Paso Robles woman strikes driver in road-rage incident

October 27, 2012

Irean Martinez

California Highway Patrol officers arrested a Paso Robles woman and her 19-year-old son following a road rage incident that became violent. [Tribune]

Irene Martinez, 39, was headed south on Highway 101 when she cut off Randall Griffin as both drivers exited onto Highway 46. Martinez, her son Drake Romeo Anaya and Griffin began yelling threats to each other even though both cars held young children.

After Martinez and Anaya stepped out of their vehicle, Griffen got back into his car and attempted to leave, but he could not get his car into gear.

Martinez then punched Griffin through an open window while her son smashed a back window with a baseball bat shattering glass on a 3-year-old.

Officers arrested Martinez for suspicion of driving under the influence, battery and child endangerment and booked her into San Luis Obispo County Jail in lieu of $100,000 bail. Her son was arrested on suspicion of assault with a deadly weapon, vandalism and child endangerment. He posted a $100,000 bail and was released.

Griffin was not arrested and did not require medical treatment.

San Luis Obispo County Child Protective Services personnel took custody of Martinez’s 7 and 8-year-old children who were in the back seat of her car during the alleged incident.


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I would be pleased beyond belief if I heard that BOTH drivers WITH children in their vehicles were arrested for felony child endangerment. You do NOT take out your petty grievances on the street when you’ve been entrusted to protect your children…..period.

They all three behaved like idiots and probably regret it all today and that’s fine and dandy but, if you “do the crime you do the time” in my book!

I guess you had to have been there as they say…

From what I gather from witnesses or bystanders…. who pulled over to “help” or watch… whatever the case may be… when all was said and done… EVERYONE seemed to side on the side of Griffin.

While I will agree that two wrongs don’t make a right and violence does not solve anything. Griffin was (as stated many times in other accounts of this incident,) a hero in getting this car off the road… On the way to school with two kids in the car? THAT should be enough for you to re-thiink your statement. Think a little outside of the box and imagine that car… in a school zone with other children! Yours perhaps?

I agree it is the job of the police to get them off the road but if they are not around to see what he saw… well, good for him. As I understand it, both the driver and her son were intoxicated. In the morning? The 19 year old proceeded to knock out windows with a baseball bat with a child in the back seat? And what was that you say without knowing all the details? I don’t think that good samaratans should take the law in their own hands but I do commend the ones that can at least step up to the plate and not allow idiots on the road. From what the witnesses relayed. Griffin got right down on the ground while the mother and son duo argued all the way down.

Your an idiot.Maybe he was stuck in traffic and got out so he wouldnt be stuck sitting in his car.maybe he got out and thought it was safe to leave after they ran back to the car.Maybe if he had a bat or struck the woman you have a point.Just maybe Mr Griffin saved your life that day before her drunk ass ran into you.Just maybe you should think before you acccuse the one sitting in his car trying to drive off and get his family out of that situation.

stunned you sure dont have much support on your likes 6 dislikes.You really need to rethink your views.Until you do please dont vote this tuesday.You seem to miss the facts.These people were drunks on the road at 8 on their way to a SCHOOL ZONE DRUNK.They had a bat and used it.Mr Griffin was in his car.I doubt he got in his car scared its more likely he got in his car because he was leaving.The mom jumped this man through the window while her kid beat down a car that he cant afford im sure.While a 3 year old was in the rear seat.please i would love to hear your response.

“Anaya and Griffin began yelling threats to each other even though both cars held young children. ……Martinez and Anaya stepped out of their vehicle,”

Both vehicles had kids in them, right? Both yelled threats, right? Both exited their vehicles (stay with me here), right?

These people put children at risk by shooting off their mouths. The downside is it appears Mr. Griffin thought he was going to scream down a woman but she obviously is no stranger to swinging knuckle so THEN he beat a hasty retreat. Not to mention she’d also trained her brawler Junior to spin off as well.

Why would I care that six people disliked what I feel? I vote how I feel, not what the other people might think of me. You might want to reconsider how you’ve been voting!

its o and 7 now.anyways.You remind me of the people on what would you do.that do nothing!!!!!!!!!!!

You remind me of the hooked on phonics kid so what’s your point? Next time STAY IN YOUR CAR Randall!

o and 7

Why is it when people don’t agree with you…

you automatically assume that they must be the person in the article that everyone is siding with?

I agree as I said… two wrongs don’t make a right… but I happened to see this woman on the road before the altercation… and that is why I was interested in this article and she was driving like a bat out of hell…. with two wheels screeching and cutting people off… Griffin just happened to be the one who stopped her… Thankfully so. It was obvious she was out of control… I wonder what you would have done.

I mean it is so easy to guess but you know what they say about assuming… seriously, if you weren’t there… don’t be so fast to throw those stones.

Thank god Mr. Griffin DID stop and confront these people. BEFORE they killed someone on the road.

This woman and her son were under the influence!!! Mr. Griffin probably realized that and said it to himself as they cut him off.

Was he supposed to step back and let this irresponsible woman and her stupid son continue gleefully onward in their deadly pursuit of fun… all of our expense?

I, for one, am very glad that Mr. Griffin was angry enough, and brave enough, to step up and say something to these potential killers.

Just a shot in the dark….but what do you bet this woman and her son plead ‘not guilty’ and have a

public defender to boot? If this woman and her son lose this case (and I hope they do), I hope they have to lose their driver’s license, the judge auctions off their cars and that money pays the county back for defending these jerks.

I also hope the judge makes them perform community service…like have them speak to children i

about controlling rage and obeying the law always. Not when it suits you.

I error in reading earlier.

It was Martinez who actually cut off Griffin

Martinez was irresponsible in driving that could have endangered children in both cars.

Martinez “strucked the victim” in the face afterwards.

Martinez’s son took a baseball bat and smashed the rear windshield where the victim’s children were next to.

Okay I got the facts straight now.

But where does a 19 year thug (Martinez’s son) get the money to post a $100,000 bail!

Glad you got the facts straight… I retract my reply back to you. I was wondering how you could have seen it the way you stated. Thanks for coming back on and spending time to correct your statement. I don’t agree with confrontations, especially in front of kids… but it seems as if besides the choice to get a little more involved. Griffin may have saved others… you or I or our kids from getting in this duos way… perhaps that morning… perhaps another… they are off the streets for now and that is a good thing. As for the $100 grand… they will be using some of it to pay back Griffin most likely