Vote out the incumbents

October 24, 2012


If you like the way things are in San Luis Obispo, vote for the incumbents.

They have accomplished much: no more free parking downtown on Sundays; doubling of water and sewer rates every 3-5 years; outlawed feeding ducks, lawn furniture and visible trash cans; hired a city manager at a total cost of $330K per year (salary and benefits); squandered money on painting utility boxes at $1500 each, a double-decker bus, a more than $1 million fire truck for non-existent high-rise buildings and postponed building a much-needed fire station; gave away a city parking lot downtown for just over $1 million to the Copelands; looked the other way when city employees dumped toxic waste at the Corporation Yard (federal and state agencies are still investigating – estimated $7 million in fines against the city); and they have the nerve to claim everything is wonderful.

Don’t drink the Kool-Aid. Vote for Steve Barasch for Mayor. He has the backbone to lead and get things done. This change can’t come soon enough.


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Barasch has stated publicly that he will push for the liquidation of “surplus” city property to backstop a reduction in city fees. I suspect, as a builder/architect that the fees he’ll want want to reduce first won’t be your monthly sewer bill.

This smells too much like the sort of stuff that Romney/Bain pulls: leveraged buyout, liquidate the assets, outsource the work, and close the factory.

I don’t think he has the smarts to leave the city better than when he found it.

Don’t be so hard on the city about those newly-painted utility boxes. If the paint wasn’t used there it likely would have been dumped in the creek somewhere. ; )

No politician will ever get elected promising less!

Think about it. Who ever gets elected on promising less? Who gets elected promising to take away things? It’s just never going to happen. Promising less and difficult times ahead is the surest way to not get elected.

It doesnt matter who gets elected they are either goofy or corrupt or both to begin with or soon get that way. Remember the clown in the sports jacket and tie running for class president? Something wrong with all of them and all of us