Loaded mayoral candidate partakes in Paso Robles debate: Video

October 22, 2012

One of six candidates for Paso Robles City Council who participated in a Wednesday evening forum at the Paso Robles Inn appeared intoxicated when he arrived about 15 minutes late wearing a T-shirt and flip-flops.

Mayoral candidate Jeff Rougeot smelled of alcohol and became aggressive on several occasions, lashing out at an audience member who laughed, and the event’s moderator, former Congresswoman Andrea Seastrand. See forum video at www.CPRN2012.com.

Video by DANIEL BLACKBURN, JOEY BLACKBURN/Central Coast News Agency

Mayoral candidate Jeff Rougeot

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Once again CCN offers us a misleading political hit piece, WITHOUT a byline.

To characterize Reugeot’s comments as “lashing out” seems unfair upon viewing the video. I also see nothing to back up other accusations in the article.

WHY no byline? Who is scared? Who is ashamed? Who is practicing the worst kind of “journalism”?

Wiseguy, did you attend the Forum and see how Jeff Rougeot acted off camera?

Can I assume he is not in the Prohibition party?

Nothing can added. Jeff was a disgrace to himself and to all who attended the forum. Mr. Picanco may not be all we want or need in a mayor, but he completely and totally outclasses Mr. Rougeot.

I just wish we had some videos of Lisa Solomon loud and drunk in the neighborhood or Dennis Cassidy drunk at the Paso Robles Inn.

We did find out at the forum that Lisa Solomon can reapply for her job as Paso Police Chief within the next two years, and I’ll bet that Jim App did not put anything in her resignation papers that would prevent her from doing so.

Whoever has a copy of the “party down” video showing Solomon (you know what I mean) should hang on to it. You could save the city from another Solomon payout.

Clearly we have a front runner, right? Ok?

His car has been towed twice this month for DUI, both times within a mile of his shop, him drunk as a skunk… our city is in bad enough shape without a drunk running the show… shame, I used to like him and his work… what a difference a few years makes…

Seems he thought he is running for City Manager.

Replace the Phat Bald Guy with the Stupid Drunk Guy?

Im gonna write him in for mayor in Atascadero.

Well, it would be sort of (not really) funny if he beat Wayne! Would show how much contempt people have for the current Council/Mayor…