Former Cal Poly coach charged with two felonies

August 22, 2012

Randy Hanson

A former Cal Poly assistant coach who was arrested for allegedly attacking another man with a beer bottle at Harry’s Nightclub & Beach Bar in Pismo Beach was formally charged with two felonies on Tuesday.

Randy Allan Hanson, 44, is slated to be arraigned in San Luis Obispo County Superior Court on Sept. 5 for felony assault with a deadly weapon and felony battery with serious bodily injury.

On Aug. 4, Hanson arrived at the beach bar with a group of people just days before the Mustangs’ preseason training camp was scheduled to begin. Following the alleged assault, medics treated Hanson’s alleged victim at the scene and sent him home.

On Aug. 6, Cal Poly Athletic Director Don Oberhelman suspended Hanson indefinitely. Hanson, whose resume includes assistant coaching for three different NFL teams, resigned from his assistant coach position last week after only four months on the job.

While Hanson was an assistant with the Raiders in 2009, he said Raiders head coach Tom Cable threw him from a chair in a heated argument fracturing his jaw and ruining his relationship with the Raiders franchise. Hanson later sued Cable, but dropped the case because of a lack of evidence.


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If you need someone to whip your football team into shape… don’t hire a pu**y, get this guy on the line! Someone with a proven track record of badassery!

I thought someone else might have blind-sided some dude in the bathroom, or used a wine bottle from behind… but it just turns out to be another fight at Harry’s… meh!

Still, submit that photo to the “who not to date and marry” catalog! Great drunken mug shot!

We used to eat dinner across the street at the Mexican place (Casa Caldreon) just so we could watch the drunk rednecks spill out the door and fight in the street. Of course that was before reality TV programming.

But at least the drunk redneck fights weren’t all scripted like all reality TV is… I’d say stick to watching rednecks if that’s what floats your boat.

How to lose your job, voting rights, and firearm ownership in a few fuzzy seconds.

Unless you are a firefighter in your city of service.

Don’t limit it to firefighters, add LEO’s and government officals, even add family memebers of weathly parents, one who owns local businesses, such as Power Save Energy Co, and has friends in high places, with that you can even get away with murder.

Sounds like the son of one of our elected city officials whose son ran over and killed a girl in Arroyo Grande a few years ago-it took forever and public outcry before he was accused of manslaughter a I recall

Yeah, Harry’s Nightclub, where they have a “two-fight minimum” is such a godly place to be. “Honey, I am taking you to Harry’s tonight, so dress up in your sexy summer dress and high heels so we can join the regulars in getting drunk and fighting the night away!”

Don’t you need MO’s like Hansen if you want to mold your football players into hard core fighting machines so they can beat the crap out of the opposing team?

You don’t want some candy-ass coach in this respect, therefore, Cal Poly should reconsider and place Hanson back on the roster!