Unchecked or questioned, absolute power corrupts absolutely.

October 5, 2012

Gary Nemeth


When the citizens (employers) of Paso Robles hire five individuals to act in the best interest of the citizens, and the citizens lose faith and trust in their ability, it is time to replace them.

When you hire me to work as your elected mayor, I will do my best to win back your trust and confidence in our city government. Up front I do not have all the answers and I do not know it all, but I am not afraid of hard work, I ask questions, do research, and I also do not believe that our staff has all the answers. I will not turn the decisions over to unelected individuals who have gone on too long unchecked.

It is time to make changes, as I am out in our community; I have spoken and listened to what they have said. Not only changes but specific changes, in programs and personnel, plus they want to be treated with respect.

I am asking for your help, I need your write in vote Gary Nemeth for Mayor of Paso Robles. With the exception of Cal Coast News; the mainstream media is backing the status quo.

Gary Nemeth retired from the San Luis Obispo Police department following a 30-year law enforcement career. Nemeth sat on the Paso Robles City Council from 2000 through 2008.



Based on what ihave read here, it doesn’rt look like the good folks will have Gary as a CC.

Some say he is the Mike Brennler of Paso. Some don’t


Gary, allow me to ask this of you.

Would you had chosen an independent panel to look for the cities new police chief, or are you satisfied with the ones chosen?

Please elaborate.


I would have chosen an independent panel. The consultant chosen are the same ones the city uses for negotiations with the employee groups, grieviences, and are told by city management what to do and say. Even though the city “asked” what the citizens wanted and were looking for, the consultant will answer to App and the council. An independent panel is NOT on the cities payroll.


I’ve never been a fan, Gary, but of you had done this the right way I would have voted for you in a two-way race with Picanco. However, I will not be writing in your name. I will write in another name, just about any but Gary Nemeth.

The Gimlet Eye

OldNed, why don’t you write in your OWN name? (See below).

Henry Miller: “If someone asks you to vote for him at the next election, ask him, I beg you, what he can do for you that you cannot do yourself. Ask him whom he is voting for. If he tells you the truth, then go to the polls and vote for yourself. . . . Does the man who asks for your vote find you your job, does he provide your family with food and shelter, does he put clothes on your back, does he provide the education you need . . . does he even bother to see that you get a decent burial? The only time he is concerned about you is when you can make money for him. No matter how little you make he wants part of it. . . . From childhood you were taught that it is right and just to delegate your powers to someone else. You never questioned it because everything you are taught in school has one purpose: the glorification of your country. Somehow, though it is your country, you seem to have no part in it until the time comes to surrender your life.”


I have written many opinion letters to the editor that have not been printed, I was honored to be asked to be the key note speaker for the 2012 memorial day ceremony honoring our veterans and loved ones that have passed, only one media outlet covered that with two lines and they got the information

wrong. I have continued to write about what I believe the errors that our mayor and council continue

to make, the errors that the city manager and city attorney’s make, sending the information to the

mainstream media hoping the citizens of Paso will become better informed. Cal Coast News will

print the information so those who read it can decide for themselves what is the truth.

I had been informed that there were others that would take up the challenge running for mayor

against the disaster we have had for years. Paso_Citizen stated it correctly “I personally believe

Picanco is a very weak mayor, and for whatever reason or reasons is very beholding to Jimmy. The

other city council members have proven over and over again that they are not leaders – they follow.”

I AM a leader and I do want what’s best for Paso, a city that I truly love. I have attended council

meetings and see the same faces in the audience each meeting. When the council had their

Saturday meeting and they spoke on the sales tax, both Picanco/Gillman stated the citizens they

have spoken too would NOT vote for a general sales tax because they did not trust this council,

when they voted it was 5-0 for a SPECIAL TAX for ROADS, POLICE and FIRE.

I had hoped that by me stepping aside (I would not be a thorn in their campaign) and others would

see that I would NOT split the votes and their odds of being successful would improve. Who came

up with the idea of giving away our $230,000.00 and now will not talk about the reason? How can you miss providing the wrong numbers to the Department of Justice to obtain Grants and blame the

Computer, human error or a clerk as our City Attorney did? How can our vacation and personnel

policies be 20 years out of date according to a response by the City Manager to the Grand Jury? When the city budget is in the black why are they asking for us to pass a sales tax that will last for over a

decade and will NOT guarantee where the money will be spent?

You can vote for the status quo and hope that the three remaining will have a change of heart that they have not had since they were elected and put into office. OR you can believe that I was as surprised

as everyone was that no one was going to run for mayor except who we have. I am not a person who sits in the back and just complains if I can do something to try to fix the problem.

I believe with the help of the CITIZENS (the actual employers) who hire the mayor we can work together to put Paso back on the right track. I ask each of you to call a family member, e-mail, face book, get the word out to write in GARY NEMETH for MAYOR of PASO ROBLES.


So sorry Gary, but to just re-iterate others – too little, too late. You had more than ample opportunity to be a viable, responsible candidate for mayor – you chose not to be. You correctly state that our current city council is pretty lame (to say the least). But you can not be wishy-washy, back and forth for 5+ months then expect that you will come across as a strong candidate 5 weeks before election. What does that say about your real gut feeling about the position you are asking voters to write you in for?

I personally believe Picanco is a very weak mayor, and for whatever reason or reasons is very beholding to Jimmy. The other city council members have proven over and over again that they are not leaders – they follow.

By far the best thing that could happen is that on the mornig of November 7, Paso Robles wakes up with 2 new city council members (Reed and Jones), and a sales tax increase that was resoundingly defeated by at leasst a 4-1 margin. Maybe, just maybe, this scenario would begin to turn this city around to what it could and should be. Steinbeck and Hamon hopefully know someone that could explain to them that they will be thrown out in 2014. And the ‘big phat bald guy’ should begin preparing a resume.


… too little – too late…


You were the first candidate to state you were running for mayor in Paso. I was quite surprised to see the open peiod come and go and you did not file. Now, without the proper vetting you want to be a write in. Me think note, you are no better than the rest of the clowns sitting in office today. Big mistake and shame on you, you have been a council memeber in the past and you know how to do this the right way, and you are not doing it.


I would not vote for such a wishy washy non candidate such as yourself! Now you are a write in candidate? WTF?



Long before the filing deadline, you said you were running. You never handed in your paperwork to get on the ballot like Reed and Martin.

Now you want us to write you in. Why didn’t you file?