Panel recommends Manson family member for parole

October 4, 2012

Bruce Davis

A California prison panel on Thursday granted parole to a former Manson family member who is currently incarcerated at the California Men’s Colony in San Luis Obispo.

Bruce Davis, 69, is serving life sentences for the 1969 slayings of stuntman Donald “Shorty” Shea and musician Gary Hinman.

Gov. Jerry Brown has 120 days to review the case and the final say.

Two years ago, Davis’ release was squelched by then-Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger.

At his 26th parole hearing, the state board determined Davis was ready to be released. Schwarzenegger later reversed the decision, saying the murders were “especially heinous” and that Davis’ release would pose an “unreasonable risk of danger to society.”

While incarcerated, Davis earned a master’s degree in religion and a doctorate in philosophy of religion and ministered to other inmates. He also married a woman he met through the prison ministry and has a grown daughter, UT News said.

Manson family member Lynette “Squeaky” Fromme was released from federal prison in 2009 after serving time for the attempted assassination of President Gerald Ford.

Manson and two of his followers, Leslie Van Houten and Patricia Krenwinkel, remain in prison for life for the murders of actress Sharon Tate and six others in Los Angeles. Susan Atkins died in prison last year.


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His wife.. Cindy.. Beth.. Davis.. Is head of an HOA.. Just gave my 80 year old Mother a $50 fine for weeding.. They live in the same complex.. Is that ridiculous? Two bad seeds that smile in your face and stab you in your back.. I knew the Sharron Tate.. They are dead…

If California upheld the death penalty this would not even be an issue. He would have gotten what he deserved years ago. Saving tax payers money. I hope if he is released its in the neighborhood of the parole board.


In following California’s death penalty, is following the Hebrew-Christian God’s direct word of what to do with murderers as I’ve shown below!

When are the people going to start following the direct word of God, and if they don’t, where do they get the authority to usurp His inspired doctrine?!

Total and complete blaspheme!

Bruce Davis didn’t receive the death penalty after his conviction, he received life. Back then, there was no such thing as life without parole. Davis never killed anyone. Davis was convicted of being present when Charles Manson cut Gary Hinman’s ear with a sword. There has never been a question that Hinman was killed after Davis had left. Davis was also convicted for being present when Shorty Shae was killed but there was never a question that it wasn’t Davis who killed Shorty but Davis did dispose of Shae’s personal belongings after the fact.

The guy who actually killed Shorty was Steve Grogan and Grogan did get the death penalty for that murder. BUT the judge overturned the death sentence and changed it to life (immediately following the conviction) because the judge said that Grogan was of low intelligence and that it was Manson who had ordered him to commit the murder. Grogan also cut up Shorty and buried him.

Davis didn’t know where Shorty was buried and if he had known, he could have got out of prison back in 1985. Grogan who was a murdered knew where the body was so they let him out in 1985 instead.

Does that sound right or even fair to anyone? The murderer went free 27 years ago !

Cindy again, and I for the life of me can’t figure out why, you are trying to portray Bruce as a poor misguided duped soul. Try this.


Cindy, my dear,

In a brief prayer with Jesus, He has told me to confront your unchristian like notions that Bruce Davis should be released from prison. In fact, contrary to your ungodly notions, he should have been put to death at the onset because of his murder conviction, so saith the Hebrew-Christian God.

It saddens Jesus and I that you proclaim to be a Christian, but continue to blatantly go against the Christian doctrine that you allegedly follow. As the Hebrew-Christian God proposes, Bruce Davis should have been put to death post haste!

“Whoever strikes a man so that he dies shall be put to death.” ( Exodus 21:12 )

“Whoever takes a human life shall surely be put to death.” (Leviticus 24:17)

“Moreover, you shall accept no ransom for the life of a murderer, who is guilty of death, but he shall be put to death.” ( Numbers 35:31)

“If anyone kills a person, the murderer shall be put to death on the evidence of witnesses. But no person shall be put to death on the testimony of one witness. Moreover, you shall accept no ransom for the life of a murderer, who is guilty of death, but he shall be put to death.” ( Numbers 35:30-31)

Cindy, at one time in your life, just once, you’re going to have to actually act like the Christian that you allegedly are, and agree with the word of the Hebrew-Christian God as blatantly shown above. Remember, you DO NOT know more than the God that you worship. Comprende?

Yes, I know, you cannot answer my post if you’re a true Christian woman, because as a second class woman as the bible proposes, you’re to remain silent and not to usurp the authority over the man. “Let the women learn is silence with all subjection. But I suffer not a woman to teach, not to usurp authority over the man, BUT TO BE IN SILENCE.” (Timothy 2:11-12 )

Ted…… please be careful… bad things always start with hearing voices in Your head. Regardless who’s voice !


Do you deny that I converse with Jesus in the same vein as the well known and respected preachers named Pat Robertson, Billy Graham, Fulton Sheen, Jimmy Swaggart, et al, does ad infinitum? How dare you question this fact! If you question me in this regard, then you have to question the above preachers as well.

Such insolence!

Ted… They all have strong convictions, But I dont believe that any of them are hearing any voices. Whats Your take on the current discussion that Jesus was married ? For Your sake I really hope there is a heaven…….. otherwise You’ll dead and gone just like the rest of Us.


I cannot discuss Jesus allegedly being married to that harlot from Babylon, Mary, because it is not within the topic guidlines.

Furthermore, if Jesus was married, that would make Him sinful, and as we all know, Jesus can not be sinful because that upsets the whole apple-cart of His being on earth in the first place. A quagmire to say the least. Shhhhhh.

What about Jim Baker…LOL


Bruce Davis is just another person that has found God while being incarcerated. It’s amazing how prisoners that have killed, and that have went against a particular God’s doctrine while on the outside, suddenly find this same God when locked up on the inside. How beautiful is that? Doesn’t it just make you want to cry? Praise Jesus, or Yahweh, or Allah!

When suddenly finding God in prison, I am sure that most of these convicts are not simply looking for an early ticket out of prison, or a way to get a reprieve from the death penalty. I am sure that they don’t think they will get an easier ride in the prison system if they are a member of a religious group. Nah, that’s not it.

Bruce has a Masters Degree in religion? Now he must really be confused with the FACT that there is so many different God’s that all contradict each other with their subjectively imposed writings. I wonder which God Bruce has picked as his personal one and how he picked it over the other contradicting God concepts? He probably picked the Christian God because that one gets the most milage while being in prison.

Sidebar: do you ever wonder if they have “religious gangs” in prison since the big three belief system’s Gods all contradict each other in their respective writings? I can see the Jew gang amassing in the prison yard in one area, the Christian gang in another, and the Muslim gang in yet another. All of which propose that they have the right God to worship over the others!

Oh, was there another Celestial Impregnation of which we didn’t hear about since Bruce has been in prison and has fathered a daughter? This goes to show that if you find God in prison, you get all kinds of perks!

Brother Ted: to answer your question…No, this was not a celestial shtupping ; as the end result was a female . To have been been a true heavenly seeding, it would have to be a male, a clone if you will of the pater familia.

Now, if Davis had wanted to leave the friendly confines sooner, he should have converted to papism, and received his absolution. He might have even come away with a few candy bars.

Brother Slowerfaster,

As we’re aware, Catholics are not Christians. Remember? If Bruce Davis does have a real and truthful doctorate in religion, without any spin doctoring, he would know this fact. Therefore, he would not be a part of any Catholic conversion. So, in part, the candy bars are a moot issue.

We can only wonder in what our Hebrew-Christian God thinks of a person like Davis, who conveniently converts to Christianity while in prison just to cover his bases. I am sure that the trap doors to hell will be oiled to the maximum when Bruce comes before Jesus on Judgment Day. Praise our God’s revengeful ways!

Sorry Cindie, he should stay inprisioned. Once you take a life, you give up yours.

Watch Brown go thumbs down on him, he will.

If Moon Beam goes thumbs down on him, it will only be because this case was so sensationalized . It was the Tate/Labiaca murders that made it so sensational, all of which Davis had no involvement in. If we are going to keep people in prison forever for murder, then we should keep all murders in prison for ever, not just the ones that make great press.

“If we are going to keep people in prison forever for murder, then we should keep all murders in prison for ever, not just the ones that make great press.”

Agreed, that’s my stance. If this was an election year for Brown, it would be a slam dunk. Brown has a history of keeping them locked up and so my money’s on that.

It wasn’t just about the Tate?Labianca murders. It was about the WHOLE Manson family and his control. There was other suspicious murders at the time they couldn’t come to a conclusion on that may involve them.

The case as a whole was the fact that the Manson family was on a spree and the Hinman case is as tied into it as the rest. Spin it every which way from Sunday, the facts are the facts.


We can only logically wonder if a family member of Cindy’s was brutally murdered by a person, and if she would want this person released later on as well. If Cindy would only follow her bible for a change, she would have a different perspective on this topic.

Apart from Charles Manson, Davis like the rest of the young people who fell into this twisted family/cult would most likely never have been known to any of us but for the fact that they met a notorious predator at a young age. Between the attraction of free sex for the guy’s and a loving father figure for the girls combined with the heavy use of mind altering drugs and the trapping isolation of a manipulative sociopath, they lost all semblance of reality or who they really were as individuals.

Consider the 900 people who died at People’s Temple in Giana and all the children that were murdered (many by their own mothers). Cults can be very dangerous, the human psyche is fragile for many. After 43 years, Davis has been “cured”. It’s called “deprogramming”.

Yes, he is responsible for what he did “back then”, at the same time, he isn’t the same person after all these years. He was involved in two murders and many people are released for murder long before 43 years.

P.S. Steve Grogan who was also involved in these two murders was released in 1985. The difference is that he told where Shorty Shae’s body could be located.

Did you read the article about this in the Trib this morning? I could agree on the forty three years being awhile but here is the thing I read that I didn’t know. At his last parole hearing a MER two years ago he was still not quite accepting full responsibility for his actions. He said he cut Hinman in the face after he was dead. Now he states that he held a gun on Hinman and that he cut him while still alive. If he changed his story from then, what else has he not told us?

Sorry Cindy in my opinion I think that (changing story) should play a HUGE part in what is going on.

BTDT, He was recommended for parole 2 years ago and that means he was going to be recommended again (continued good behavior) regardless of his new revelation. He didn’t have to take added responsibility but he did. Why did he ? I suspect that he has true remorse and continues attempting to take responsibility for his actions and I doubt he ever knew for certain exactly what all the details were because he was on so much LSD. LSD produces all sorts of hallucinations and they (the members) used to take high doses of it. I doubt he knows “for certain” today what occurred and when. They were so high that night, that even the people who reported the story to the police in the beginning had 3 different memories.

None of this changes the fact that he served 43 years for participating in that murder. Regardless of whether he cut Shorty after he was dead or still alive.

What I have seen of his wises actions.. I would say they are very questionable.. as I live very close to her. I have seen her do things, that would put most of us to shame. Or jail.. So there goes any theory of coming home to goodness.. This would be a team made from hell.

Upon his release, we will just have him move next door to you, and see how you feel about it then.

43 years is also a long time dead ! He should have been given His last supper the night after He was found quilty. Reformed, rehabilitated, found God…………. You have to be kidding. Sue… sure the drugs did it.

Long time dead. GOOD POINT. I love that Cindy wants to make it that this poor ol Bruce has done his time. If this was a crime of passion maybe, maybe, BUT this was premeditated!!! They planned on going over there!! There is a reason all the Manson clan has done hard time. IT WAS A TERRIBLE CRIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!