Arroyo Grande bans mobile pot shops

October 10, 2012

The Arroyo Grande City Council voted unanimously Tuesday to ban mobile medical marijuana dispensaries in the city. [KCOY]

In 2008, Arroyo Grande adopted an ordinance banning brick and mortar dispensaries only. Following a San Luis Obispo County Grand Jury report in June recommending an additional ban on medical marijuana delivery services, the council voted Tuesday to amend the municipal code to also ban mobile dispensaries.

Mayor Tony Ferrara said that the council decided to ban the delivery services in order to create consistency in the city’s ordinance.

“It’s a ministerial action that we’re going to be taking to close a loophole in an already existing ordinance, and the motivation behind it is simply to a response we received from the grand jury,” Ferrara said.

Multiple members of the public spoke against the ban, including Arroyo Grande resident Lynn Lake, who warned the council decision might lead to blowback.

“If anything, they should be scared now that somebody is going to fight this ban on them and, just like what everybody has been saying, they just started a lot of trouble,” Lake told KCOY.

At the initial reading of the ordinance, Councilwoman Caren Ray voted against the mobile dispensary ban. On Tuesday, Ray voted with the rest of the council in favor of it.

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As result, I will no longer spend any money in Arroyo Grande.

Three of the five members of the council were not elected but rather appointed to open positions this year, as there were not enough people interested in running. That’s right….there is no election this year. There was no choice. They simply said, “I’ll take the job” and were assigned. Did they even survey their constituents, the people they represent, to find out their opinions?

Unfortunately, apathy abounds in politics. Hopefully, this kind of additional, restrictive ordinance, which clearly makes life difficult for those needing medical marijuana, can be repealed either through a lawsuit or people organizing to oust the members of the council. Maybe someone should run on the platform of allowing medical marijuana delivery services to continue, as there was no problem to begin with. If you want a change, you need to make your voices heard. Show up at the meetings. Let them know you’re there. Get involved. Look into what is required for a recall. Put some pressure on them. I’ve never understood people who want to restrict personal freedoms of others when it has no affect on the public at large. Shame on the council.

It is disappointing to say the least to see our city government make decisions on fear rather than facts, and even more that they would turn their backs on the registered voters of California. The voters have spoken…deal with it.

According to “Arroyo Grande crime statistics report an overall downward trend in crime based on data from 12 years.” The Medicinal Marijuana Act was pasted 11-5-1996. During those years it didn’t turn into “reefer madness.” Those that do, do, those that don’t, don’t.

If you had a mother stricken with bone cancer, do you really want her getting in a car and driving to another county to get her delivery? How compassionate. The voice of the few should not outweigh the voice of the many.

I assume someone will question the legality of this city ordinance. If the mobile dispensary and their clients are following CA law to the letter, it may be that AG will be spending some of it’s already scarce $ in the count of law.

Stop the “drug war” now.

Can we please stop worrying about the “potheads” for a minute and chase out the “meth heads” and heroin addicts first….really….

Why do we have to choose, can’t we have all of them chased out, we pay enough for our police force.

Be sure you chase out the liquor stores while you’re at it.