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Single-payer could cost California more than twice the state budget

A plan to create a single-payer healthcare system that is currently under consideration in the California Legislature would cost $400 billion annually to implement, according to a legislative analysis released by the Senate Appropriations Committee on Monday. By comparison, California’s... (Continue reading)

Jerry Brown vetoes reimbursement bill for San Bernardino responders

California Gov. Jerry Brown vetoed a bill Sunday that would have required the state to fully reimburse local agencies that responded to the December terrorist attack in San Bernardino. The bill had unanimously passed both the State Assembly and Senate.... (Continue reading)

California may spend $10 million on earthquake warning system

California Gov. Jerry Brown has reversed course and proposed allocating $10 million in state funds toward an earthquake early warning system that federal government scientists and university researchers are developing. United States Geological Survey officials say the state funds would... (Continue reading)

Coastal Commission granted power to impose fines

When California Governor Jerry Brown signed the state budget into law Friday, he also granted a new power to the California Coastal Commission. [Sacramento Bee] A provision included in the state budget allows the Coastal Commission to fine property owners... (Continue reading)

California’s $2.4 billion surplus

California’s financial situation has improved and advisors are projecting a $2.4 billion surplus at the end of the fiscal year in June 2014, according to the Legislature’s budget advisors. [LATimes] Gains from the economic recovery and stock market could provide... (Continue reading)

Could California college costs increase despite Prop 30?

Governor Jerry Brown proposed a budget that includes a nearly $200 million increase in community college funding, yet critics say it could actually make the system more expensive. [LA Times] In addition to the funding increase from Proposition 30, Brown... (Continue reading)

Brown declares California budget balanced

Governor Jerry Brown said Thursday that the California budget deficit has disappeared, due in large to the passing of Proposition 30. [Sacramento Bee] The proposed balance budget marks the first time since the beginning of the recession that California legislators... (Continue reading)

California office holders facing pay cuts

California elected officials from governor to legislator will see their pay cut by thousands of dollars next month under decisions made by appointees of former Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger. [KansasCityStar] On Dec. 3, Gov. Jerry Brown’s pay will drop to $165,288... (Continue reading)

Hundreds of California’s state employees earn more than $240,000

More than 500 of California’s public service workers earned more than $240,000 before taxes in 2010, according to data released Tuesday by state Controller John Chiang. [San Francisco Chronicle] As legislators last year worked feverishly to reduce spending in the... (Continue reading)

California lawmakers pass budget on time

California lawmakers raced up to the deadline Wednesday to send a budget proposal to Gov. Jerry Brown that contains further cuts to education, additional fees and many of the “gimmicks” that he repeatedly pledged to avoid in order to close... (Continue reading)