s fine. He doesn’t even have to personally recognize the validity of same-sex marriages, but to try to prevent the legal benefits that he enjoys being shared with ALL of the loving, long-term partnerships is bigotry.

Christians get all up in odds about gay rights, as if the homosexual community is trying to take something from them. No gay-rights activist ever said “We need to prevent Christians from attending church and force them into breaking their commandments.” It hasn’t happened and it won’t because those of us who want to see marriage equality want to see equality in general. I want Christians to be able to live by their beliefs as much as I should be able to live by mine and homosexuals by theirs. However, ‘living by your beliefs’ does not and cannot mean ‘forcing others to live by my beliefs.”

Chick-Fil-A is anti-gay because they donate directly (not an employee donating, but a direct cut of profits) to organizations that campaign against equal rights to marriage and, more disgustingly, to youth camps that purport to ‘cure’ homosexuals of their orientation. How would have liked to have been enrolled in a camp as child that attempted to convince you that you were gay and threatened your heterosexual desires with a promise of eternal suffering? Yea, it’s a hate crime.

Do you understand the problem? If you Christians and conservatives are so opposed to Freedom of Religion, as it seems you all are, then I’d be happy to hide all the bibles and enroll you in some world religion courses to get your head on straight. Otherwise, get your puritanical hangups out of the secular world. Gay marriage doesn’t affect you if you’re not going to marry someone of your gender.


I should have tagged this on there, but, I’ll say it as a reply anyway. If you disagree with me, you need a reason to do so. I’d ask you not to thumbs down me unless you’re willing to actually discuss the issues.

I feel very strongly that everyone opposed to gay marriage feels that way out of their own misunderstandings or out of hatred, and neither of those has any place in our law or our public life. Show me otherwise, give me a well-reasoned, secular argument as to why we should illegalize gay marriage. We can only grow from the debate.


Chick-Fil-A donated $5million to hate groups, proponets of “ex-gay” therapy and organizations that believe being gay should be illegal….tell me that Chic-Fil-A doesn’t have problems with gays…really Oceanoguy?


“Hate” groups? By whose definition?


Could you give specific names of these “hate groups”?


WinShape Foundation is a branch of CFA Inc that funnels money into groups like Exodus International, the Family Research Council, Focus on the Family, and more. All groups that openly oppose the civil rights of homosexual American citizens. That’s a hate group, regardless of how hard they try to be oblique about it.


One has to wonder if she was intentionally lying?


Didn’t know they were at Cal Poly, now for sure I will have to go get some of their food and gift some to others..



Wouldn’t it be BETTER if equal rights included the ability to hire who you wanted and not hire who you didn’t want to? I see no equality in being forced to hire homosexuals.


You know absolutely nothing about the issue. Chick-Fil-A is, for the most part, nondiscriminatory in their hiring practices and in serving customers. They haven’t been kicking people out, and the iffy firing practices are mostly not related to their views on homosexuals. Yes, it’s important for people to be able to hire who they want, but making that selection purely on the basis of gender or heritage is discrimination. Nobody is forcing them to hire homosexuals, though it IS their legal obligation to leave that consideration out of their hiring practices entirely.

More importantly, the real issue here is that campaigning against gay marriage or running a camp where human beings are brainwashed against their will into believing or acting as if they are straight are hate crimes that cannot be tolerated in a modern, free society. Just as Dan Cathy is free to believe that homosexual marriage is sinful, gays are free to marry.


So where is all of your venom coming from? Where’s all the love you spout about? This poor man is first required to hire homosexuals then protested against for his simple belief! Talk about knowing NOTHING about the issue….that would be YOU.


Nobody is requiring him to hire homosexuals.

He’s simply required not to take sexual orientation into account when hiring, just like every other company, for the exact same reasons that he can’t select his employees based on their religious beliefs or their skin color. If you have a problem with that, then you have a problem with freedom.

Also, I think it’s obvious where my venom comes from; this is a second civil rights movement. We are fighting for the fair treatment and long overdue recognition that homosexuality is natural, ethical, and accepted by this country. Whether you, or Dan Cathy, personally agree with that sentiment is moot; this is a free country and the Bill of Rights (namely the first and fourteenth amendments) establishes quite firmly what individual freedoms American citizens can expect to enjoy. If you read those documents to exclude the rights of those with a different sexual orientation than your own, you are merely displaying your own bigoted hangups.


Can you point out where it says-documents to exclude the rights of those with a different sexual orientation??????????


Can you rephrase this so that I can understand it?

What I was saying is that the Bill of Rights makes it explicit that the rights it outlines apply to each and every citizen of this country. If, when looking through the Bill of Rights, it seems to say to you that the rights contained within should NOT apply to gay, bisexual, transgendered, intersexed, asexual, or generally genderqueer individuals in exactly the same way that they apply to everyone else, then you’re identifying something that is wrong with your own mind rather than learning what the Bill actually aims to achieve. Is that more clear?


This is not a civil rights issue. You can enjoy sex with any consenting adult you want to. Nobody is forbidding you to do that. To call this a civil rights issue is an insult to all who fought for racial equality.


Then you a draw a line where I do not. I think that people being denied the ability to marry on the basis of their skin color is ideologically equivalent to denying people that same right on the basis of their orientation.


laker, have you visited the National Civil Rights Museum in Memphis? Located directly across from where MLK Jr was killed, it’s an amazing museum full of exhibits showing the civil rights struggles of people across the world,..stories of American blacks, Jews, women’s rights, etc. We took our kids there and learned so much.

And guess what? In that large civil rights museum, there’s not ONE exhibit about “gay rights.” Not one. The black community does NOT consider the issues to be the same and the vast majority do NOT support gay “marriage.”

austinmello is incorrect and you are right.


This MUST be a joke. Did you just say that the black community doesn’t think that the equality of homosexuals is a civil rights issue? Did you even read your post before you sent it?

Firstly, ‘civil rights’ do not belong to any one group, they belong to all of us.

From wikipedia- “Civil and political rights are a class of rights that protect individuals’ freedom from unwarranted infringement by governments and private organizations, and ensure one’s ability to participate in the civil and political life of the state without discrimination or repression.”

Sounds to me like gay people are being discriminated against. in their civil and political life. Sounds like a civil rights issue to me.

The fact that you fail to extrapolate the struggles of those groups you’ve mentioned onto the current fight for gay rights baffles the mind.

You’ve appealed to an irrelevant non-authority. Try again.


Gay rights are civil rights in America. minority groups don’t get rights , they had to protest and fight, America stupidly demands a fight over every/any thing we just love a good fight ,

The Queers kicked ass!

next the fight over who deserves health insurance stay tuned the stupid is just getting warmed up.


I am ‘Stunned’ that you think you know the issue. Did you even read the article or any article about this topic? This controversly is not dealing with their hiring practices, it is dealing with comments made by the CEO and his donating of profits to anti-gay organizations. ‘Poor man’? He makes millions by selling deep fried chicken, pretty much one of the worst things you could possibly eat.

In America, people can spend their money where they want to. If people do not want to help fund anti-gay organizations by eating at his restuarant, that is their right just as it is the right of people who do want to help fund the anti-gay agenda to go to Chic-fil-a and empty their wallets to consume as much fried food as they can get their hands on. Now go play in the street little one, and let the grown ups do the talking.


I think there needs to be a point drawn about Chik-Fil-A and the surrounding controversy.

While it is true that Cathy is exhibiting hate speech, and that this is a very dangerous sign, it is the case that his speech is protected. And I think that it should be legal, I also think he should be vilified, protested, and boycotted for it, but it is and should be legal. This is not a basis for Chick-Fil-A being excluded from cities.

HOWEVER, and this is the more important point, there is a basis for all of this exclusion, and, I believe, more overt political action. The fact of the matter is that the company itself directly pipes a percentage of its profits into organizations that are not just exhibiting hate speech, but are taking actions to remove the rights of individuals on the basis of their CEO’s bigoted view towards homosexuals. So, while Cathy can spout his ignorance all he wants and sit inside the law, his company is performing actions that can and should be legally categorized as hate crimes. It is against the law to willfully deny someone their rights or to actively pursue the elimination of these rights based purely on one’s own prejudice. I propose that sending a minor (or an adult against their will) to a camp intended to change their sexuality is a hate crime, that funding a camp that receives these individuals is a hate crime, and, in fact, that campaigning against marriage equality should really be a hate crime.

Freedom of Religion exists to protect the rights of individuals against the desires of religious/political groups to control those who believe differently from them.

His beliefs are protected, just like a KKK members are, for example. Any citizen is legally allowed to hate black people as much as they want, but if you act on that hate in a way that steps on someone’s rights it’s a hate crime. The same goes for religious beliefs. Freedom of Religion means that you are protected in believing whatever you want, but also means that under no circumstances can you expect someone with their own protected beliefs that differ from yours to live by your beliefs. That would be religious tyranny, not freedom. So, yea, the bill of rights is intolerant of intolerance.

Anyone out there who would deny gays the rights to marry, your belief is small and embarrassing. You are trying to control things that have nothing to do with you. Legalizing same sex marriage will in no way interfere with your family, and given your set of beliefs those marriages, though legally equivalent to your partnership, would be illegitimate in the big sense, so you stand to lose nothing. Relinquish control, or move to a country with state-sponsored Christianity, because this is a free country of free individuals and the right to marry belongs to every American.


Being homosexual is actually considered deviate behaviour by 99.9% of the world so convincing America that her belief’s are small is a very stupid notion. So you’re gay….go BE gay with your gay friends. You consider that a normal thing and who really cares but, attacking everyone else and calling them little names and bashing Christianity isn’t really helping your case.

So you’re busy being a homosexual and I’m busy being “normal” (lol….got you going on that one) and we’re all busy…..maybe too busy for you to run your flag up the pole of the working folk who don’t need more and more freedoms stripped from them because it’s an election year!

If your marriage didn’t involve health insurance you would lose half of your team!


Firstly, I’m not gay, but I do respect the homosexuals I know, and I am very sure that they deserve every right afforded to me. Including the right to marriage.

I don’t think that gay people are attacking or bashing anything or any religion other than to say that anyone opposed to marriage equality is either ignorant or bigoted. And those are your choices. The fact of the matter is that Christians and conservatives are constantly basking and attacking gays, between the campaigns against their rights, camps to brainwash them, and the vitriolic language your leaders throw around, your people have largely dehumanized the homosexual community, a group merely asking to be recognized as legitimate and respected accordingly.

You’re also talking about freedoms being stripped from you, and I understand that this would be a concern if it were relevant, but gay marriage has nothing to do with your rights. You will not lose anything if gay marriage is recognized. Why do you feel that the exclusivity of access to these legal benefits is something to hang on to? It doesn’t make sense. Did the country fall apart when interracial couples were allowed to marry? I certainly don’t think so.

And finally, I think the implication that anyone could be too politically busy to be bothered by glaring inequalities in our country is disgusting. EVERY political issue on our plate is older, more played out, less pressing, and less relevant than the fact that a huge minority is being subjugated by religious extremists.

Don’t get me started on health care, I doubt we’d find enough common ground to have a discussion about that either.


You pathetically reach for straws. You compare interracial couples to man-on-man sex and expect people to think that’s ok? Do not put 2 men cavorting about like a man and women in the same category as a traditional marriage. It does not equate to anything remotely close to “equal”.

And camps to brainwash them? The typical homosexual has been molested, raised by a mother only or has similar baggage that causes this behaviour so when they decide they need help they reach out and you have the gall to label that brainwashing camps?

I’m out….you’re pathetic and you know it!


You are bigoted. Yes, I think two men “cavorting” in dedicated love for a lifetime should be respected in the same a way a man and woman cavorting in dedicated love for a lifetime should be, If you cannot see past your own discomfort, that’s not my problem. Let me just warn you that you should learn to keep your opinion quiet, lest you be ostracized as our nation finally makes it way into proper modernity.

As for your misunderstandings of psychology, I can only encourage you to study something unbiased for once in your life.


It’s NOT bigoted to disagree with you austinmello.

Two men having anal $ex is a completely unnatural behavior and is extremely risky in terms of health consequences. Men’s and women’s bodies were designed to complement each other. The parts fit together…get my drift?

So let me just warn you that you should learn to accept that 99% of people are NOT gay and that we are sick and tired of having the gay agenda shoved down our throats and the throats of our children.

Let me just warn you that we are tired of being called homophobes, bigots and intolerant people just because we believe that a marriage is between one man and one woman.

And let me just warn you that when gay rights folks like you come onto chatboards and start bullying others who don’t agree with you, it makes YOU look like the bully and the intolerant ones.

Tolerance isn’t just a buzz word for gay people, right? How about the homos show the heteros some tolerance, too.


Bullying!? You’re absolutely nuts. It is bigoted of you to deny rights to those who disagree with you.

Tolerance is precisely what I’m here for. You are openly expressing your intolerance in one breath and accusing me of intolerance toward you in the next. The only thing I do not tolerate about your beliefs and desires is that you think you can expect other people to live by them.

You will be entitled to your own respect and privacy as soon as you grant those same things to married same-sex couples. No one is trying to take away your rights. Free speech ensures that you are not protected from hearing the opinions of others, or, in this case, being confronted about your own intolerance.

Do not ask of me what you cannot be troubled to find in yourself.


I’m looking for the LOVE button but, I’m stuck with the Like button. You spoke on behalf of millions, thank you!


so far the ‘millions’ are thumbing you down-one more example of your flawed logic.


pasoparent5, I have several objections to your response. First, the word “natural” is a completely arbitrary distinction made by us, to claim that something is right because it is “natural” or vice-versa is known as the naturalistic fallacy. There is nothing to suggest that things that are unnatural are inherently wrong. Secondly homosexuality is a well documented phenomenon in the animal kingdom with humans being far from the only species to create homosexual pair-bonds or engage in homosexual acts. Your claim that homosexual behavior is unhealthy or dangerous is laughable, not only is homosexual behavior just as safe/unsafe as heterosexual behavior but to claim that unhealthy behavior is morally wrong is to ignore the plethora of “risky” and “unhealthy” behaviors that humans engage in BY CHOICE. Secondly, I’d like to know what you mean exactly by “homosexual agenda”. As far as I can tell the only thing this “agenda” consists of is the desire to have the same human rights afforded to them by the constitution and by modern moral philosophy then they have every right to promote this agenda just as much as Martin Luther King Jr. had the right to promote his black “agenda” (if I may use your word) or the Nation Association of the Deaf has the right to promote deaf “agenda”. Even behaviors which are entirely made by choice and are even potentially dangerous to others such as the NRA have the right to defend their “agenda”. So to say that ” we are sick and tired of having the gay agenda shoved down our throats” is the same as saying I’m tired of treating other human beings with the dignity they deserve. Lastly I’d like to mention that many people in support of gay rights are not gay themselves. It may come as a surprise to you that it is entirely possible to support a cause regarding fellow human beings just as JFK supported the rights of African Americans and Max Eastman supported universal suffrage. This isn’t bullying this is the unfortunate result of a society that lauds itself for its supposed “freedom” and yet swiftly denies that freedom to others at the first convenience.



The double standard is getting VERY old…


You don’t think that clambering for your rights to be respected while denying homosexuals theirs is a double standard?


Getting married is not a “right” — for anyone. It’s a privilege. A privilege that becomes perverted when it’s between anyone other than one man and one woman.


The typical homosexual

Alan Turing, .

Queer science


Oh, I completely forgot to mention that your ‘factoid,’, that 99.9% of the population thinks homosexuality is deviate[sic], is not only so patently, obviously false as to be ignored, that it is also irrelevant.

I’ll say it as many times as I need to for it to sink in. I’ll get it tattooed on my face if I have to.

This is America. We have a Bill of Rights, and it begins with an amendment that, in as many words, says that each individual in this country is free to hold their own beliefs and that we are all free to enjoy the exercise of our protected rights. This means that while you are free to believe in only one kind of marriage, and can choose to personally only partake in that kind of arrangement, that gay people and Muslim people and Wiccan people and atheists are all entitled to believe and live by their own beliefs. This means that if your personal beliefs conflict with those of another, like in the case of Fundamentalists and marriage equality, that we must defer in favor of protecting rights. Your beliefs can control your life, but not the life of your neighbor. The marriage equality movement is not attempting to remove or deny the rights of any Christian or any heterosexual marriage, it is simply trying to cement the protection of it’s own rights at the cost of no one. Fundamentalists and Extremists, on the other hand are crying that to protect their beliefs, the rights of other individuals must be limited. Fortunately, the Bill of Rights does not allow you to control the actions of others.


i don’t think being a bigot nazi is anyway “normal”…and you math of 99.9% is off by at least 50%..

That’s an effective error rate of 100% , according to how polling firms account.

Which means that your ideas are worse than useless.

But, this is not an argument.

Be a MAN ! Go out and make your anti-human rants down at the mission. See where that gets you !


Being homosexual is actually NOT considered deviant (notice I spelled that word right for you by the way) behaviour by 99.9% of the world. Here is a map showing gay and lesbian rights by country.

I am so sick of the religious conservatives in this country imagining facts such as that the rest of the world is as back-asswards as this country in returns to human rights. A number of studies conclude that homosexuals make up at least 10% of the population and that is with very strict defining lines between straight and gay definitions so your 99.9% continues to be completely fabricated. I’d also like to point out that the number of closeted homosexuals in religious and conservative politic backgrounds that spew anti-gay hate only to be caught having sex with men defies the statistical norm.

Furthermore, I understand facts and science elude you but homosexuality has been observed in the vast majority of species of animals that participate in sexual reproduction so your view of normal is completely biased to your opinion.

You insist that gay people should go be gay and leave “traditional marriage” alone. Why don’t you participate in traditional marriage? Do as your holy book says and emulate it’s valuable teachings. First, go get as many wives as you want. Buy them from their dad in exchange for money and goods. Collect a good sized harem for yourself. Treat your wives as slaves and property because after all women are supposed to be property and subordinate to your every wish. If any of them are unfaithful or insubordinate, feel free to stone them. You said you wanted traditional marriage and the entire old testament is filled with shining examples of religious authorities who do so. After all, women didn’t gain the right to vote until the early 20th century. Clearly that wasn’t a civil rights issue either because women holding jobs, not staying at home and being independent defies your religions traditional marriage views too. Oh and remember how until the 1967 Supreme Court decision, interracial marriage wasn’t fully legal in the United States because of bigoted people being prejudice against non-white people which was largely church sponsored? Meanwhile, gay people just want to have the exact same legal rights in the eyes of the government as straight married couples, which they are denied in many states. No one is demanding you cast off your bigotry and accept that they are getting married and to force your ridiculous religious beliefs to bend to accept it. No, the gay marriage issue is about having equal rights under the law without religions stepping in and saying they don’t like it. Religions don’t have to like it as our country was founded on the freedom of religion and the separation of church and state. So you can sit on the internet and yell at people and pretend to be smarter then they are and shudder at the thought of gay people sharing the same legal rights as you, which is well within your rights, but you can’t stop them from sharing in the same legal benefits you do.

Please tell me again how this is completely different from the civil rights movement?


Hahahahah Stunnded you are hilarious! In what reality is the gay marriage issue related to health care? 99.9% of the world? Please enlighten us as to where you got that figure. I would bet my life that you pulled it out of thin air-unless you are now going to say you traveled the world and did a door to door survey of the entire planet? You are embarassing yourself to the point of comedy.

Please, tell me how homosexuals being able to marry takes any of your rights away? I’d love to hear you try and explain that.


Well see, he’s concerned about his ‘right’ to have his relationships legally recognized as superior to same-sex ones. Just like everyone else here. That is the only possible motivation, and the bigoted elitism is fucking frustrating.

Sorry to all of you, but your hetero relationship is not different and is no more valid than any other consenting relationship between adults.


Well, it’s a good thing Sheryl Flores didn’t say “For someone to be so pro-Bible is disheartening.”


In this case, in this context, it IS disheartening.

It’s disheartening that someone could put their holy book in the way of others’ freedoms. This is abusing a holy text and it spits in the face of the religious freedoms this country was founded on. Your personal beliefs belong in your personal life, not mine.

For anyone to be so pro-bible that it could blind them to real-world ethics and obligations is not only disheartening, but scary and disgusting.


You again spout exceedingly about issues of life that you obviously haven’t been around long enough to explore. Enjoy your college time and stay busy!


Do please elaborate. What have I obviously not had time to process?


Can you be any more bigoted and smug in your imagined superiority?

Booty JuJu

The dem’s are god-blessed by the quality of their competition, who indulge silly obsessions while their political party bleeds to death. Very fitting that eating sh*t food and giving local cash to the out-of-state filthy rich is a vital expression of their belief system.


Much ado about nothing…

It’s simple, if you do not like a business, do not go there…


Yes, obviously we are boycotting.

But you, as well as many of your peers, misunderstand completely. He is enacting his personal beliefs on the public world in a way that runs counter to all the values upon which this country is founded, and he’s using not his own paycheck to do it, but a cut of every dollar anyone spends at one of his restaurants.

Imagine that 10 cents of every dollar you spent at McDonalds funded the KKK. Just boycotting them wouldn’t be enough.


More illogical analysis. I doubt you have checked the backgrounds of every single restaurant you and your people eat in much less the products you buy. Stupid argument.


You’re right that it would be unreasonable for me to spend ALL of my time trying to reverse engineer the quagmire of corporate bank books. However, whenever the obviously immoral actions of a company are brought to my attention, I make a concerted effort to relinquish them of my hard-earned money. Businesses that treat their employees, communities, and our economy well, on the other hand, I go out of my way for. Simple.

I’d say it’s pretty logical.


This article omitted the fact that Chick-fil-A has gay employees and abides by the federal law concerning hiring. The Corp has given $ to support traditional marriage between a man and a woman, that’s a far cry from discrimination.

The quote by Sheryl Flores demonstrates ignorance of the subject.


Right, Paso_Guy. Chick-fil-A has been sued more than ONE DOZEN times for employment discrimination, according to Forbes. And that was in a 2007 article.


So has probably every other business of that size. Nature of the beast.


so, how did the lawsuits go?


The way of the money, as always.


The words “to support traditional marriage” translate directly into “deny fellow american citizens the rights you enjoy purely on the basis of your personal beliefs,” which IS discrimination and, I’d go so far as to say, needs to be redefined as a hate crime. Freedom of Religion ensures that the personal beliefs of one do not interfere with the rights of another, for example, fundamentalists Christians, because of their personal beliefs, have decided that they are uncomfortable with allowing fair and equal access to legally recognized partnerships, but the fact of the matter is that it isn’t their place. If you do not believe in gay marriage, then marry someone of the opposite gender and shut up about it because the gay couple next door, married or not, does not impede the expression of your love and does not limit your freedoms.

There is a clear history drawn when it comes to Civil Rights in America. More freedoms and more rights are inherently preferable, and those of you who would deny our fellow citizens these rights will be recorded as monstrous bigots. Understand now that you do not have the right to control the behavior of others and that gay marriage has always been legal and protected in this country and save yourself the embarrassment later, as we will look back on you and your fellows as the KKK of the 21st century.


Talk about the pot calling the kettle black..

The gays go to extreme measures when they are not bowed down to, or their lifestyle is not accepted unconditionally, and your attitude is a example.

Because some don’t agree with you,you call them KKK,life style choice is not a civil right, never has been never will be, period.


This, “Life style choice is not a civil right, never has been never will be, period.” is your opinion, and you’re entitled to it. However, simply because you believe it does not mean that others have to live by it. The entire point of this whole movement is that the Bill of Rights very explicitly illustrates that lifestyle choice IS a civil right, and it always has been, whether or not people were socially mature enough for us to take advantage of these rights.

As for the gays going to extreme measures when they aren’t “bowed down to,” do you believe that the civil rights movement in the 60s was extreme measures? I think they were necessary measures to secure equal rights for colored people, just as this movement is necessary to cement the rights of homosexuals.

I find it hilarious how many people will complain about gays ‘forcing’ their beliefs on you conservative or fundamentalist types, but you’re too deeply buried in your own mind to see the hypocrisy in that sentiment. Gays want the rights to do their own thing, no one is forcing you to marry another man, no one is forcing you to watch their gay sex, and no one is forcing you to believe that same-sex unions are respected by your deity of choice. They simply want the rights you;re already enjoying. You, on the other hand, are expecting homosexuals to live by your morals instead of their own. This makes no god damn sense, and we have a little amendment called Freedom of Religion specifically to keep people from doing what you’re proposing. Your personal beliefs can control your personal life, but not the lives of others.

I draw the parallel between ‘traditional’ marriage proponents and KKK members not because they disagree with me, but because they are after the same thing “preserving traditional America” under the same guise of WASPy, Protestant, insular nationalism.


Homosexuality is as much a “lifestyle” as being black, autistic, or blind is a lifestyle. To deny someone the right to a civil marriage and the legal benefits it entails simply because of the way they are as a human being is by all definitions of the word bigotry. What makes it even especially heinous is that by any account the love between two consenting homosexual adult humans is IDENTICAL to the love felt by two consenting adult heterosexual humans bar the difference in physiology much in the same way that black people and white people are biologically identical bar the color of their skins. There is no rational justification or empirical evidence suggesting that “traditional” marriage is in any way, shape, or for superior to gay marriage.

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