Mysterious man behind anti-Muslim film to appear in court

October 10, 2012

A California man credited with producing an anti-Muslim film that has led to violent protests across the Middle East will appear in court Wednesday for arraignment on probation violation charges.

Mark Basseley Youssef, who claims to have written the script for the movie “Innocence of Muslims” in the Lompoc Federal Correctional Institute while serving a sentence for bank fraud, faces eight probation violations, including lying to his probation officer and using aliases.

Youssef, a 55-year-old Egyptian-born Christian living in Cerritos, is widely known as Nakoula Bassley Nakoula, his legal name until 2002. Following the publishing of a trailer of the film on Youtube, many people also believed Youssef went by Sam Bacile, the name on the account that posted the video.

When the trailer became viral on Youtube, Youssef went into hiding briefly before authorities detained him on probation violation charges. Though Youssef may not use computers or the Internet without approval from his probation officer, prosecutors said none of the probation violation charges involve the Internet.

Youssef has been in a federal detention center since Sept. 28 after a judge deemed him a flight risk. Last month the Pakistani Taliban offered a $100,000 bounty for killing Youssef. Wednesday a religious cleric in Afghanistan offered a $300,000 bounty Wednesday to anyone who kills the filmmaker.

During the investigation into the bank fraud case that landed Youssef in the Lompoc prison, Youssef cooperated with investigators and served as a federal informant. In June 2011, authorities released him from a halfway house, and he began production of the anti-Muslim film shortly after.

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The vid had next to nothing to do with the blowup in the Middle East, it was a diversion from having to explain why they’re outraged which is because U.S.rael is at work taking down country after country to secure Israel and oil reserves.

You’d think the Jerks who perpetuate the “Terrorists are coming” crapola could come up with a more believable load.

That hypnotized bag, Clinton was in deep denial that Libyans would have anything but hate for U.S.rael for taking down their Government and killing their leader, whoever he was. Thus four dead, helpless Americans.

Want to see things REALLY get nuts over there? Elect Netenyahu’s best friend Mitt. Those two nuts have big plans for OUR kids to really get some serious killing and destruction underway. At least Obummer paid back his indebtedness for his big job, which was to save the Banks/Wall st. and start a new phase in Afganistan. Mitt would have to give Israel a bombed out Iran and all the uprisings resulting (WW III?)

So is that why these men where shouting “Obama, we are all Osama”? because he is such a HUGE Israel supporter?

Why is it that Egypt, Saudi Arabia and Iran follow Sharia Law? (in case you don’t know- it is slightly repressive)

Why is it that peace for Muslims can only come by the destruction of Israel? (Yasser Arafat, Hassa Nasrallah- leader of Hezbollah, Ali Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani- former Iranian President, Al-Queida, PLO to name a few.)

As for the bank issue- let’s talk about the Federal Reserve Bank and the chairman that is “appointed by the President”… and printing money as if there is no consequence. Saving Wall St was a detriment to our country, not a benefit. There is no such thing as a company too big to fail.

As Allen West so gracefully said, “Don’t blow smoke up my A$$ and call it sunshine!”

Rahm Emanual (your recent Cheif of Obama’s staff and an Israeli citizen and Israeli soldier) found and groomed and paid for Obama with Goldman-Sachs money )then when the heat became to intense and questions could be asked he was replaced by Jack lew (an Orthedox Jew). Obummer’s two closest advisors, Plouffe and Axlerod, Jewish. And he’s not asupporter of Israel? Wakeup.

So these countries mentioned follow Sharia law, have for centuries, now they must be invaded and destroyed also? It’s worth your kids dying for? What’s YOUR problem besides media hypnosis?

Muslims are watching the Arab world be destroyed country by country so they come up with the “far out” suggestion that perhaps it’s Israel’s turn to take a hit? If China took out Canada, Mexico, Guatamala, etc. and threatened us next would you be considered outrageous if you said you wanted China whacked?

The bank issue, you misread me. I’m in agreement. Believe me, Obummer had nothing to do with any Fed appointment, no U.S. President has any prominence over the international banking cabal and every Fed chairman from it’s inception (the bankers bought Wilson’s election thus we have the blood-sucking Fed and “owe 16 tril. dollars) has been Jewish.

Is it a conspiracy? Replace whatever Webster’s definition of the word is because NOTHING is more accurate than what is happening to America by these sick, greedy, paranoid, sociopathic gangsters.

That smoke up your a$$ and 95% of Americans is from a media owned and edited by these nutcases.

Seeing any clearer now? Perhaps my being born to a Jewish father from NYC allows my brain to see what others won’t. Whatever it is people like you and others are the problem, it’s called “ignorance” or “to ignore”.

So you see, you can have an impressive education and position and still be ignorant.

You must be joking, but just in case you aren’t…

Some of President Obama’s friends/mentors: Rashid Khalidi, Frank Marshall Davis, Jeremiah Wright, Edward Said (his professor).

Some of his statements:

2009 Address to the Muslim World- he implied a moral equivalence between the Holocaust and Palestinian dislocation.

Caught on open mic agreeing with French President Sarkozy’s calling Israeli’s Netanyahu a liar. And added himself “You may be sick of him, but I have to deal with him everyday.”

He was inadvertently recorded asking Former Russian President Dmitry Medvedev for “space” until after his reelection when he would have more “flexibility” on missile defense.

Or how about him being too busy to meet with Netanyahu while campaigning?

Or Jay Carney’s refusal to name the capital of Israel?

Regarding Sharia Law in Middle Eastern Countries- you have it backwards. I am not saying they must be invaded and destroyed- that is what they are saying regarding Israel and the U.S. Have you not heard Ahmadinejad’s own words at the U.N. summits? As for country by country being destroyed- most of them have been destroyed from within by their own people, liberating themselves with a more oppressive and harsher government. (Arab Spring)

As for your “far out” hypothetical, I don’t play what if’s. I look at facts to make my own conclusions.

And as for my education and position… I am self-taught, and I am a full-time mother.

Now for you… are you going to sit in your “ignorance” and ignore the facts?

Mr. Prez won’t meet with Nut&yahoo because he’s backing Mitt. Mitt will bomb Iran.

These countries are being invaded thru the internet among other avenues by U.S. and Israeli “security” agencies. Turning a country against itself instead of invading it with your military is on page one of the CIA and the Mossad’s operating manual.

If you were looking at (and accepting) “facts” you wouldn’t be disagreeing with me.

You’re wrong on the Arab Spring comment.

Of course Ahmadinejad’s returning the compliment. Bebe not only wants to destroy Iran, he wants US to do it. It’s been working great so far for him, why change what works? We have been obeying Bebe’s wishes thus far concerning Iraq, etc. What? Ahmadinejad, as the leader of Iran should keep his mouth shut? Iran hasn’t attacked anyone for centuries, we’ve overthrown their govt. & replaced it with our cruel dictator, put them into war with Iran where a million people died and killed their scientists on the streets.

Their only crime is they stand up to Israel, we don’t because we’re bought and paid for by Jewish money.

Find some new study material, turn off the tube, discontinue the Trib. then flush all that crapola the major media hammered you with all your life, then maybe you can be part of the solution.

It’s tough facing reality after decades of media control, keep after it, you’ll get there.

Too bad all of your assumptions about me are incorrect- I don’t have cable, and the Trib is not my source of news, but of comedy.

If being open-minded means I must agree with you, then you can consider me closed-minded. This is an issue I am not negotiable on. It goes beyond foreign policy, to the core of my beliefs.

I wasn’t aware that all of Syria’s problems are the result of being invaded on the internet- sure looks more physical than virtual to me.

I am so thankful to live in a country where we can voice our own opinions freely, and we can disagree without fear of retaliation.

God Bless the U.S.A. and peace be to Jerusalem!

Thanks for the YouTube link to the trailer. That was hilarious, too bad the extremist Muslims take themselves so seriously, otherwise they would recognize that this flick was taken straight out of the Koran.

“Extremist Muslim”- redundant

How about a little piece about the deceptive practices of our current administration?

I find this article interesting, but falls short of the real story, the Obama folks caught in lie after lie.

Both Rice and Clinton should step down.

Interesting opening sentence, since now the Obama administration is claiming that the terror attack which killed our ambassador was pre-planned.

The video was online for months yet hardly anyone (me included) had even heard of it until our State Dept apologized for it. That’s because behind the scenes, our Libyan embassy was sensing the heightened level of danger and ASKED for increased security.

Unfortunately, the State Dept., lead by Hillary Clinton, DENIED their request. A video didn’t kill our ambassador; poor leadership did.

Clinton and Obama bent over backwards (as they always do) to apologize to Muslims about the video…and what does that get us? A reputation for being weak, indecisive and cowardly.

So Obama should have praised that piece of dogsh*t video?

Obama has that reputation because it’s been repeated ad infinitum by all the far right media sources & talking heads. Doesn’t matter that there’s any truth to it or not. An audacious lie told loudly and often enough becomes the truth. Remember the run-up to the Iraq invasion? It was 100% lies. This BS about Obama is just part of the campaign to defeat him that’s been waged for the last 3+ years.

Are you kidding… People did not even know about the video (including the muslins at the uprising when asked about the video, they replied, what video?) until Clinton and Obama mentioned it. Within 24 hours Romney the truth and let’s Obama and Clinton were still talking about the video, 10 days later Obama is still talking about the video at the United Nations address. Oh yea, four Americans lost there life serving this Country while Obama was in Vegas at a fundraiser. You need to get informed. I am a registered Democrat by the way, soon changing to independent, but will not be herded to the polls with these and the economy lies. Wake up people!

I don’t read a national newspaper or listen to any of the major news outlets radio or web, but from what you’ve said it sounds like that’s your main source of info. Too much fear-mongering for me. Good luck.

Do you mean denial of the truth? Sometimes the truth hurts… even when it is non-partisan.

Well if you don’t listen to news outlets or web, where do you get your info? Let me guess. MSNBC?

The Congressional Hearings today laid it out. Hillary Clinton cut security from Libya while the Ambassador begged for more help. There were numerous incidents leading up to the attack including two attacks on the British ambassador. Hillary Clinton wasn’t paying attention or is incompetent or just indifferent. The Obama White House then paired up with Hill to cover up the terrorist attack with the Youtube story. They are trying to pretend that Obama’s Mideast policy is working. It’s not.

The phrase “Obama’s Mideast policy” is quite an oxymoron!

Don’t confuse Hodin with facts. He likes to make his own up. How do I know? He said it himself. He doesn’t read or listen to any news so where else but in what he wants to make up in his mind, can it come from?

Incorrect – Obama has that reputation based on his Administration’s performance. Today the administration is denying that they ever asserted that the video was the cause of the so-called riot that resulted in the deaths of the Libyan Ambassador.

But yet here is this guy, Youssef, and he’s been arrested at the behest of the State dept. for what – poor production quality in a YouTube video? Parole violation? The video was up for MONTHS! He’s been made a scapegoat, because Obama NEVER takes responsibility for anything that’s gone wrong in his administration – EVER. The Administration’s motto is ‘Deflect, Defer, Deny’. And by making the claim that the video caused the uprisings and APOLOGIZING for it, Obama has put a price on Youssef’s head and his family! This guy better have ACLU representation, because the last time I checked, Amendment 1 protects this guy’s right to produce crappy movies.

So who was behind those assassinations & rioting, and for what motivation, in your opinion?

It was an orchestrated hit on our territory, planned and carried out on 9/11/12 by operatives of Al Qaeda in Benghazi. The Ambassador knew he was being targeted, informed his superiors, and he was taken out because the State dept. failed to act.

Then State dept. officials took to the Sunday talking-head political shows and tried to spin this as a riot gone wrong (i.e. not the Administration’s fault). Nobody brings rocket-propelled grenades or mortars to a ‘spontaneous riot’, and the average resident of Benghazi doesn’t even know what YouTube is, so even the major news outlets weren’t buying that line of BS. We know it was White House talking points, because even the President used them in a press conference days later.

This was a targeted attack on US sovereign territory by terrorists, planned to coincide with 9/11, for the glory of Al Qaeda and its martyrs.

The real question is: What will Obama’s administration do about it? there’s been no real recon done, and CNN was able to get a hold of the Ambassador’s diary from the rubble. Wake up people! This is Amateur Hour!

Russ? How much does it actually take for you to realize that this was NOT a video? You were LIED to. Amazing how Bush lies are clearly seen all over, but Obama’s are not.

Grow up and start thinking independently. Please. We cannot be blind ideologues anymore. We never should have been.

Exactly right… The Ambassador asked for more security 13 times before he was killed.

In addition to attacks in April and June which is why they had moved into the new compound. That Ms. Lamb should be fired for her lack of concern and disrespect she showed in her testimony or at lease she should be sent over there. Boy, the ambassador was a person friend of Hillary Clinton and therefore this shows you how far these politicians will go to cover each others a$$. How Hiliary is planning on running in 2014 and thinks she will win which is why hubby (who can’t stand Obama according to insiders) is supporting and campaigning for Obama. It’s all a game of power and greed.