Paso Robles man arrested for bomb threat

August 2, 2012

Daniel Joseph McPherson

A Paso Robles man allegedly used his cell phone to call a bomb threat into the Arroyo Grande Walmart on Monday.

Police arrested Daniel Joseph McPherson, 53 on a felony making a false bomb threat charge and booked him into San Luis Obispo County Jail in lieu of  a $10,000 bail.

On Monday shortly before midnight, Walmart employees ordered an evacuation. Arroyo Grande police then searched the store with the use of bomb-sniffing dogs and did not find any explosive devices.

Walmarts in other parts of the country have been the victims of similar bomb threats with 11 evacuations occurring at Walmarts in the Midwest.

Arroyo Grande police issued a warrant for the phone number records that lead them to McPherson. McPherson had heard recent news reports about bomb threats called into Walmart stores across the nation before he called in his threat, police said.

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We all need to remember that just because you are arrested, booked into jail and have your picture taken……DOES NOT= GUILTY!! We are all suppose to be innocent until proven guilty and not the other way around. Sure wish some of you would replace his name and photo with your own and see how you view the story then. Give that a shot next time you want to think about some of these things your read.

Hm. Someone sure sounds defensive. She appears to be misquoting the United Nation’s declaration #11 of human rights in that mess of a post. Nervous girlfriend, perhaps?

Bass player. Worked at Ernie Ball. Church-goer. That’s all I really know about the guy, other than apparently he hates Walmart even worse than I.

Jesus, jerk his medical marijuana card, he looks like he’s had enough !!!

He needs judge ordered identifying clothing and a minimum wage paying job at Walmart for 1 year.

The Mario Bros. LIVE !

To no one’s surprise, the perp is from Paso Robles.

What garden wonderland in SLO county do You live in ? Rather hard on Paso !

High five to our law enforcement!

Looking at His booking picture…. not sure if He would know which end of a match to scratch to light it. He phoned the threat from jail ? You have to be kidding. No-one is watching the store….. again !!!

“The Arroyo Grande detectives traced the phone to the 53-year-old McPherson who was arrested at his Paso Robles home.”

Thanks………. No more speed reading courses for Me ! really read it wrong……………. or…… really didnt read it. Again “thanks”.