Cal Fire burn spreads 100 acres

November 14, 2012

The control burn at Montana de Oro State Park spread 100 acres beyond its charted path Tuesday.

But, the unplanned fire is now 60 percent contained, Cal Fire says.

Cal Fire worked with California State Parks Tuesday night to prevent further spread despite strong offshore winds, and it expects full containment by Thursday.

“It was a cold wind out there last night, but the firefighters kept working on the steep slopes to put this fire out,” San Luis Obispo Cal Fire Chief Robert Lewin said.

Cal Fire planned a 430-acre burn to improve the wildlife habitat and reduce fire risks around Coon Creek in Montana de Oro.

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Does anyone else see the irony here. We have Cal Fire starting fires, State Parks destroying habitat, and the SLO County Air Pollution Control Board polluting the air. Something is wrong. Very wrong.

If only they had watched Dave Hovde the night before they would have know it was going to be too windy for a control burn>

This was a really stupid situation & HEADS SHOULD ROLL because of the out of control fire…Any idiot with half a brain knew or SHOULD HAVE KNOWN that it was far too windy to do the burn as planned on THAT day…the wise & prudent thing to do would have been to call it off & do the burn on another less windy day…What the hell were these people thinking? or were they????

So we tax payers gotta pay more $ for this?

The illegal tax that rural land owners are made to pay for “fire prevention and protection” might profitably be spent by advising Cal Fire and Cal State Parks to stay the hell out of the fire lighting business.