Zombie Healthcare

August 22, 2012

CalCoastNews is now including work by San Luis Obispo cartoonist Joseph Rankin. Check out his work at the Kranky Cartoonist.


Could we maybe get a little balance? This guy is so biased it’s ridiculous. He is also disgusting; take a look at this little gem where he blames Sarah Palin and Sharron Angle for the Loughner/Downs killings: http://www.krankyscartoons.com/images/Inspirational_Rhetoric.jpg By his logic the LGBT community should be held responsible for the nut who tried to shoot up the Family Research Council the other day, which would be a ridiculous, offensive charge to make.

C’mon CalCoast, you’re better than this.


Don’t think its very funny or well-drawn, but I get the reference.

Paul Ryan is zombi-like in his adherence to old ideas that everyone thought were dead. Yet, he brings them back up. For example, supply-side trickle down economics or privatizing Medicare.

“I actually first encountered the term “zombie lies” with regard to Canadian health care, where false beliefs — like the one about hordes of Canadians heading to America for care, which is completely untrue — just keep coming back, no matter how many times they’re killed by evidence.

Let me highlight a domestic zombie that I see emerging in comments: the notion that if Medicare starts limiting the procedures it will pay for, this would be an infringement of your freedom of choice. I even see some people saying that it’s unconstitutional.

I’ve taken this on before, so let me repost:

But nobody is proposing that the government deny you the right to have whatever medical care you want at your own expense. We’re only talking about what medical care will be paid for by the government. And right-wingers, of all people, shouldn’t believe that everyone has the right to have whatever they want, at taxpayers’ expense. The Declaration of Independence did not declare that we have the right to life, liberty, and the all expenses paid pursuit of happiness.

What will it take to shoot this zombie in the head?”


I don’t get it.



Old people, and certain young people with disabilities, need medicare regardless of whether you’re a zombie?

Old people need it regardless of whether Ryan is a zombie?

Old people need it if they are zombies?

I don’t get the joke, nor the slash at Ryan, but then, I’m not particularly well informed. If someone has a better sense of humor, and a better handle on current events, would be so kind as to help me find my funnybone on this, I’d appreciate it.


Zombies never die, and neither do the attempts of the wingnut republican fringe to slash government services to the poor & middle class so the 1% can get yet another tax cut?


Thanks, Russ.

Could the cartoon have been improved by showing a mass of walking zombies labeled “Medicare Users” ceaselessly marching on the poor tired souls who are running from their obligation to underwrite everyone? Or would that be too close to true to be funny?


Heh, that’s quite witty, racket! Pithy, even.


Doesn’t even look like a real zombie, as found in the US Armed Forces Field Manual.


Also: I hope Rankin will title his collected works, “The Rankin File” because I think that would be a cool name.

Russ J

4th grade


Oh Oh …. Looks like the righties tighties are in a bunch.

Looks like Mr. Rankin has hit a nerve ….. atta boy !!!!


My undergarments are just fine. All the ‘thumbs down’ are because this cartoon just isn’t funny or witty. The only nerve that’s been hit is the cartoonist’s OPTICAL nerve because apparently his vision is failing.

BTW, I’m a conservative and think that Stephen Colbert–the liberal media darling–is hysterical. This Kranky guy, however, just doesn’t cut it.


Are we reading the same thread? I don’t see anyone’s nerves hit (although the optical nerve comment by pasoparent5 was hilarious).

This type of comment, so early on, with so little to base it on makes you seem a tad overzealous (a nice way of saying desperate).

Jorge Estrada

Have someone else pick the cartoonist.


I pick Hodin



this suppose to be funny?


Dam, what happened, ???? I am a ZOMBIE! SEE HOW STUPID!


” Who did that drawing of me? It’s my exact image.