Firefighter’s wife decribes infidelity, supports husband

September 20, 2012

John Ryan Mason

The wife of San Luis Obispo firefighter John Ryan Mason testified Wednesday that her husband said Jory Brigham was the aggressor, and that he quickly escorted her from Pappy McGregor’s following an altercation in the bathroom.

Mason is on trial for felony assault stemming from the altercation that left Brigham with multiple facial fractures, while Mason was uninjured.

Kendra Mason, who has been married to John Ryan Mason for nine years and with whom she has two children, testified that her husband’s infidelities had compromised their marriage. She said her husband had moved out for a month in 2010. She also confirmed prior testimony of San Luis Obispo County sheriff’s deputy Brian Villa that her husband had an affair with Villa’s wife.

While the Masons lived separately, Kendra Mason said she confided her marital issues to Allison Brigham, a close friend since childhood. Allison Brigham then shared the stories of her friend’s marital woes with her husband, Jory Brigham.

In January 2011, Jory Brigham posted on Facebook saying “how lightly marriage is taken” was “blowing his mind” and that walking out on your spouse had become almost socially acceptable. Kendra Mason admitted she liked Jory Brigham’s post.

Kendra Mason remained calm through most of her testimony, but she came close to shedding tears when asked if she loved her husband and whether she would commit perjury to help him. She said she loved him but would not perjure herself.

Kendra Mason said she felt some guilt about her husband’s legal issues because prior to the altercation, John Mason had called a taxi to take them home, and she had refused to get into the cab because she thought the driver was rude.

However, in previous interviews the cab driver said John Mason was combative and he refused to give him a ride home.

A bystander in the bathroom, Ryan Maxwell, said Mason tried calming down Brigham and apologizing to him. Maxwell said that Brigham repeatedly cursed at Mason and called him a “fucking liar.” Though Maxwell said he never saw any physical escalation, he said that Brigham appeared to be the aggressor in the argument.


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If he was a firefighter in Atascadero or Paso he would all ready be in jail. SLO firefighter will automatically be freed, no question. Hey it’s the happiest city in the world, who wouldn’t want to beat the shit out of someone? God Bless you, especially if you live down the hill in SLO. Keep your chin up, you may have your chance to get out of jail if you live there.

One thing I am wondering. It is truly amazing how much it costs for hiring a defense attorney. I would assume that he is having to hire his own counsel. My understanding is that it can be well into 6 figures, and if the trial grinds on, especially if there are appeals, it can cost in the mid 6 figures. My understanding is that the minimum fees he is going to have to pay are in the $75 to $100k range-out his own pocket.

Costs for attorneys working to save a person’s job, or overturn a wrongful termination, can be deducted, in some cases, from the person’s income when figuring out annual taxes.

I don’t know about whether attorneys’ charges on a person’s criminal case can be deducted. I’m guessing “no.” Maybe if there is an acquittal the attorneys’ fees can be deducted from annual income for tax purposes?

Attorneys who are working to save a person’s home/land/property (from fraud committed by a “title snatcher”) can be deducted, in some cases.

But, you are correct. Legal representation in court is very expensive.

Someone should ask why there is a Firefighter on the JURY! come on CCN do what you do best.

jury of one’s peers n. a guaranteed right of criminal defendants, in which “peer” means an “equal.”

Yeah, but there is also the issue of “conflict of interest.” With Mason’s history of violent attacks over a verbal comment (which is a true statement), someone who has to associate with Mason, especially on a professional basis, might be afraid to to do anything but push for acquittal, no matter how guilty they think Mason is.

Yes. Perhaps the defense is laying the groundwork to later declare a mistrial.

“the defense”?

Both sides have to agree to who gets on the jury. The DA could have refused this firefighter a seat if he/she thought there was a conflict. If there is a hung jury and the ff turns out to be the hold out, there will be hell to pay. WOW

and if he is the hold out which creates the hung jury, imagine the accolades he will receive from his peers for saving one of their own, they will be so proud of him. The “fix” is on! This must have been what it was like to live in Chicago during the 60’s

I find it difficult to believe that there is a firefighter in this county that doesn’t know Mason. Don’t the firefighters get together for special events, union meetings and what not? If the FD juror doesn’t know Mason, he at least must have “buddies’ that know him ?

Ryan Mason’s wife should be easy to recognize. She’s the one with “DOORMAT” tattooed on her forehead.

Kendra is an amazing person. Do not say anything bad about her.

Oh, please. If you want to read nothing but opinions that agree with yours, you’ll have to start your own message board.

I see nothing “amazing” about a wife who remains married to someone like John Ryan Mason, especially when he has had multiple affairs while married to her.

Besides his obvious disrespect for her, their marriage, the importance of keeping one’s promises, and the bad example that both Ryan and his wife are setting for the kids, she has the obvious risk of catching an STD from him. This occurs quite frequently in marriages when one or both partners are sexually promiscuous, especially when there are multiple affairs.

Would you keep going back to a marriage partner who repeatedly put you at risk for catching an STD? She could die from an STD caught from her cheating husband, you know.

Some STDs can be fatal, and at least one, hepatitis C, can be transmitted between two household members without ANY sexual activity having occurred.

Then there is, of course the programming the kids are getting from watching their parents be very poor role models.

Most people don’t think highly of a parent who puts their kids at risk for anything harmful. I understand if you feel differently and respect your opinion, even though I don’t agree with it.


How much $$$’s do SLO Fireman make per year?

I’d venture to guess that Kendra (Ryan Mason’s Wife) is use to “rolling in the dough” and won’t give up that life for the streets.

I would guess that the $$$ is part of her motivation for supporting him, but it probably isn’t the total picture.

Wow, you’re without a clue. I’ll give you one, though. You’re wrong.

Really? Ms. Mason’s choices are “rolling in the dough” or “the streets?” Holy cow Rawhide…those are pretty difference ends of the spectrum. Perhaps she is attempting to get her children raised. In any event, I hope she learns, through counseling, that she doesn’t need a violent tempermental man in her life that is incredibly disrespectul to her…and her children will know, as they get older, who “rose above” and who didn’t.

If she’s an amazing person, she deserves better than Mason. I hope she realizes there’s a world out there filled with love & kindness.

Mary: I am a little surprised by your comment; although her testimony may uncover a degree of BWS (Battered Wife Syndrome), I do not agree with your assessment. Shouldn’t you be offering some sort of support for a sister, another woman in our local area? When Ryan Mason is sent to prison, don’t you think that Kendra should seek out some help? Maybe she isn’t aware of how much of a “doormat” she is (or has been), but once she is living without Ryan possibly controlling every aspect of her life, she can grow as person and realize that she is a strong person, she doesn’t need a man who disrespects her and their marriage. I hope she gets that opportunity.

If you believe offering her support is appropriate, YOU go for it.

This isn’t a counseling center. It’s a news publication’s message board where one posts opinions. I don’t expect everyone, including you, to agree with my opinions.

You used my post to launch your own opinion, which isn’t necessary. Your opinion is valid without my opinion as a lead-in.

The wife probably isn’t “exactly lying”, as she is most likely telling a partial truth about the cab… I can imagine a scenario that goes something like this………

a) Cab driver shows up and Mason is belligerent and rude. The cab driver say’s something like, “get out of my cab, I’m not taking you anywhere”

b) Mason gets testy and the wife is afraid that there is going to be trouble.

c) The wife who knows Mason all too well quickly defuses the situation and say’s something like, “Ryan,, this guy is a jerk and I don’t want a ride from him, lets get a ride from some friends. Come on Ryan, just ignore him, he isn’t worth it. ” (but the fuse is already lit and Ryan is fixing for a fight with someone)

She isn’t necessarily lying to the jury, she just isn’t telling them the whole story of why they didn’t get in the first cab. She is his wife after all…..

She is his wife after all…..

And in need of a $100,000 dollar plus yearly paycheck…!

People lie for much less…

Question for any lawyers reading this: Is it still considered perjury if the person testifying believes that they are telling the “truth”?

Is it conceivable that Mrs. Mason has convinced herself that her husband is a good man who just happens to find himself in these situations, it’s not really his fault that all this bad stuff has happened, that his infidelity was somehow her fault, and that if he is not convicted of these charges that he “will turn his life around”? Does this appear to anyone else that Kendra Mason is suffering from a form of “battered wife syndrome”? Sad.

I read this article and instantly thought “Battered Wife Syndrome”. Does anyone actually think that Ryan Mason’s established pattern of violent and abuse behavior instantly ends when he walks in the door to his home? Very unlikely.

I bet it gets worse behind closed doors of any kind, especially when the people behind the doors are dependent on him for financial support.

I wonder why Maxwell is lying…!

With the Mason’s it’s always someone else’s fault.

I most certainly do not believe Kendra Mason’s story and believe she has perjured herself…

I don’t necessarily think that Maxwell is lying. Jory probably had a few too many and as a result, he threw caution to the wind where “tip toeing” around the volatile Ryan Mason is concerned. So with his false courage he told Mason what he really thought of him and oooops. Sure enough, Mason blew his gasket because nobody is going to (allowed to) say anything about Mason that Mason doesn’t like especially right to his face,

Mason is guilty as charged in my opinion as calling somebody a f-ind liar is not a threat.

Maxwell is, apparently, in the banking industry locally. I thought bankers cared a little more about their reputations than being associated with Mason.