Gay marriage more acceptable to blacks

November 18, 2012

A majority of African Americans in this country now support gay marriage, a shift in attitude from just four years ago, according to the head of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP), Ben Jealous. (San Francisco Chronicle)

African Americans helped pass California’s ban on gay marriages in 2008, but indications are strong, said Jealous, that most now support the controversial issue following intensive efforts to paint gay marriage as a civil rights issue.

In the recent election, voters in Maine, Maryland and Washington state endorsed marriage rights for gays and lesbians by significant margins. That shows a big change in attitudes of African Americans in a relatively short time, said Jealous.

“We’re talking about it as a civil rights issue,” and people are listening, Jealous said in an interview last week during a visit to San Francisco. If the issue reached the ballot again in California, “we would see majority black support,” Jealous said. “I’m very confident that …we would win.”

The Pew Research Center in a poll found that 51 percent of African Americans nationwide endorse gay marriage rights, and 41 percent oppose it, double the support of 2008.

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This shift in the “African-American” attitude towards gays is going to also be shown in votes to legalize marijuana. It stems from a recent reinterpretation of old testament teachings among the religious and the subsequent realization that neither homosexuality nor drugs are immoral — at least under specified circumstances.

Leviticus 20:13 — “if a man lays with another man he should be stoned.”

It was right there staring all true Christians in the face all along! Right, Mr. Ted Slanders?

Now if only the Mormons will get on board, we can get past this nonsense and get on to dealing with real moral dangers to our government — philandering politicians!

Is that guy’s name really Ben Jealous? At least it wasn’t Ben Gay – that would have been funny!

Thanks rOy…… We needed that after this election. But, Friend Tammy lives in hopes, that there are some real thoughful people out there..Guess We all do !!!

I don’t know how accurate this survey is, but assuming it is accurate, it’s not totally surprising. The church has been the constant in African American culture. As in the rest of the culture at large, the church is losing its influence. People viewed sexual issues through a moral, not political/social lens. This has now changed especially for people under 30. It’s a new world.

Your statement is so accurate. The moral issues are no longer a priority in the upcoming generation. Starbucks, latest Iphone, free education and birth control and a handout society is the wave of the future. I was surprised to see the people protecting in France because President François Hollande (the first Socialist to be elected president of France since 1995) has stated he will pass a law legalizing gay marriage by May 2013. Thousands took to the streets there this weekend.

Since the 2nd World War… have the French had any real morality, or sence of conviction for any just cause ? They just lay down and accept the current administration.

This apparent shift has come as a result of those blacks who are clearly racist in that they’ll do anything to follow Barak Obama, even when it means ignoring previously held beliefs, albeit loosely held beliefs, apparently. Also, it would seem that some black males seem to have some difficulty in distinguishing the difference between heterosexual behavior and homosexual behavior where their lines have become rather blurred to say the least. The blurring seems to be a matter of convenience or guilt smothering.:


This is true

I spoke to everyone of the 40 blacks that reside in SLO county and found that:

20 are ok with it

16 condemn it

4 don’t care

“following intensive efforts to paint gay marriage as a civil rights issue.” Efforts by who?

Like me. After prop hate passed I protested vigorously to the NAACP about the apparent large black support for this violation of civil rights. Many others, just like me, don’t believe in discrimination.

It was uncanny that a long oppressed group of citizens would vote to oppress another group of long suffering people. Of course the answer was, and is, easy to see. It’s the damn churches that can’t keep their fingers out of our politics.

That grand hero of the then conservative wing of the Republican Party back in ’64, Barry Goldwater, warned the nation strenuously about the dangers of allowing religion into the political arena. His warnings have come true in that dysfunction has ruled many times in our votes. The churches get massive public subsidies, on the condition they keep out of politics. They traditionally violate that agreement and it is time to discuss a new agreement with them-pay your fair share or keep out of politics!

Not sure I would categorize tax exempt status as “massive public subsidies” – and I believe they are no longer “conditioned” to keep out of politics (which was always a violation of the 1st amendment). I thought I read/heard somewhere that the IRS is doing away with the “Johnson amendment” for 501(c)3’s.

Just stop with the skin color identification on political issues.

Who cares what color the skin is of a person who supports gay marriage? What difference does it make?

Its comes from the same self loathing jackasses who insist on dividing American. They have convinced the world if you didn’t vote for Obama your a racist Neanderthal. Another prime example of this counties mentality is the recent New times article which as usual is a waste of paper and natural resources. Its beyond comprehension how these people have pulled this off and yet the sheep follow. It had nothing to do with policies,the state of our countries finances, etc,etc, your just a hater of others.

I like to pick up several issues of the New(Age)Times. Seriously, it’s a great fire starter in my fireplace insert where I burn carbon based cellulose products that I cut from fallen trees while using petroleum products such as gasoline and chain lube in my chainsaw. Just doing my part.

Keep the saw well oiled. Good thought about the New Times…. I just use it for a garbage wrapped…as most of the articles are just that… garbage ! I always check to see who the advertisers are… and dont buy, or use them. As for the above article …. San Francisco, NAACP what did You really expect ? For the Black CP knowing 40 people He could call, and get an opinion………………… Rather doubt it.! Hey……. its Monday… what do You expect ?

The Black CP lives with his/her tongue in cheek.

Much better than the foot in the mouth as many who post here do.

BCP……. Better than some-one elses tongue in Your ear, or possibly not ?

The New Times has taken a considerable plunge in recent years, this I have to agree with.