Unchecked or questioned, absolute power corrupts absolutely.

October 5, 2012

Gary Nemeth


When the citizens (employers) of Paso Robles hire five individuals to act in the best interest of the citizens, and the citizens lose faith and trust in their ability, it is time to replace them.

When you hire me to work as your elected mayor, I will do my best to win back your trust and confidence in our city government. Up front I do not have all the answers and I do not know it all, but I am not afraid of hard work, I ask questions, do research, and I also do not believe that our staff has all the answers. I will not turn the decisions over to unelected individuals who have gone on too long unchecked.

It is time to make changes, as I am out in our community; I have spoken and listened to what they have said. Not only changes but specific changes, in programs and personnel, plus they want to be treated with respect.

I am asking for your help, I need your write in vote Gary Nemeth for Mayor of Paso Robles. With the exception of Cal Coast News; the mainstream media is backing the status quo.

Gary Nemeth retired from the San Luis Obispo Police department following a 30-year law enforcement career. Nemeth sat on the Paso Robles City Council from 2000 through 2008.


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If you are going to lie at least make it believable. Where is the quote you are refering to? Where did it come from and who did you get it from? It is obvious that you are afraid that I will have enough citizens in Paso that are fed up with the current council and administration that will WRITE IN GARY NEMETH for MAYOR that you feel that you must make up lies hoping that some will believe you. What you need to do is have some proof, and since there is NONE who are you working for?

Let’s remember that Gary was a city councilman during a part of the Lisa saga and if what we know to be true is true, he assisted in sweeping her groping, grabbing issues under the carpet at City Hall with the rest of the councilmen at the time. Gary was even quoted during the debacle as saying that Council knew of the problem and were told that App would take care of it.