What will Paso Robles voters decide?

August 28, 2012

Gary Nemeth


The citizens of Paso Robles deserve a new beginning starting by following what the Tribune wrote about the only way to change the current mayor would be by the community deciding on a write in candidate opposing Duane Picanco and wining.

Next step is to use the “at will” provision to replace the City Manager Jim App. Then removal and replace both city attorneys, no more increased taxes, higher fees, revisit the regulatory codes and costly consultants! The city council should reduce burdens on local businesses and building / development fees for the housing market to recover.

Fact: We desperately need an economic development manager to bring businesses to our community. Economic development works to provide jobs for the city’s tax and revenue base — relieving higher taxes and increased fees.

Fact: The Paso Robles Police Department, emergency services and public works budgets are the same as they were in 2004 or earlier. Crime has not decreased, our population has increased.

We the people” of Paso Robles are missing chances for joint workshops between City Council and Planning Commission on a Saturday, when people can participate and provide the information on what direction we want our city to take.

Gary Nemeth retired from the San Luis Obispo Police department following a 30-year law enforcement career. Nemeth sat on the Paso Robles City Council from 2000 through 2008.


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Bottom line… I worked with Duane on a recent civic project. What amazed me was how hard he was working on several other projects while putting so much effort into our project. He was always looking to promote, and help the City. He has earned my vote.

Being a hard working PR citizen is different from being an effective mayor. No one disputes the former, it’s the latter that is the problem.

HOWEVER… He seems to be the only one willing to do the job, so lots of credit for that! I just wish he didn’t worship App.

Picanco is alright. He actually tried to get Volvo and Costco into Paso. He is the only good guy on the council. Maybe no Batman, but certainly not the Joker.

The one question I don’t see asked enough in Paso is “do we have secured water resources for the proposed future development.”

Obviously Ms. Malone if the city gave rights for Chandler and Olsen-Beechwood to build.

The chances of a ‘write-in’ candidate winning are somewhere between zero and none.

It is a very sorry turn of events that no one would run against Picanco. Must be a true reflection of the

voters of this city.

I do not believe Gary Nemeth would have been the candidate, but I find it so hard to believe that he, or other like minded people, could not have found a real, viable candidate that could have cleaned Picanco’s clock.

Even though Mr. Picanco is running unopposed, he has one the brightest, boldest, full of huff and puff

websites I have seen in a while (www.pasomayor.com).

Sadly missing from this fluffy site is the mayor’s public stand on the proposed 1/2% saes tax increase

that is on the November ballot. Is he still against it? or now for it? Or maybe he doesn’t want anyone to know which side he is on? This seems to be the one issue that will have the biggest financial impact on the pocketbooks of the citizens of this city and we can not know the mayor’s position?

Fact: Gary this is a very disjointed OP-Ed piece. I don’t have a freaking clue what you are trying to say. Exactly what do you want, less people and more crime…..a bigger budget for police to reduce crime…..we have more people and not more crime….isnt that a good thing or is it..? Saturday meetings rather than other meetings……. and do we write in Duane or his other brother Duane ? (thats from the TV show)


Duane Picanco and wining.

Definition of wining

intransitive verb

: to drink wine

The choice of spelling for winning, confuses the issue.

Gary: you suggesting we write in your name?

What happened to your announced campaing of months ago?

Are you sure he didn’t mean WHINING?

You know what happens when you play “Polly Prissy Pants, the Spelling and Grammar Board Control Freak”?

Inevitably, you end up making your own grammar/spelling error, sometimes in the same post where you criticize the spelling/grammar of another poster.

There is no definition for “campaing.” That’s because “campaing” is not a word. It is a misspelling of the word “campaign.”

Hey Mary

There is a difference between one who logs in and rapidly posts (me) as compared to one who presents an opinion piece (Nemeth).