Voters pass Brown’s Prop. 30

November 7, 2012

Gov. Jerry Brown

California voters approved Gov. Jerry Brown’s measure to raise taxes to fund public education.

Proposition 30 passed with just under 54 percent of the vote, allowing schools to avoid billions of dollars in automatic spending cuts. The measure increases the state sales tax by one fourth of a percent for four years and increases income taxes for seven years on those earning more than $250,000.

Voters overwhelmingly rejected a competing tax measure, Proposition 38, funded by civil rights attorney Molly Munger.

Measures that passed included propositions 35 and 36 that respectively increased penalties on human traffickers and limited the Three Strikes Law to only violent offenses.

Proponents of mandatory labeling of food with genetically modified ingredients lost their battle with food and biotech companies that funded the opposition. Following a late surge in spending from firms like Monsanto and Dupont, Proposition 37 failed by a 6 percent margin, receiving only 46.9 percent of vote.

Proposition 32, a measure prohibiting unions from using payroll deductions to make political contributions, also failed. 56.1 percent of voters opposed it.

Two other measures did pass, each by wide margins. Voters approved of Proposition 39, a tax on multi-state businesses to provide energy funding, and Proposition 40, which certified the state senate boundaries drawn by the Citizens Redistricting Commission.

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80% of the new revenue will come from the wealthy ($250,000 +). We as a free society voted to do this. It would have been just as easy to vote for a tax based on the number of children one has, and just as fair.

Maybe next school crisis

Well the one positive of this, is now there is no way the liberals who have been in continuing control, can blame the conservatives, when California goes over the edge. Bet they will still try.

We went over the edge when Prop 13 took effect. Slow motion free fall since. But, the conservative big bang (wait, “intelligent design”) of 13 was the initial event.

The problem wasn’t the passing of Prop 13 it was the abuse of Prop 13 when corporations, multiple home owners, and financial enitities scammed it. Return it to just owner occuppied property and it would be fixed.

Commercial real estate and the like were baked into the original Prop 13 cake. That’s why their loophole enabled rate only goes up 2% even if sold many times. Everyone else’s goes up with a sale. People who couldn’t see beyond their own front yard thought (still think) it was all about them. An easy sell. A bit like W’s $300 tax rebate checks for the riffraff obscuring a ten year (still growing) tax cut for his base. Touching 13 now would be like touching the third rail Look for higher sales, income and you name it tax. Commenters here who wouldn’t give a dime more last week will have two choices, like it or leave (it).

BS, I have owned several pieces of commercial real estate and they are “revalued” at the new sales price. The last one I owned and sold last year was $1340 a month for property taxes only. You continued postings of bullsh!t only confuse those that don’t know better. Prop 13 is to protect the old and fixed income from the taxing thieves.

You aren’t as smart as Romney, railroads and their like. They sell their properties, the big stuff, through umbrella companies without transferring title. Those are the “tax thieves”. And they are well protected.

Ah the continuing cry of Prop. 13. We have raised MANY a tax since to compensate for and still much worse. Nice try Mike. Now go back and come up with something new.

I, for one, pay lots of taxes, fees, permits, registrations, etc. and am happy to do so in a cilivized society, as long as others are doing the same. It is the price we pay to live in a free society. However, the free society is no longer a free society as we give more money to government so government can intervene into our lifes more, requiring my money, etc. It’s like being on a rat wheel. The only problem is that only the people who want to work hard and try to achieve goals and live a better life style are paying for themselves and all the others who want to live off the system because they are encouraged to do so, for their vote. Well, I am taking care of mine, try to avoid paying aymore than I have to, look for every handout that is available, contribute to nothing and just live my comfortable, secure and happy life.

Amen !

The political manuver, hold a baby and get a vote, is alive and well. This victory is a great example of an increased level of taxation for an increased level of stupidity. Remember the new gas tax for better roads?ha… The Japanese do it right, tax people who are over weight to off-set their burden on the medical system. To mirror the Brown dream, if we did that here to fund education, we could all afford Harvard.

Now it is time to hold jerry brown accountable. he said this money would go to education — make him keep his word.

Oh, this money will go to the schools and the money the schools are getting now will go back to the General Fund. I for one will not give another penny to any school, fundraiser, etc. until this tax is over. I was pretty sure this was going to pass because while I was down south Brown floated everywhere, even a black Church last Sunday, threatening that if the voters didn’t approve this tax at least six (6) BLACK schools would be closed in LA. FEAR FEAR FEAR! People is California have voted and I for one will no longer contribute to any cause. Apply for a Grant from your Government, they are floating in new money – sales tax, taxes on the rich, Amazon and out of state companies selling to Californian now charging sales tax, etc. I am done!. Let everyone go to the government for help they will do a good job with my money now.

Interesting. This will have consequences, see and unseen. It’s the ones which are UNSEEN which seem to cause the most trouble.

By the way, speaking of sales taxes, how would Californios like it if Amazon refused to do business here anymore?

What planet have you been on????

Amazon has formally AGREED to collect sales taxes for the state and they already opened at least one distribution center in California.

Read the Trasbune this morning where Brown stated the budget will now be balanced for the first time since 1998. Keyword here is BUDGET. This was never meant to go to education, it was meant to do to UNIONS!!!

What about all the past school bond measures that were passed, where did all that money go? How about the LOTO money?

I predict that in 2016 there will be another(at least) school bond or fee/tax on the ballot…

I understand people wanting to help the situation of schools, which is admiralble but I don’t think this will fix like people hope. I would love for it to but all the money thrown at it in the past hasn’t, so I don’t think this will be any different. How soon till Ca. politicians steal from this pot to cover other expences? I say within three years.

“How soon till Ca. politicians steal from this pot to cover other expences? I say within three years”

I would otherwise agree whole heartily but, Jerry Brown is not wet behind the ears!

That long!!! I don’t think so with supermajority in assemby and senate.

More taxes will solve all our problems. You just wait and see…….