Paso Robles hires two patrol officers

November 6, 2012

The Paso Robles Police Department added two patrol officers to its short-staffed force.

Officers Stephen Lampe and Nicolaus Heuer joined the department Monday at a ceremony held in the Emergency Operation Center. Both hold police experience in other California departments.

The hire of the two patrol officers followed a decision by the city last month to rehire a retired sergeant. The Paso Robles Police Officers’ Association criticized the rehiring because the department already had a complete administrative staff and lacked patrol officers on the street.

In the past year, the police department at times has kept as few as two patrol officers on duty. Former Chief Lisa Solomon-Chitty enacted a limited response program in January called “safe mode,” which mandated that officers not respond to a long list of crimes when the department is short-staffed.

Acting Chief Robert Burton discontinued the service reduction program when he replaced Solomon, but the department remained short on patrol officers. One new hire, a police officer trainee, quit after complaining about department policies and procedures.

With the hiring of Lampe and Heuer, the department now has 30 sworn officers and about 17 on patrol. In 2007, the department had approved a total of 46 officers.

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“Acting Chief Robert Burton discontinued the service reduction program when he replaced Solomon”

The service reduction program has NOT increased response to drug activity calls in Paso. They remain at the very bottom of the protocol list. You will find the true ranking here

Notice that Drug activity is a ( c ) listed crime, right above DUIs. Suspicious Circumstances rank higher!

Gangs and drug activity should be a priority response for Paso Robles because they are gateway activities to criminal enterprises.

Responsible policing would interfere with the funds being extorted from Paso’s drug gangs. The PRPD has to protect is clique of violent criminal buddies from us law-abiding citizens.

The less police, the better.

At least they aren’t double-dippers like the retired sergeant who was re-hired. I love how some folks, with a little planning, can double- or triple-dip from the public trough.

Ask Warren Baker (ex Cal Poly President)! He’s back at Poly after retiring, working approximately 20 hours a week between teaching and administrative duties for a small sum of $200,000.00 a year… YES, THAT IS TWO HUNDRED THOUSAND A YEAR IN ADDITION TO HIS FULL PENSION. Greed at it’s best. Same with Gil Storke of Cuesta College.

Ah, when socialism meets capitalism: Crony Capitalism at it’s best!

Our “system” of education needs to be less a system and more an education.

Goodness, where did they whip up this money from. Maybe they are anticipating the passage of Prop 30 and their sales tax. Anyone, wherever it came from, money well spent!!!!!

Well, I think we can rest assured that the City Council didn’t “whip up” the money from decreasing their taxpayer-ripoff funding of the vitners’ groups and the Main Street Association.

My guess is that they “found” the money where they “found” the money for Solomon’s $250,000+ “parting gift.”