Paso Robles mayoral candidate arrested on election night

November 8, 2012

Jeff Rougeot

On election night, Paso Robles mayoral candidate Jeff Rougeot spent the night in jail after a San Luis Obispo County superior court judge ordered him reprimanded because of a string of crimes he allegedly committed during a two month spree. His bail is set at $1,135,000.

Rougeot, 45, is scheduled for arraignment today on two felony and six misdemeanor charges that include two for driving under the influence, four for violating a restraining order and one for threatening to shoot and kill a neighbor with a 9mm handgun.

Following an exclusive CalCoastNews article detailing the arrests, several members of Rougeot’s family blamed his ex-wife and a recent divorce for Rougeot’s actions. Ed Sauret, Rougeot’s uncle, said in an email he felt the information should not have been made public.

“A recently settled and difficult divorce can send even the strongest of people onto a difficult, even self-destructive course,” Sauret said. “Jeff is a fine person with a good heart who loves his children and his family. The police information you elected to publish is only one side of a very messy story that, frankly, the specific details of which are not the general public’s business.”


T Bone

Ed Sauret (AKA, Wink) does not regularly see Jeff, his closest friends who babysat him for as long as they could are the ones that know the truth. Those friends are not going to blame his ex-wife. Jeff’s friends still take his calls and try to talk to him, but he is usually drunk or out of sorts and cannot be understood. He has lost all sense of reality. Those closest to him still try to help him, but unfortunately they cannot reach him. When a family is looking to blame someone, they are enabling. Pull your heads out, and get a clue, this dude is off his rocker. He isn’t the same person that anyone knew a year ago. Jeff has created this situation, and hopefully he has time to detox and possibly get his head on straight. I’m tired of people blaming his ex-wife for criminal behavior. There is a reason for restraining orders, they are there for the safety of his children. When you think you’re above the law and do not obey what the judge has set in order, you are defying and disrespecting the judge. His children are the ones paying for this. How would you feel is this was your father embarrassing you and showing up and your games in disguise and creeping around? It’s disturbing to them and the other kids on the team. His own friends had to come forward for the sake of his kids, they are witnesses to his lack of parenting while intoxicated. This was extremely difficult for his friends, but they have done what a good friend should do, try to get Jeff help and protect his children. Unless you know this entire family and both sides you shouldn’t blame anyone. Lastly, do you think any mother wants to parent alone 24/7? His ex-wife wishes he were sober and could take care of his parental responsibilities.


ahhhahhhhhh……. doesen’t his mug shot say a thousand words!!!!!! “ah duh…….ah duh

im the Central Coast Clown ah duh…….. Lord have mercy on this poor poor thing!!!!!!


Told ya the Heat would pick him up. If you commit a crime and it’s exposed in the press you might as well turn yourself in.


I posted this on the Tribune and am posting it here as well, just in case the Tribune takes it down.

Tonya Strickland, the reporter for the Tribune, was at the town hall meeting and witnessed Jeff Rougeot’s behavior first hand. She did not report on it. The Tribune did not report on anything Mr. Rougeot said or did prior to the election, with the exception of making reference to Jeff wanting new lights for the sports field his children play on.

I feel the Tribune shielded the public from important information that potentially impacted the election and we deserve to know why.


wow… a new low even for the Fibune!


Sorry, Uncle Ed. Even if this is information that shouldn’t have otherwise been made public, any responsible news source would have been remiss in not reporting on it once Rougeot decided to throw himself into the mayor’s race. You’re probably right that we’ve seen just one side but regardless of what any other side shows, this man should not have subjected himself or his children to the humiliation that predictably resulted from his decision to run.


Sorry about the typos.


I wonder if Kevin and gang down at KPRL is going to blame this on cold medicine too?

A radio station full of nauseous air.


KPRL should apologize to the voting public as they deserve better.


Fill me in… I heard Jeff R interviewed on Sound-Off before the election and he just sounded unknowledgeable, not really drunk… but now I’m reading comments like this and I must’ve missed something. Did the station endorse Jeff R or something?


I wonder if the one or two people that came here weeks back defending the honor (I can’t hardly type that with a serious face) of Jeff, will come back now and tell us how wrong and misguided we all are.

Sad but I have to laugh at the irony of him getting arrested on all nights to, on election night. Oh yea this looks real good.

On a serious note, Jeff you have MAJOR problems that I would hope you would seek counciling for. Think about your kids and the embarrasment you put on them. Not only do you hurt yourself you hurt them also.


This is weird

(On the positive) Was he striving for a second chance to be good in life


(On the negative) Testing how weak the system is and how stupid we the public are


Yes – a downhill spiral often happens when one is in emotional trauma. Then why oh why Uncle Ed did you not insist that Jeff not put himself out there for everyone to see, examine and comment on? If he wanted privacy he sure picked the wrong way to go about it – running for political office.

As to one side of the story, the issues he is facing are not private divorce settlements, they are alleged crimes. Serious crimes, all of which are public information. What is the other side of the story on drunk driving and threatening a neighbor with a firearm?


As a real detracter of Paso Robles………. Mary Malone will have a feild day with this. Can You imagine what would happen if He were elected Mayor ? And You think Paso has troubles now………………………….