SLO County jobless rate drops to 7.4 percent

October 24, 2012

San Luis Obispo County is ranked fifth out of 58 California counties for lower numbers of unemployed workers, according to a report released Friday by the California Employment Development Department.

In California, Marin County is ranked number one with an unemployment rate of 5.8 percent and Imperial County comes in on the bottom with an unemployment rate of 28.5 percent.

The SLO County unemployment rate fell from 8.2 percent in August to 7.4 percent in September. During the same time, the region gained about 3,500 jobs.

Significant increases were seen in the government and education sectors with back to school having an impact.

The biggest decline was seen in the hospitality industry, which lost 100 jobs last month.

SLO County’s unemployment rate is lower than the national average of 7.6 percent and the state’s 9.7 percent rate, both which fell in September.


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What a crop of Cassandras. Lower unemployment is a good thing. Oh, I forgot. Reality that doesn’t support your view has a liberal bias. Any of you kvetchers out of work, starving?

hmm… Government is growing, thus our low unemployment rates. (not to mention the “adjustments” ) yet we cannot afford our teachers.

California sure looks rosy on paper… too bad that is not a reality.

Yeah, I really appreciate all the new service jobs averaging $9.00 an hour, Fortunately you will qualify for food stamps and the rent on your apartment is still shooting up. We truly have a bright future. What we need is more regulation and more bureaucrats to continue looking after us.

Yep, that “hope and change” has sure paid off, hasn’t it?

Soon, we’ll be right at about the same standard of living as the Indians up at Pine Ridge, South Dakota. Same life expectancy, too.

Total dependency for a nation of serfs (or American Indians?). In fact, one of the last things Russell Means, RIP, said was that “you are the new Indians.”

That is what happens when our executive pushes a tax cut and a war or three*** simultaneously*** our economy was deliberatly tanked .

It’s not any war or tax cut that tanked our economy. It was the digitizing of our debt by the Federal Reserve. Plain and simple. We don’t get to see it, because it breaks with the “current narrative” – but rest assured, the rest of the world’s financial players sure noticed.

I find the 7.4% jobless rate interesting for San Luis Obispo when you consider all the homeless that are getting wellface and unemployment checks here in SLO, the number is should be above 10%. Maybe this is from full-time to part-time jobs since only so many full-time jobs are available as in the national sector example.

Middle America is the new working poor. You don’t have to be homeless to rank within the federal poverty level in California.

How many of us qualify, I wonder?

The figures are flawed at best, rigged at worst. Let’s see, California forgot to report its September claims to the Federal Gov’t in early October, which resulted in the lowest national claims in 4 1/2 years (33,000 California claims not counted) – ELECTION YEAR (bet no one was disciplined for this major mistake), and then you take the people that moved out of State, people that ran out of unemployment benefits, people that took part-time work, etc. and yes, the numbers will be smaller. The question, has unemployment gotten better, NO!

According to the LA Times Business Section on Oct 19, California Unemployment fell to 10.2% from 10.6% in August with the creation of 8,500 new jobs in the State. According to the above article, it states that 3,500 new jobs were created in our County. I find it hard to believe that San Luis Obispo gained approximately 40% of the new jobs in the State in September – REALLY? Where, grape pickers or do all the teachers file unemployment during the summer (annual salaried employees and should not file) and then they get counted as new jobs in September, RIG THOSE FIGUES… There were not 3,500 new government jobs created in this County in September unless they are counting these salaried school teachers.

NO on PROP 30 ** NO on PROP 30 ** NO on PROP 30 ** NO on PROP 30

Anyone notice The Tribune is covering there front page with articles supporting Prop 30 everyday this week??? NO on PROP 30………..

That and many who used to work here, didn’t find work and moved out.

Pad that with bloated government and you have a rigged unemployment rate.

“Significant increases were seen in the government” why is this not surprising, more bloated salaries and pensions, and they want more tax dollars for education, yeah I beleive that. Revenue is not a problem, spending is and they don’t seem to understand this. No on Prop 30!!!!!