Loaded mayoral candidate partakes in Paso Robles debate: Video

October 22, 2012

One of six candidates for Paso Robles City Council who participated in a Wednesday evening forum at the Paso Robles Inn appeared intoxicated when he arrived about 15 minutes late wearing a T-shirt and flip-flops.

Mayoral candidate Jeff Rougeot smelled of alcohol and became aggressive on several occasions, lashing out at an audience member who laughed, and the event’s moderator, former Congresswoman Andrea Seastrand. See forum video at www.CPRN2012.com.

Video by DANIEL BLACKBURN, JOEY BLACKBURN/Central Coast News Agency

Mayoral candidate Jeff Rougeot

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This was painful to watch and I could not complete the video, hopefully he has someone in his circle be it family or friend to get him help.

Mayor? Jeff, that job requires someone who occasionally has to, I don’t know, drive? So that eliminates Dogcatcher too so….. bah-bye.

Alcohol addiction is no laughing matter. Why it would prompt a person to run for Mayor is beyond me. What else is beyond me is that Mr. Blackburn sees entertainment value in this situation. (As noted on his comment under his Youtube video.) Not Cool, man.

Jeff needs help, and unfortunately he has not realized it yet, for anyone living here that has been to Radtunz Car Stereo in the last 20 or so years up until lately would know that Jeff was a hard working self employed citizen of this community.

Let this be an example that no human is above becoming addicted to one thing or another, especially alcohol.

In regard to his kids, yes this is horrible for them and it will get even worse for them when Mr. Blackburn’s videos and comment make it to the phones and computers of their classmates who will also find “entertainment value” in it.

I agree that substance abuse is a heavy burden for both the substance abuser and their family.

However, Jeff chose to trot it out for all to see, in a very public manner.

In the beginning it was just shocking and distasteful, but as Jeff’s “participation” wore on, it became more uncomfortable to experience.

He left the ballroom and then would return five minutes later, and trot back to the dais. It was very disruptive to the process of the Forum.

Voters were there because it was an opportunity to actually ask their own questions, speaking directly to the candidates. They weren’t there to see the Jeff Rougoet Show.

Considering the fact that Jeff was abusive to people in the audience who reacted to the uncomfortable, unpleasant situation by laughter–which is surely one of the less innocuous ways one could deal with an obnoxious, abusive and disruptive drunk.

If you are just a stalwart protector of Jeff and have problems with the video and others’ reactions to it, then go to the source of the problem, Jeff.

Some substance abusers have to bottom out before they can change. The Forum was just one of the steps Jeff has probably taken on his downward spiral.

This is not Dan Blackburn’s fault, blackanchor. I am glad this made it to the general public so Paso Roblans know NOT to vote for Mr. Rougeot. Of course this is sad for his family but at least the city will not suffer similarly.

And shame on KPRL for supporting him.

I hadn’t recognized him as the owner of Radtunz, which I have used several times.

The last was 4 years ago when I had him install a new system in my childs vehicle for her 16th Birthday car. Sad.


Once again you want to shoot the messenger, Dan Blackburn.

Jeff Rougeot voluntarily chose to conduct himself in this manner at a PUBLIC forum running for a PUBLIC office!

What was “not cool man” was the poor decision to get ‘loaded’ before the forum.

The direction of the City of Paso Robles is very important to the people of Paso and the people that went to a lot of effort to make that forum happen and Mr. Rougeot’s disrespect for himself and that process is inexcuseable.


Sheesh! All you haters out there. I was not there so cannot comment on his fitness for speaking that evening. HOWEVER, how many of YOU have stepped up to do anything about our little town that used to be great and now, not so much? What Jeff has done has taken effort on his part to do. It is not as if he just spoke up once or twice. If he had then I would think no big deal, anyone can do that and sometimes does do that.

Jeff made an effort to become part of the local vote and for that alone he should be congratulated. Bad and really dumb decision for him to appear to have had one too many Jack Daniels before the event. No excuse for that.

Bottom line is I wish more people would stand up and actually try to become part of the change, not just sit back being the armchair quarterback. Thank you, Jeff, for standing up instead of just bitching about stuff.

The issue isn’t Jeff’s willingness to participate in politics. The issue is Jeff’s willingness to act out his drunken, abusive and disruptive behavior in a very public venue.

If you care so much for Jeff, YOU take the responsibility to get him help.

Maybe I should “step up” to do something about our little town and become part of the change….Hey, I know! Maybe I should start up a nonprofit, nonpartisan community awareness group whose mission is to promote the change to Paso Robles that is very much needed. Perhaps I should put on a Candidates’ Forum so the people of Paso and their candidates can speak to the issues pressing the City. Maybe I should provide the people of Paso an interactive website so they can go and discuss these issues in a private forum, outside the eyes of the media. Maybe I should audit the city in all its departments and ask them for explaination over spending, protocols, ordinances, resolutions, contracts, and other aspects of city management.

I’ve already done all of …with the help of MANY people who work behind the scenes for betterment of Paso Robles.

How have YOU stepped up for our little town?

No the most attractive side of you, Danika, when you wave your own flag.

Your efforts are larger when the ego is held in check

Danika was answering Liberalgirl’s ridiculous comment challenging others to step up to the plate and get involved. She, and others, DID the hard work of putting the candidate forum together. Jeff Rougeot did nothing but disrupt it, and make it difficult for audience members and the sober candidates to interact.

Quoting liberal girl, “Bottom line is I wish more people would stand up and actually try to become part of the change, not just sit back being the armchair quarterback. Thank you, Jeff, for standing up instead of just bitching about stuff.

Do you not get the clueless irony of that comment? Danika, and many others, expended a great deal of effort to provide to the Paso Robles City voters an opportunity to ask the candidates questions, in a public forum, where the comments would NOT be limited to three minutes, and where the City Council would NOT have control of the topic.

Jeff Rougeot’s drunken, abusive disruption of the event impeded the flow of question-oriented exchange between the people and the candidates.

If you were there, you saw him not once, but many times, get up from the dais and aggressively stride around the ballroom, sometimes exiting the ballroom to the foyer and then into the hallway from which the restrooms are accessed…then stride back into the ballroom, and up to the dais, where he would resume his seat.

This was all occurring when a member of the audience was in the middle of asking a question, or a candidate was in the middle of answering a question.

There were 70 audience-members (by Andrea Seastrand’s count) who made the effort to attend the candidate’s forum, and many CPRN2012 staff to facilitate the event. Danika and others had spent an incredible amount of effort to organize and publish the event.

And liberalgirl has the nerve to stand up for Jeff Rougeot’s drunken-loser display, and actually criticize others for not getting involved in PR politics?

Others DID the work to host a candidates forum. Jeff Rougeot added NOTHING to the event, except for drunken disruption.

I’m not interested in being attractive. I’m interested in being effective. I guarantee my ego is smaller than that of Fred Strong and Jim App.

First off, let me apologize. I did not mean in any way to belittle the vast amount of time and your own $$ for the betterment of Paso. My letter’s entire intent was to get other people to become involved, perhaps even with your organization.

I also have attended two of your meetings, along with my parents. I attended the first meeting held at La Quinta Inn. It was very interesting as this was the first meeting. I did my little share of helping by bringing homemade cookies as part of the refreshments. I then attended another meeting a month or so later. Due to life throwing me a curve (illness and hospitalization), I was unable to attend any more meetings or becoming deeper involved.

I believe you have done a wonderful job and I wish to extend my thanks to you. I do hope you are able to continue to build momentum for the town I was born and raised in, as well as my parents, as well as their parents.

BTW, I do not live in Paso Robles any longer. I live in Templeton. If I did and if my illness would have allowed, you can trust that I would be one of the people alongside you.

Wishing you much luck and good will.

Oops! I meant this to be directed to Danika and forgot to address it as such.

Liberalgirl, I absolutely apologize for the tone of my prior post. I recall your presence at the meetings and the cookies. I encourage you to particiapte in the CPRN2012 movement in any capacity you can. If you can speak and/or type, we could use your help.

I hope this post finds you in improving health.

Liberalgirl, can you look outside and tell me what color the sky is??? Yes he stepped up BUTTTTTTTTTTTTTT the bigger issue, as you even admitted, is the guy was possibly drunk. We here in Paso need change. Do we need someone who right off the bad can’t take it seriously enough? You know the answer, (at least I would hope)

I feel sorry for his kid(s). :(

Sure hope this man is not driving…

I recently met this guy walking the streets campaigning in a suit jacket and shorts. He was so inebriated he could barely talk. This was in the morning. As Biden would say – One word – Train wreck.

Really pains me to look at that.

He never had a chance, but maybe this will prompt him to get staight

I remember Jeff back in the early eighties. I thought he was an arogant little punk then and sounds like he still is. When I saw his signs start to appear around town, I thought, YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME!! There is no way I would vote for him. But then I thought maybe I was being prejudiced by my past few run ins with him. Well guess not. I will stick to my first instinct and NOT be writting in Jeff for a anything. Jeff why don’t you just go back to work at your stereo shop up on Creston and stay there.

Well, if people are dumb enough to forget all that Jerry Brown did and re-elect him, this guy may have a shot!

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