Lucia Mar Unified School bus driver arrested for dealing meth

November 30, 2012

April Annamarie NunezA traffic stop of a Lucia Mar Unified School District school bus on Thursday led to the arrest of the driver for possession of methamphetamine for sale.

At about 2 p.m., before she had picked up any children, 31-year-old April Annamarie Nunez, an employee of the district, was apprehended by members of the San Luis Obispo County Sheriff’s Narcotics Unit.

Deputies searched Nunz’ personal car and discovered a small amount of meth, a scale, packaging materials consistent with the sale of meth, and approximately $1,200. Investigators do not believe Nunez was selling narcotics to children.

Deputies booked Nunez into San Luis Obispo County Jail on a charge of possession of methamphetamine for sale.

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The SO may not have got there in time to keep her from starting the bus, but according to the article and the map of “700 block of Huasna”, she never made it far out of the bus barn.

Perhaps the county can place her in a “new” position. Bruce Gibson probably needs a new assistant.

If the school district had been doing it’s job, she would have been found out long ago. Drivers of school busses are reviewed and background checked. If she had been driving for any public transportation comapny or even some private companies she would have been drug tested regularly and required to have a special endorsement for her drivers license.

I’m guessing she’s strictly a DEALER, but not a user.. Meth isn’t like pot where you can be a “recreational” user and also deal some on the side.

She seems too chubby for a tweaker. Also her face doesn’t have the tell-tale meth pock marks and scabs. She doesn’t look like your average tweaker: shows what real users look like after only a year or two. Very sad.

She obviously fooled a lot of school staff, parents and kids by doing her job, probably including passing drug tests which are required in every school district I know about….

But that being said, because she’s a DEALER, I have zero pity for her. Meth is dangerous stuff and destroys its users and their families.

pasoparent5. While meth is a highly addictive drug, not all meth addicts stay awake for days at a time, loose their appetites and pick at their faces. I had a neighbor who worked for the city of A-Town as a bookkeeper. She maintained a full time job, was perhaps 60 lbs over weight and had lovely skin and no apparent dental problems. This woman used to do some rather bizarre things like hide in my bushes to catch her boyfriend sneaking out to hide in her bushes with a phantom “other woman”. Initially I thought she had schizophrenia and I wondered how she could work with this condition. After finding her prowling on my property several times and being awakened at 2AM by her yelling expletives out her windows at the phantom “other woman” who was hiding in the woods, I contacted my previous neighbors who had moved but were still the actual owners of the property and asked them to find a new renter over there.

The day that she moved, she came to my door and apologized. She told me that she was going to rehab and said that she was a long time controlled meth user (controlled ?) !! She said that she used to put it in her coffee every morning for a boost and had done so for many years but that it was now causing problems! Crazy but true and I haven’t shared the half of her antics although at other times, she appeared perfectly healthy and I never would have guessed.

Crack Ho’

Disgusting. Lock her up and throw away the key.

My kid says she was the nicest bus driver of them all. Too bad – I hope she gets the help she needs.

If she was just a user, I’d have more compassion but since she’s a greedy dealer who exploits addicts, I hope the “help she needs” includes prison time. Meth kills. Period. Dealers like her should be locked up.

West coast: bus drivers using meth

EastCoast: cops-n-tsa moving oxycontn

you know she was alert eh? I’d rather a methed driver then say the driver who came to work on ambien or oxycontin or gin.

cheerful not depressed bus driver is now a statistic yay one more person to make miserable.

Drugs or no drugs, I wouldn’t let that cow within 50 feet of my children.

Wonder how many times she was under the influence while busing these kids? Seems like a red flag

for school district to to random drug testing more often.

The unions will never agree to it….. They might lose too may dues paying members

They stopped the school bus and that led to the search of her personal vehicle where they found the drugs? Something is missing in this story. How did they get from point A to point B?

My read is they detained her for possession on self, at bus. Because of her involvement with children, they got a search warrent for car and sent other officers to it, while they where with her.

It would make sence the car was at district properity, where she reports for work.

Agreed but what is missing is how this all culminated to begin with. They stopped the bus (for?) and ???? Did they determine that she was high on something and search her? Did they have previous knowledge that she was selling drugs and decide to stop the bus? It doesn’t make sense that they would wait for her to report for work and actually begin driving her route. I’m just saying that there is a wide gap of missing information. I should think that if she was stopped for suspected DUI then that would be a BIG DEAL but it isn’t mentioned. If they knew ahead of time, well then why was she allowed to begin her route?

“Deputies, who believed Nunez was selling meth, had intended to make contact with Nunez before she started her shift driving a Lucia Mar school bus to pick up children from Mesa Middle School, sheriff’s spokesman Tony Cipolla said.

By the time they arrived, she had already started a bus and headed toward the school. Deputies intercepted the bus about 2 p.m. in the 700 block of Huasna Road before she reached the school, Cipolla said.

Read more here:


Just Google it for more information. Duh.


What is the deal? Are you always like this? Just from the 2 posts I read of yours today, you sound kooky…..

slodcyclist, You’re new around here and I suggest that you read the rules of engagement. There is no excuse for your rude crap and this isn’t the first time.

The only troll allowed on CCN is Ted Slanders and that is because he refrains from outlandish personal attacks. Try stating what you disagree with if you can as your entitled to your opinion if your able to express it beyond sophomoric name calling.

Remeber the shooting of SM officer Covarubias (sp) ? They allowed him to work at the DUI checkpoint that night before coming to arrest him. There are some questionable decision made by law enforcement these days.

They probably got a tip from somebody who was not so friendly toward her and knew or suspected what she was up to. A rival, an ex, maybe? Hard to say.

When they got the tip, she was probably already out on her route. That’s my best guess.

At any rate, something curious:

Small-time dealer, big headline.

CIA smuggle trillions, Banksters money launder same trillions, no headline.

What’s going on?