California office holders facing pay cuts

November 21, 2012

California elected officials from governor to legislator will see their pay cut by thousands of dollars next month under decisions made by appointees of former Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger. [KansasCityStar]

On Dec. 3, Gov. Jerry Brown’s pay will drop to $165,288 and legislators will be paid $90,526.

Charles Murray, a Schwarzenegger appointee on the commission, said he expects labor unions to gain clout with the upcoming super majority– and for the seven-member panel to start raising officials’ salaries once California’s budget deficit ends.

“Everything is going to swing the other way,” he said to the Kansas City Star.

The panel voted to make the pay cut in May. At the time Brown said, “I’d run for governor whether it was a paid job or not.”

Next month’s reductions slash $8,699 from Brown’s annual salary and legislators will lose $4,765.

December’s pay cut of 5 percent follows an 18 percent reduction in officeholder salaries and fringe benefits in 2009, and elimination of the Legislature’s car-lease program in late 2011.

Even with the cuts, California lawmakers’ $90,526 salary leads the nation in base pay, trailed by Pennsylvania, $82,026 and New York, $79,500, according to a 2012 survey by the National Conference of State Legislatures.


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Elected officials should not receive pensions. They should have to purchase health insurance and not receive any lifetime benefits. They need to be public servants for two terms max and then return to the private sector. How can we expect these professional politicians to empathize with the people they represent. Our system needs major reform that is based on what the founding fathers intended.

Well said…

Elected persons who run for public service positions should hold office for a short determined time(no longer), get a small stypen in paymen to off set personal expenses and office supplies, no pension or benefits period…

The position is to serve the best interests of the public not create a career job with lifetime bennies and pension. These are temporary jobs and should be structured as such, if it works in the private sector and costs can be held down, it can work in the publiuc sector…

You hit the nail on the head, PUBLIC SERVENTS, that is what these people are, but it always seems they don’t work for us but against us, THE TAXPAYER, we the people need to keep reminding these elected servents just that.

Why any government official makes more than minimum wage is beyond me. Whatever happened to paying for skills, expertise and talent? I say minimum wage because that’s as low as we can go, legally, for these clowns.

How is it that some of the most unproductive people get to leech off the people paying their salary? I never could make more than my boss, all the while knowing squat about anything and trying to destroy his/her business in the process. What a racket.

Bout time. This is about public service not a career…

I don’t believe a word of it.

Now lets cut those outrageous lifetime pensions. This is the real reason politicians run for office.

Personally, I will not believe an actual pay cut takes place, unless I get to see their paycheck stubs.

CA’s politicians will always find some way to pad their pockets. Legally, or not so legal.

But in the rare chance that this ‘cut’ does take effect – I feel so sorry for them that I’m thinking about

standing in front of Wal-Mart all day with a bucket asking for donations to our poor, impoverished elected officials. Please come by early and often to donate – I expect there will be very long lines.

Have no sympathy for these money grabbers. Look at the budget for each of these people. They have so much staff per official and of course the BEST OF BENEFITS: free healthcare, pensions, car allowance, travel, per diem allowance daily for housing, meals, etc, legislative meetings in Hawaii, free golf trips, free trips overseas paid for by the taxpayers, and best of all, no accountability to the taxpayers (fake budgets, programs, raiding special funds, etc.). What more can you ask for from these outstanding democratic officials!

Maybe the cities of Atascadero and San Luis Obispo ought to review what they are paying their managers and high level staff members along with their benefit packages? The pay and benefit packages that some of these people have put in place for themselves should be reviewed by the citizens of their respective communities and demand that their pay scales and benefit packages be brought into line with the private sector.


I’m sure the payments from the unions will more than make up for the pay cuts. Well, for the Democrats anyways.

So why do school administrators make more money than the Governor? University Presidents $300-

400,000 (counting perks). I think the local County Superintendent of Schools makes as much or more

than the Governor. Let’s get our priorities straight and spend some of these excessive wages on our


They make more money because they are bigger failures.