Malingering CSU students eyed

November 6, 2012

Trustees of the California State University system will decide next week if fees will be raised for so-called “professional students” in an attempt to open up enrollment for more people. (San Francisco Chronicle)

The strategy is to spread a new fee increase between an estimated 53,000 students who take extra courses, repeat classes or dawdle too long at school, to move them through school faster.

University trustees already have made plans to raise tuition and other fees to all of its 425,000 undergraduates if Prop. 30, the governor’s sales tax increase proposal, fails in today’s election.

Included in the new plan’s agenda is a “graduation incentive fee” to discourage individuals from taking more classes than needed to graduate. An additional financial burden would also be placed on those who repeat courses, and who take more than a regular full-time course load.

Students are said to be organizing protests to call attention to the planned action by trustees.

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The average bachelor’s program is waaaaaaay too long in the first play. A bachelor’s degree should not take more than two years of full time study.

Therefore, it would really help if they would simply SHORTEN the bachelor’s programs to two years.

Two years for an AA/AS, two years for a BA/BS, two years for an MA/MS.

Referring to individuals who have opted to take additional courses in various areas other than their “major” should not be referred to as malingering! It is a totally inappropriate and defamatory term.

Are Universities/colleges to be turned into “grist” mills or for the best students, portals to grad school?

I hope not.

What they’re really saying is “C’mon, you Hippified Nerds, hit the road, we got rich kids lined up around the block tryin’ to give us their money!!”

Don’t you mean rich out of state, or country kids, or those of illegal aliens instead of in state students, and alot of that money is taxpayer money or at reduced tuition also compensated by state taxpayers

I have been saying this for years…double tuition fees for students that repeat a class or after their fifth year of study (for any combination of CSU campuses). This will motivate students to both pass classes and finish in five years or less (of course, they should add one year for five year programs).

It took me 5 years to get through my Junior year of college. While a change of major contributed to that, the big reason was that I was working full time while attending school and could only handle a 50-70% course load. I didn’t have wealthy parents to foot the bill and have always been very leery about adding debt.

This was almost 40 years ago. With the current tuition rates and student loan ripoff system, I imagine that it is worse now. (Are there still problems in some fields getting into required courses that serve as prerequisites for others?) Are those who are smart enough not to go deeply in debt and unlucky enough to not have wealthy parents supposed to just abandon the idea of college degrees? There are “professional students” but there are many others who have good reason for taking more than 4-5 years to graduate.