Hill claims red ink stains his coffers

August 14, 2012

Adam Hill


Adam Hill’s reelection campaign put him in debt, according to the county supervisor, but it really didn’t. Nevertheless, he’s appealing to supporters — and to more than a few folks who opposed him — for money in a letter addressed to “Dear Community Leaders.”

Hill’s letter claims his victorious effort caused him to end with an alleged fiscal deficit he blames on media buys, but recent state campaign disclosure statements show that after Hill paid off loans he made to his campaign, he actually owns an ending cash balance of $9,756.21.

On June 4, one day before the election, Cencal Pacific Properties LLC of San Luis Obispo gave Hill $6,000. Cencal Pacific owns various county properties, including the property in Arroyo Grande vacated by Spencer’s Market in July.

In Hill’s post-election plea, the supervisor said he was “humbly” asking for financial help to offset the cost of what he called “ugliness” during the campaign.

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This moron should be thrown in jail and the person running against him should be elected unopposed.

What fresh nincompoopery is this?

(apologies to Dorothy Parker)