California mom goes to jail for letting kids skip school

October 4, 2012

Lorraine Cuevas

A Kings County mother is spending 180 days in jail for allowing her children to repeatedly miss school [KPMH].

Lorraine Cuevas, 34, violated California’s chronic truancy law by allowing her second and third grade students to skip a combined 116 days of last school year, which exceeded the state maximum of 10 percent of the school year.

Kings County Superintendent Tim Bowers said Cuevas had plenty of time to avoid going to jail.

“It’s a process that takes months to get to his point,” Bowers told KPMH. “On average we’re making 15-20 calls in dealing with these issues.”

The sentencing of Cuevas marked the second time Kings County officials jailed a mother for her children’s truancies. Another mom, Victoria Jeff, went to jail last year for allowing her three kids to skip 20 days of school.

The arrests of mothers for child truancy comes at similar timing to a string of bizarre arrests nationwide.

Two weeks ago, police arrested a Texas mother for allowing her kids to play outside without supervision. The children were riding motorized scooters on the family’s cul-de-sac when a neighbor reported the mother for letting the kids play outside unsupervised.

Also last month, a northern California woman was booked in Napa County Jail for chalking “Youtube WTC 7” on the sidewalk. And in June, Florida police arrested a man for spitting on the sidewalk.

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Wow – is there some way to stay on topic? Why all the hijacking of the different threads. There is not one reply to this actual story. 116 days is almost 6 months of school missed. These aren’t honor students – these are people who have to work to support their family – these are second and third grade students ( 7 and 8 year olds) being kept out of school! That is child neglect and doesn’t really have anything to do with the other cases sited in the article. I hope the children are allowed to attend school soon.

We’ve got local douche ordinances as well. If the chatter is true, it’s now a misdemeanor offense to hand someone a grocery bag.

In 1935, American author Sinclair Lewis wrote a great book about this sort of thing entitled: It Can’t

Happen Here. Are we getting closer to Christopublican “sharia law.?”

Welcome to the police state.

Please obey compulsory attendance laws……..or else.

And if you are a semi-independent, honors student, too bad:

Honour student who works two jobs to support her siblings after her parents split up and left town is put in JAIL for missing school due to exhaustion–Works-jobs-support-family.html

personaly speaking…………………….. The wrong person is going to jail. If they end up in the slammer….. do they still draw those grear pensions ? ( with a 6% cost of living increase each year ?)

Sorry… great pensions. Teachers union did a real number on the taxpayers ..

teachers ARE taxpayers , democracy is what you have to blame.

Let’s not forget, you can’t have a police state without police.

Spitting on the sidewalk… So, when will Miller and gearhead get some attention for stealing over $125 million?

According to CCN posting of June 30 2012, his June 25th sentencing was delayed to Oct. 29. The June 25th was delayed from March 26. So well see what happens in three weeks. Time to sentence and stop delaying.