4 Paso Robles men arrested for drug trafficking

September 20, 2012

Jesus Alejandro Alcala-Martinez

Four Paso Robles men accused of drug trafficking throughout three counties were arrested Tuesday following a multi-agency investigation.

FBI agents, San Luis Obispo County Sheriff’s detectives and California Highway Patrol officers arrested four men for conspiracy to distribute narcotics throughout Los Angeles, Santa Barbara, and San Luis Obispo counties. During the arrests and subsequent searches in Paso Robles and Atascadero, officials seized over $80,000 in street value methamphetamine and cocaine.

All four suspects have ties to a production and distribution ring originating in Mexico with passage through Los Angeles drug trafficking groups, officials said.

Two suspects, Edgar Paul Alvarez-Rendon, 24, and Jesus Alejandro Alcala-Martinez, 24, fled prior to the arrival of

Edgar Paul Alvarez-Rendon

investigators and remain at large.

Officers arrested Sixto Alejandro Valdez-Beltran, 44, Jesus Telesoforo Torres-Rodriguez, 44, Juan Manual Torres-Flores, 26, Samuel Cerna, 25, for conspiracy to distribute narcotics.










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You people need to give these gentemen a break. They are only doing jobs that nobody wants.

If they were just into pot I wouldn’t care much….but these losers are meth dealers and meth kills. What scum. Glad the cops got ’em off the streets.

Now will they go back to their home country or do US taxpayers have to foot the bill to try them and incarcerate them?

You will pay for the trial, the lawyer that will defend them, the food they will eat and the medical care they will recieve for the next 10-15 years in prision in california.

And when they get out, if they are here illegally you will pay for the trip back home for them!

Hope we all have a fat wallet !

Sure hope they didn’t illegally search their backpacks.

Throw el Libro at them!